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Secret Santa Discord Bot

Secret Santa is a Christmas custom that originated in the West, where members of a group or community are given a gift recipient at random. The giver’s name must be kept secret and should not be disclosed. What if you can drive the same vibe on Discord too? Let’s explore the Secret Santa Discord Bot and enjoy the Secret Santa Game on your Discord server! 

Organize Secret Santa events on your server! Send Santa a letter and manufacture or buy a present for the recipient. Encourages private communication without revealing the identity. And many more! There are many Secret Santa bots available online that can bring Secret Santa to your discord server and the vibe of Christmas! Let’s find the best Secret Santa Discord Bot for your server and enjoy! 

To add the Secret Santa Discord Bot to your Discord account, go to the link and then give it all the authorization, and the bot will be automatically added to your Discord account. You can see Secret Santa Discord Bot in your Discord account on the left side of the homepage of Discord.

In this article, we will cover how to install Secret Santa Discord Bot on your server, and what are the Secret Santa Discord Bot commands.

What Is Secret Santa Discord Bot?

Secret Santa Discord Bot is created by the developers so that you can help the Discord members enjoy a little Christmas vibe within Discord! Sounds fun right? There are many Secret Santa Discord Bots that are already available on the internet.

However, not all of them are good. So, we have found some of the best Secret Santa Discord Bot that can boost your Discord server. most of the Secret Santa Discord Bots share amazing features, sending virtual gifts to others without revealing their identity as well as Christmas messages! 

Secret Santa Discord Bot Link

As mentioned earlier, there is no ONE Secret Santa Discord Bot available! The best part is, there are more than one amazing Secret Santa Discord Bots available online. You can hit the keyword on Google and will get a hundred search results in minutes! Unfortunately, most of the links available online are spam or lead to 404 pages. Hence we found the Top Five Secret Santa Discord Bot links just for you:

1 Secret Santa

2 Secret Santa [ Bot]

3 SECRET SANTA [Secret Santa Bot]

4  Santa Bot

5 Secret Santa [Discordbotlist]

How To Add Secret Santa Discord Bot To Your Server?

Using the Discord UI is rather simple, despite the fact that it may initially seem complicated. You will be guided step-by-step through the Discord bot addition process.

Step 1: The first step is to go to the Secret Santa Discord Bot’s website as the links given above [Pick any of them you like].

Step 2: Next, select “Add to Server.”

Step 3: Your login details will appear in a pop-up window that requests access to your Discord account.

Step 4: Whenever you log in, a window asking for authorization to use your account will appear in Step 4. It is possible to locate and select the “Add to Server” drop-down menu. You can include a bot in this list of Discord servers by clicking here. Press “Continue” after selecting a server.

Step 5: Check the server privileges the bot wants. Options can be selected and deselected as appropriate. Press “Authorize” when you’re ready.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully added the Secret Santa Discord Bot to your Discord server.

Secret Santa Discord Bot Features

#1 Simple to set up People can join by order or reaction, and when they do, they are given a role.

#2 Encourages latecomers. These can be paired off or used to fill in for a missing Santa.

#3 Secret correspondence between Santa and the recipient of their gift (the one receiving their gift).

#4 Moderation. Find out more about a particular person, and if necessary, kick them out of the event.

#5 Privacy. 30 days after the Secret Santa has concluded, all data is encrypted and erased. 

Secret Santa Discord Bot Commands

  1. /setup to set up a Secret Santa.
  2. /message to create an invite message.
  3. Participants use >letter [text] to write about themselves/what they want. (Participants use commands in the bot’s DM)
  4. /start to start the Secret Santa.
  5. Participants use /read to read their giftee’s letter.
  6. Participants use >submit [text] to submit their gifts.
  7. /end to end the Secret Santa.
  8. Participants use /receive to receive their gifts.
  9. /destroy to destroy the Secret Santa, deleting all data. Happens automatically 30 days after ending it.

How To Invite To Join the Secret Santa Discord Bot?

You can begin inviting individuals to join after the setup is complete. Create an invite with a message and a join button using the command /invite [text]. The message’s default text will be used if no text is provided. Allow direct messages from server members should be turned on for potential members so that the bot can DM them. This is already turned on.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this short guide helped you to add Secret Santa Discord Bot to your server. let us know if you are confronting any issues while using Secret Santa Discord Bot. Meanwhile, follow Deasilex for more updates on Discord!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There A Secret Santa Bot For Discord?

Utilize your Discord server to plan Secret Santa activities! Events for both shipped gifts and virtual gifts are supported! Ideal for close-knit waiters who wish to organize gift-exchanging occasions for their friends.

Q2. How Do You Do Secret Santa In Discord?

Here is how to Secret Santa Discord Bot, follow the step below:
Connect to Your Application
Select Users
Inform Users
Buy a Gift

Q3. How Do I Give A Secret Santa Gift?

When everyone has written their names on a piece of paper, the group gets together, and each person selects a name at random from a hat. For the individual you choose, you serve as their Secret Santa. Next, you add one or more gift ideas to a wish list, and your Secret Santa selects a present for you from that list.

Q4. Is Santa Being Tracked?

Children all over the country have become accustomed to following Santa’s travels via the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Command Santa Tracker. Yes, Santa is tracked by NORAD.

Q5. How Do You Spawn Santa?

By defeating the Frost Legion and having space available for him, Santa Claus can be called outside of Hardmode if a Snow Globe is acquired and brought into a world that isn’t in Hardmode. Santa Claus consistently sells 39 goods, more than any other NPC.

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