Speed Leaks Ninja Discord | Fortnite Legend Deleted Discord Immediately 

Speed Leaks Ninja Discord | Fortnite Legend Deleted Discord Immediately

Discord lovers are bashing IShowSpeed now more than ever! Speed leaks Ninja Discord a few days back and that cooked a pretty stirred situation on social media. You will be shocked to find out what happened next.

It was only a few days ago when IShowSpeed had a live chat with Ninja and the short confrontation was streaming on YouTube. The situation got out of hand when Speed leaks Ninja Discord mistakenly. 

It is not new that private Discord channels are disclosed publicly. However, when Speed leaks Ninja Discord, people got overwhelmed as this private Discord server had more popular names than you could have ever guessed. 

From Drake to Travis Scott – the list of names in the leaked private Discord server is huge and enough to spin your head. But when  Speed leaks Ninja Discord, other Discord users jumped right into it and started posting malicious content that drove Ninja crazy and he was forced to close the server!

IShow Speed Leaks Ninja Discord

The news is already flooding on different social platforms. Discord lovers and especially Ninja’s fanbase are now throwing dirt on IShowSpeed. 

Some Discord users even posted on YouTube a comment “Ishowspeed does not deserve this platform. We’ve seen what Kai could do, and he’s a little bit of his sanity. Imagine what the terrorist would do if he had “eased up” like that.”

No wonder, leaking the private Discord server was shocking, especially when Ninja shared his reaction on a follow-up YouTube video “That Discord had Drake, Travis Scott, Marshmello, JuJu, every professional Fortnite player you could imagine,” Ninja said. “All of the top OG streamers, like fucking everyone, and I had to fucking nuke it because Speed leaked it.”

Ninja continued cursing IShowSpeed for his stupid action and lack of sincerity. According to Ninja, this private discord was like a sanctuary to him that cost him years to build, and IShowSpeed is such a mindless reluctant person who killed it on the very first day, in the very first hour! 

Now that everyone is showering wrath on IShowSpeed, he tried to calm down the discord fans by apologizing for what he did. However, a ‘simple sorry on social media post’ was not enough to break the ice. 

“He thinks I did it on purpose,” IShowSpeed said. “Bro, why would I leak his Discord? Bro, I didn’t even leak it. He unfriended me? What? Bro, I didn’t even leak. Wait, he’s actually sad? Bro, when did I leak his Discord? What?”

Now, IShowSpeed is trending on Twitter as IShowMeat. This is due to another follow-up incident just after he leaked Ninja Discord. 

Fans are now raging and blocking IShowSpeed from almost every platform. To some, he is still acting childish “This guys been leaking $h*t repeatedly. Not meaning to do it doesnt free you from responsibilities. Still acting 15.”

To others, both IShowSpeed and Ninja are crying over silly things and need to grow up. 


Maintaining a social media fanbase is no less than a war today. At this point leaking someone’s personal Discord server is like breaking the sacred bond. No matter how apologetic IShowSpeed is right now, his action cost him dearly. This is not the first time he is in controversy. He went through this lane so many times that people are not believing any of his ‘unintentional’ excuses. What do you think? Share your Thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is Ishowspeed Famous For?

Ishowspeed is a rapper, online gamer, and a famous YouTuber. 

Q2. What Is The Real Age Of Ishowspeed?

Born on January 21, 2005, the current age of Ishowspeed is 18 years old. 

Q3. Why Is Ishowspeed Banned On YouTube?

Previously, it was assumed that YouTube would ban Ishowspeed for sexual gratification; however, he removed all the traces from YouTube as well as other social platforms and came clean. Therefore, Ishowspeed was never banned on YouTube. 

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