Spotify AI DJ Mode | New AI-Powered Feature Rolls Out!

Spotify AI DJ Mode

Here’s how to utilize the Spotify AI DJ mode as well as its features in Spotify’s new AI-powered tool, which creates a personalized mix! Personalization is “at the heart” of all services and features offered to millions of customers worldwide by the streaming platform, from their yearly Wrapped to the Blend function.

You may now get a personalized playlist from Spotify thanks to a new AI assistant that is based on your listening preferences and previous favorite songs. So, if you did not try Spotify AI DJ Mode yet, it’s time to roll your sleeve and check out this cool feature! 

To use Spotify AI DJ mode, first, open Spotify mobile app on your iOS or Android device and then go to Music Feed on the Home page. Next, you have to press the DJ card play button. Finally, the DJ will compile a playlist of tracks and performers by observing your prior listening preferences.

Here, in this article, we have discussed Spotify AI DJ mode in detail along with how to use it. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

What Is Spotify AI DJ Mode?

The service from Spotify gives premium subscribers access to their own AI-powered DJ as well as a personalized playlist of songs and artists they have previously streamed. The playlist is automated and curated by AI, which has the capacity to examine each user’s listening patterns and arrange their previous favorite songs.

According to a blog post from Spotify, the playlist “knows you and your music taste so well” may choose an artist or song for you to listen to. According to the streaming service, the feature would “provide a handpicked collection of music alongside discussion around the songs and artists we believe you’ll like in a wonderfully lifelike voice.” While you use the new function, the AI-powered tool will also provide intriguing statistics about music, artists, and genres.

What Are The Features Of Spotify AI DJ Mode?

According to a blog post from Spotify unveiling the new AI DJ feature, this DJ knows you and your music preferences, sufficiently to reimagine the way people listen on Spotify. The DJ feature makes use of Spotify’s customization technology as well as OpenAI technology mixed with a “dynamic AI voice.”

Depending on your listening preferences and history, the Spotify AI DJ mode capability essentially creates a never-ending local radio stream of music. The AI DJ voice will switch between songs in a manner to what you’d hear on a conventional radio station, explaining why it chose the music when you last heard it, and other information.

The streaming service has not yet stated whether or when the new function would be accessible in the UK and other nations. The firm disclosed that the artificial intelligence voice was created using a speech model provided by their Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier “X” Jernigan, and that Sonantic was acquired by them in 2022. The GetUp, a morning program on Spotify featuring a mix of general news, pop culture, and a custom music playlist, was hosted by Xavier.

What Is Spotify AI DJ Mode Not Showing Issue?

Regrettably, the firm is only evaluating the Spotify AI DJ in North America, and it has only been released in English. For the time being, if you are anywhere else in the world, you won’t be capable of experiencing it. The specific date is yet uncertain, but the company anticipates bringing it to other parts of the world soon. We must wait till the business makes a formal announcement. Even if you reside in the USA or Canada, it won’t display or function on your device because a premium membership is necessary. In accordance with the press release, in order to use the Spotify AI DJ, you must reside in North America and possess a premium account.

How To Use Spotify AI DJ Mode?

To use Spotify AI DJ mode, you must open Spotify mobile app on your iOS or Android device > go to Music Feed on Home > Press DJ card play button > The DJ will then compile a playlist of tracks and performers while making observations about your prior listening preferences.

If you don’t find the customized playlist, simply tap at the lower right of the display to choose a different song, artist, genre, or mood.

For the time being, only English-speaking Spotify premium subscribers in the US and Canada can utilize the new feature. The newly launched Taste Profile function, which tracks your musical preferences and makes song recommendations based on particular genres, is followed by Spotify AI DJ Mode.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are at the conclusion of this article, hope you are as excited as us about the most amazing Spotify AI DJ Mode feature! Access this beta feature and share your experience with us in the comment box! Meanwhile, keep following Deasilex for more updates on Spotify!

Frequently Asked Question 

Q1. Does Spotify Have A DJ Option?

However, because Spotify has stopped working with third-party DJ apps as of July 2020, it is not as easy to DJ with Spotify music. Fortunately, there remain a few DJ apps that support Spotify. Continue reading to get an additional trick on how to limitlessly add Spotify songs to any DJ program.

Q2. Why Did Spotify Remove DJ Apps?

It might be because of licensing problems because, theoretically, if you used Spotify to DJ in public, that would not be covered by the conditions of the use of a private Spotify account. Because you’d think that it might have occurred to someone in less than six years.

Q3. Does Spotify No Longer Support DJ Apps?

Today, Algoriddim declared that Spotify would no longer be a part of its DJ apps. Copied! Algorithm, the creator of DJ, has announced that Spotify, by far the largest streaming service in the world, will stop funding all DJ software as of July.

Q4. Why Are Musicians Boycotting Spotify?

According to Lofgren, he joined academics, medical professionals, and others in criticizing Spotify for spreading false information about vaccines. You don’t turn your back to them to gain money and power when these brave women and men, who have dedicated their lives to mending and saving ours, cry out for assistance.

Q5. Why Is Everyone Leaving Spotify?

More and more musicians want out of the streaming behemoth as opposition over it grows. Yet it’s harder than anticipated for a variety of reasons, including license, money, and PR pressure. More and more musicians want their work taken from Spotify as long as criticism surrounds the service.

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