Best Snapchat Story Games | List Of 10 Latest Snapchat Games 2023!

Best Snapchat Story Games

Doesn’t matter if Snapchat app has given a separate tab or section for gaming and entertainment, playing games on Snapchat stories with your Snapchat friends is much more interesting. To make it more fun, here we will be listing the best Snapchat story games.

If you have seen someone playing games on their Snapchat story section and you also want to do the same but don’t want to copy then today we will be listing out the best Snapchat story games from which you can take inspiration and put a unique and interactive game on your story section.

Let’s look into the best Snapchat story games like Never have I ever, this or that, yes or no, quarantine bingo, on my phone, name a song that etc. Read more to know how you can make these games more attractive and quirky!!

This article details and elaborates best Snapchat story games that can be put on anyone’s story section and can be played with their friends online to pass time in a much more fun way!!

Best Snapchat Story Games 2023

Looking for ways to interact with your friends, followers and subscribers on Snapchat? Snapchat story games are the best way to interact and communicating with your friends on Snapchat. These will not only level up your story games but will also help you in knowing your Snapchat audience in a better way.

The games mentioned in this list of best Snapchat story games will help you to build a strong bond between you and your Snapchat audience and given fun ways to your follower to share their secrets about themselves, their friends, lives etc. with you (willingly) on the platform in form of story replies.

Snapchat story works best for those who live in different cities but are really good friends. Such Snap pals can share their good and bad secrets about them also it’s a spice in your boring exchange of snaps!! Before moving ahead with best Snapchat story games, we would love to inform you that a few of the story ideas mentioned below is meant for your close friends only and now you can share a story on Snapchat to your circle only. All you need to do is post a private story on Snapchat. 

List of best Snapchat story games is here as follows:

01. Things I Have Done

With time passing, people have started missing birthday parties and other celebrations that we once used to celebrate with our school and college friends. If you need a game that can make you and your old friends interact once again without any awkwardness. Things I Have Done is the game that you need here! Post an attractive “things I have done” on your Snapchat and wait for users and friends to respond back after which you can start a convo with them without being peaky.

02. Never Have I Ever

It’s impossible that you haven’t heard about this one game! This game’s name pops-up everywhere when the subject is of fun and game. Never have I ever is a standard drinking game where the people playing the game has to answer the questions asked in the game, whether they have done or haven’t done that acticity in their lifetime. However, its more fun when played in actual life but Snpachat stories comes in ahndy when this comes to playing with you long-distance friends. 

Never have I ever is the most popular game in this list of best Snapchat story games because of the engagement it provides and entertainment it gives to the users. However, its much better if is played with your close friends.

03. Yes, No, Maybe

This is another fun game to be played with your Snapchat friends on story section. In this game you have to ask questions like “would you like to go on a date with me?” to your friends and in return they have to answer the question with either yes, no or maybe! The most interesting part about this Snapchat story game is that no one needs to put much of an effort on it to repond to your story. Also you may also get to know a few shocking and impressive things about their interests and other things of your friends through this game.

04. This Or That

Best Snapchat Story Games

This or That game is very similar to its name and is one of the most easiest and fun game to be played on Snapchat stories. This game works like icebreaking with your newly made friends on Snapchat as it allows you to know more about you friend’s choice and preference. Now, you might have already generated the further conversation to start with your friend in your head! Now the only wait is of the story to be uploaded on your Snapchat account story section.

You can also add two different images of anything like color, brand, food, item and ask your friends, this or that! You can create photo collage and merge them together with any third party app.

05. Name A Song That

It’s impossible to even think that there is anyone left on this planet who is not addicted to music in this generation. But the feeling, emotion and memory that one carries or feels while listening to their favorite music is something that makes it different from the rest and make your taste in music unique. To know what’s upto in their mind and what emotion they are feeling at that moment you can, put this on your Snapchat story and explore on which song your friends are high nowadays.

You can get different “Name a song that” templates from any web browser or can get ready-made templates from third party apps like Glamm.

06. On My Phone

Best Snapchat Story Games

You must have gone through different YouTube vlogs on the concept of “What is on my phone” where they reveal apps and other tools that they regularly use for different purposes. You must have seen apps and tool that are used by popular influencers and bloggers but have you ever thought about what apps your close friends are using? If not, the its the time.

You can post “On my phone” stories on Snapchat and let your friends on Snpachat spill the tea!! You can also personalize and modify questions here and ask questions like “Which is your favorite app on your phone?”  With you close friends, this game is going to be a vibe.

07. Post

You must have got an idea already with just its name! Post is something on Snapchat story that demands your friends on Snapchat to upload images or videos of something that you are intrested in! For example you can post a Snapchat story game asking “Post a picture of you”. For this, you can use raedy-made templates availabe on browser or can make one of your own from the Snapchat in-built story creator feature. 

08. Describe Me To An Unknown In One Word

It’s kinda impressive how others perceive of the same person in a different way or their own way. Traits of yourself that you consider as qualities of yourself can be bad habits for others. To know what people think of you, you can post “Describe me to an unknown in one word” on your Snapchat stories and let them tell you what they percieve you as! This is one of the best Snapchat story games and will explore more versions of you to you!

09. Quarantine Bingo 

After the pandemic or lockdown, people lost the hope to meet their friends in person for a long time and made people sit in their homes with zero amount of productivity which gave rise to this game “Quarantine bingo”. While many of people were tensed because of the pandemic a few of the creative Snapchatter brought this trending game forward and made people play it to kill boredom.

This bingo is not any regular bingo, this includes activities that became a trend in the lockdown period and the ones who followed the trend at that time has to mark it and compare their creativity scores with others in the quarantine period. It’s a quick and fun way to find out what your friends used to do for killing time in those days.

10. Random Questions

Ran out of questions or topics to talk about with your virtual or online friends on Snapchat? Try this one game out. This game includes a set of 10 questions, a few of them will be common ones and the rest of the questions have the capacity to spice up your empty time period and can help you gain knowledge about your friend and his/her life.

You can put anything in the question bars! Anything that you are interested in knowing about your friend!

11. GIF Challenge

If you are someone who loves using GIFs to express their feelings and emotions during a conversation or loves to collect unique, trending and funny GIFs then this is the best Snapchat story games. All you are supposed to do is to use a template and fill every circle with a relatable and suitable GIF. After filling all the voids, you need to post an empty template of the same for your friends to take a screenshot and upload it on their stories or send it you personally. You can also mention or nominate a few of your Snapchat friends on your story to catch up with the game.

12. Kiss, Kill, Marry 

Best Snapchat Story Games

Kill, kiss, marry is a Snapchat story game where you need to ask you Snapchat friends for three names, each for kiss, kill and marry. After doing so, you need to fill those three blanks of kiss, kill and marry with each of the name according to your preference and how you feel for each of them. However, the game is entertaining and fun but be ready to be killed by the one whom you are putting on kill in the game.

13. Habits Questions

If you have a pile of questions loaded one on one that you are too afraid to ask then its the time to shoot!! This is the best Snapchat story games through which you can ask question to your Snapchat friends that usually people don’t prefer to ask. Might be possible that you any find useful ways to do the things in the right way that you were doing wrong from so long! Get, set, shoot! Question bro, question on you Snapchat story!!!

14. Tomorrow’s Mood

This game is a simple and easy word based game that helps others in predicting your tomorrow’s mood. This is game is one of the most played games on Snapchat story as its easy to post and respond to both. So take a minute out and let others think of you for a couple of minute. Templates for “Tomorrow’s mood” is easily available on web broswers and third-party apps.

15. Send Me Two Names

Best Snapchat Story Games

Wrapping up the list of best Snapchat story games with this one! However, its a bit controversial yet entertaining at the same time. One can add a couple of their Snapchat friends in a versus columns and ask their other friends in their circle to check mark the boxes. As it involves a couple of private questions, you can consifer to upload this story game in private Snapchat stories or in close friends specifically.

Wrapping Up

So that was all we had to present you with in our list of best Snapchat story games. If games are something that holds your interest in then you can give these above mentioned Snapchat story games for once and see the impressive results.

If any of these impressed you or gave you the inspiration to upload it on your Snapchat stories or gave some other creative story game ideas then let us know in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are Some Good Snapchat Games?

Here a few of the best Snapchat games in 2023:

  1. Hex FRVR
  2. Om Nom Run
  3. Flip The Egg
  4. Subway Surfers Airtime
  5. Chess Quest
  6. Ludo Club
  7. Ket’s Go Hoops!
  8. AlphaBear Hustle

Q. Are Snapchat Games Gone?

Other than gaming business of Snapchat, Snap Originals, Minis and Pixy are also on the verge to be removed from the app. So, no flying cameras, chainsaw-wielding Ryan Reynolds from now on.

Q. How Do You Ask A Question On Snapchat Story 2023?

Altering the text in the Question Box to your personalized question will work for you. Just enter whatever you want to ask your Snapchat audience and post it! 

Q. What Are Good Snapchat Stories?

You can upload funnt videos, quotes, memes etc on Snapchat stories. These are considered as an ideal Snapchat story content.

Q. How To Play 21 Question With A Girl?

Select any one person to ask a set of 21 questions from them and ten give everyone at least one chance to answer. However, users are allowed to pass questions if they are not comfortable in answering it.

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