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The Colossus Discord

Discord is gaming or gaming is Discord? Whatever it is, if you also are on Discord because having fun playing then we bring you the Colossus Discord! If you love gaming you are going to love this Discord server too! Why? Explore yourself!

Discord is a place to talk, chat and interact with different people with similar interests all over the world. Discord has different gaming servers like Minecraft and Fortnite Discord servers which are as popular as the Discord itself. One of such servers is the Colossus. In short, the Colossus Discord is a user-friendly server with a decent number of active members and players on a daily basis who enjoy spending their free time playing games on the Colossus. 

To join the Colossus Discord, a user might need a permanent server invite to join the Colossus Discord. Tap on the invitation link > Accept invite link > Check mark “I’am Human” field. You have now successfully joined the Colossus Discord server > Verify your server, and done! Next, obey the rules and policies of the Colossus Discord server.

This article explains everything that one should be aware of about the Colossus Discord. If you are someone new to it and are holding yourself back just because you don’t know much about this server then this blog post is highly recommended to you!

The Colossus Discord 

Just like every other gaming server on Discord, Colossus is also one of the most loved one where people come and look for playing different games like Among Us, Minecraft, Call Of Duty-Cold Wars, Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer, Hyper Scape and many more on an occasional basis in order to kill eventual tournaments conducted and hosted in the Colossus server. In actuality, the Colossus Discord is a warzone group who invites and welcomes different players of all levels either be it a beginner or pro-player and the server doesn’t give a damn about their KD or skills and just wants you to focus on your gaming and entertainment!

The motto of the Colossus Discord server is to let players have a good time on their server playing games altogether. The Colossus falls under the Discord category of Gaming and Streaming with a wide audience. To know the Colossus more deeply, let’s take a look at the servers tagged with the Colossus Discord in the below mentioned section!

Colossus Discord Server Link

You should always make sure that you join the right Discord link. You should avoid clicking on unsafe links as they can cause damage and hacks. This is the permanent Colossus Discord server invite.

Click here to join the official Colossus Discord server invite.

How To Join The Colossus Discord Server?

Tap on the invitation link > Accept invite link > Check mark “I am Human” field > Verify your server > I Agree

Follow the given instructions if you want to join the Colossus Discord server: 

Step 01: Launch the Discord on any browser and login to your Discord account.

Step 02: Tap on the link to join the Colossus Discord server.

Step 03: Hit on the Accept Invite button.

Step 04: Check mark on the “I Am Human Box” and verify yourself as a human.

Step 05: At last, click on the “I Agree” to join the server!

NOTE: Also if you don’t want to make much of an effort then you can hit the Invite link given below and head to the Invite screen and follow the prompted instructions given on the screen!

And done! Now you have successfully joined the Colossus Discord server. The Colossus Discord is open to every game lover from a newbie to the pro players! The Colossus conducts Warzones on an occasional basis to replace tournaments with games like Call Of Duty-Cold Wars, Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer, Minecraft, Among Us and many more! To know more about Colossus stay tuned with this post till the end! 

Colossus Discord Rules

If you have gone through the facilities and features provided by the Colossus Discord then the rules that keep the server free from assault and misbehaving is something that you need to go through next. Not only the Colossus Discord but every Discord server online needs a set of rules that are meant to be followed by every member of the Discord community to keep the server’s environment safe and friendly.

Colossus Channel Rules

  1. Users of the Colossus Discord need to keep the vow to a minimum extent. If you are pranking someone on the server then there’s no issue but you need to make sure that the other person is not taking this seriously or is aware of your intentions. 
  1. Users need to keep the NSFW away from the Colossus channels. This isn’t a place where anyone can carry on with explicit content – Or else they can be kicked, banned, muted, or warned from the server. 
  1. The Colossus staff is open to all, hence its request to everyone on the channel, not to spread hate and limit the drama in the DMs only!
  1. The chats are meant to keep clear, the Colossus doesn’t allow DM advertising or promotion and if anybody tries to do it will get banned eventually! 
  1. The Colossus Discord follows Discord’s ToS, so any one who goes against it will get banned! 
  1. Spamming can only be entertained in the Spamming Channels.

Tournament Rules

  1. Teams will be selected out of nowhere.
  2. Every team will get 7 matches.
  3. Any one player in the team has to share their game play while being in a tournament match for others to watch. 
  4. A player will get a time period of 30 minutes to return to a match once they leave it in the middle of the game, or else once time 30 minutes passes out the player will automatically be kicked out of the game. 
  5. The player’s team will not be provided with any points for the match and the opponent team will own one point. 
  6. Usually you will get 8 teams of Duo’s but this may differ based on the number of players taking part in the tournament.
  7. Every win will provide your team with 2 points on the scoreboard. 
  8. £100 will be divided into half of the winning team so every winner may get £50 each.
  9. In order to play the tournament, you need to enter your name and KD on the Tournament Register.
  10. Team will receive an alert as soon as someone will be caught camping as it’s not entertained in the tournament and the team will be kicked out as soon as they are found doing so!
  11. If the you team doesn’t win on more than one occasion then the team will be eliminated, as there is a knockout phase post every match
  12. If you have no chances to win, then you need to alert the owner or the moderators of the server 24 hours before the match. 
  13. Before playing any tournament, every player must be aware of the the Community guidelines.

Servers Tagged With Colossus Discord

The Colossus Discord

Server 01: Obscure Media Discussion

Obscure Media Discussion is a server which provides the users with real content and much more than an aesthetic board of the specific subject. The Obscure Media Discussion also conducts discussion on the same! If you are looking for something that relates to the same then it’s the right place for you!

Join the Obscure Media Discussion Discord server.

Server 02: Shadow Of Colossus/ Team Ico

The Shadow of Colossus also offers different channels for TLG and Ico and primarily goes with Team Ico/Ueda’s works. So make sure you read their terms and policies before joining hands with them!

Join the Shadow Of Colossus/ Team Ico Server

Server 03: Team Ico/genDESIGN

This Team Ico/genDESIGN revolves around the discussion of Team ICO/genDESIGN company/developer and the games that they have! It’s a wonderfully friendly and active server where you will get to know much more about the Team ICO/genDESIGN. So if you are interested in it, don’t think twice before joining it!

Join the Team Ico/genDESIGN Colussus Discord Server

Wrapping Up 

This article explains everything about the Colossus Discord and what one should expect from the same. If you are someone who is looking for servers for gaming and entertainment purposes and encounter the Colossus Discord then go through this article before joining the server!

It will help you gain knowledge about the same before hopping onto it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Largest Discord Server?

Discord’s largest server is Fortnite with 827,000 users and Genshin Impact with 800,000 users.

Q. What Are The Weirdest Discord Servers?

Here are a few of the weirdest Discord servers:

  1. Komi Maid Cafe – 3,280
  2. Baes Autistic Castle – 1,328
  3. Drom – 448
  4. Weirdos – 396
  5. Ellie wasnt Toast – 268
  6. Neuromancy – 233

Q. Can A 11 Year Old Join Discord?

As per Discord’s terms and conditions which says that users of age 13 and above are only allowed to access Discord services in the U.s. 

Q. Who Is Discord Owned By?

Jason Citron is the one who holds Discord legally. He founded Discord in 2015 and raised a funding of $20 million. However, WarnerMedia is a partner in Discord because of the contribution of warnerMedia in fundraising.

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