Tower Defense Simulator Discord | How To Join?

Tower defense simulator discord

It is always great fun to play games that can be played with our friends. It can be offline or online games but playing with friends makes playing more fun. Tower Defense Simulator Discord server is a server of one such team-building fighting game.

Playing Tower Defense Simulator with friends on Roblox is a lot of fun. This is a fighting game in which you have to kill zombies. To win the game, teamwork is crucial. Play this game with your friends and enjoy.

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To join the Tower Defense Simulator Discord, Go to Discord, Click on the official Tower Defense Discord server invite link > Accept the invite > Check on I am human box.

Roblox is one of the successful gaming platforms where different game companies host their games and allow users to play them for free. They also get direct feedback from the players using the Discord server.

What Is Tower Defense Simulator Discord Server?

Tower Defense Simulator is a Roblox game that can be played with your friends. The game is based on fighting and surviving through the waves of zombies and bosses. Upon winning, you will earn coins and purchase new towers. Tower Defense Discord server is the official Discord server of the game where you will remain updated with the new features and bug fixes.

Is There Tower Defense Simulator Discord Server?

Yes, there is a Tower Defense Simulator Discord Server which is free to join for the players of the Tower Defence Simulator game. This server can be very helpful if you are planning to play the game seriously for a long period of time.

Tower Defense Simulator Discord Server Link

It is always a good practice to join the official Discord server links. There are a lot of fake server online. Try to avoid these servers.

Here is the official link to the Tower Defense Simulator Discord server.

How To Join Tower Defense Simulator Discord Server Link?

If you are feeling excited about Tower Defence and want to join the Tower Defence Simulator Discord server, then here is a guide for you.

Step 1: Go to the web browser on your PC.

Step 2: Log into your Discord account.

Step 3: Now click on the Tower Defence Simulator Discord server.

Step 4: Click to accept the invite.

Step 5: Verify the captcha.

Step 6: You have successfully joined the Discord server.

Tower Defense Simulator Discord Features

After you have joined the Tower Defense Simulator Discord server, there are some features that you can enjoy.

  1. The information channel of the server provides all the latest news about the games.
  2. The game announcement channels is important for any new updates or bugs in the game.
  3. The community announcement channel is where you can have discussions with the other members.
  4. Streams and video channel is really helpful, especially for new players of the game.
  5. There are some submission channels where you can give feedback as well.

Tower Defense Simulator Discord Sever Rules

Tower Defense Simulator Discord 

Tower Defense Simulator Discord servers have strict rules and any violation of these rules will end up in the muting of the user.

  • Not Safe For Work Content (NSFW):

The Tower Defense Simulator Discord server is a 13+ server, server strictly prohibit NSFW content. This includes but is not limited to pornography, shock/gore content, disturbing imagery, etc. 

  • Toxicity, Discrimination, & Immaturity:

When chatting on the Tower Defense Simulator Discord server, server expects you to behave with maturity and basic respect for other people. Do not harass or discriminate against other people for any reason.

  • Provocative Topics & Drama:

Do not discuss any topics in this server that can be deemed controversial. This includes things such as politics, religion, sensitive topics, or anything that may offend other people.

  • Spamming & Flooding:

Do not repeatedly send the same message over and over again. This also applies to getting together with other members to repeat a certain message, also known as chaining.

  • Pings:

Do not ping members unnecessarily.

  • Unwanted Media, Piracy & Leaking:

Any fake information or leaked recordings or any such unwanted content is not allowed on the server.

  • Language & Bypassing:

If any rule is broken, members will be punished. Try not to find any loopholes in the rules.

  • VC Rules & Bots:

Everyone must follow the voice channels rules and the bot commands should be in the #bots.

  • Slander/Framing:

Spreading false information and rumors is not allowed on the server.

  • Alt Accounts:

No alt accounts are allowed on the server.


If you have never tried Roblox gaming, then we will recommend you give it a try. Roblox games are unique and once you play them, you will love playing games in the Roblox. Action games like the Tower Defence has a different taste in the Roblox.

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