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Toyz Discord Server

Gear up to upgrade your gameplay on Sky: Children of the Light with the Toyz Gang. Are you ready to embark on a journey to the Kingdom in the clouds? You can now join the Toyz Discord server and explore the wonders of the Sky full of Light. Join hands with fellow gamers to overcome the darkness and find your way out of the seven realms.

The Game Company has developed a peaceful and cozy MMO that is designed to warm the players’ hearts. ‘Sky’ will bring you the best gaming experience that glorifies humanity and meaningfully connecting it with other more significant elements of the world. For the best gaming experience, you can team up with other players on Toyz Discord, to uncover the secrets of Sky in MMORPG. Venture into the dark realms and bring light to guide your Ancestors to discover ancient treasures.

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To join the Toyz Discord server;
-Log into your Discord account and click the official link to the Toyz Discord.
-Click to Accept the Invite and Check the ‘I am a Human’ to verify the captcha.

The realms of the Sky on Toyz Discord server is ever-expanding. It is brimming with exclusive features, new areas to explore, and immediate access to seasonal events. Are you ready to embark on a quest with Toyz, a live game streamer on Discord, who specializes in completing the adventures of the Sky?! Let us access the Toyz Discord to spread hope through the desolate kingdom, backed by the Toyz Gang themselves.

What Is Toyz Discord Server?

The Toyz Discord server is a space that is created exclusively for gamers interested in “Sky: Children of the Light”, that has been created by Toyz, a pro gamer and live streamer. He has created an amazing platform for all Sky enthusiasts. 

The Toyz Discord server currently has over 4500k members and is growing at a rapid pace. His official YouTube channel Toyz Gaming has over 21.6k subscribers from all over the world.You will be able to find more than 250 videos and shorts on his gameplay, Sky OOB, tips & tricks, and spoiler alerts. Once you verify your Discord account on the Toyz Discord server, you will be able to unlock hidden features and gain access to multiple channels on the platform. 

Is There Toyz Discord Server?

Absolutely yes! There does exist a Toyz Discord server that offers a space for all ‘Sky’ enthusiasts. You can meet fellow gamers of Sky via Toyz Discord. You will have direct access to the latest news, server updates, and insights. Further, you can participate in events like the lucky draw and Sky weddings. You can also converse with fellow gamers to get in-game help, heart trade, and exchange QR codes. The Toyz Discord server also has specific communities for general chat, sky chat, and skymemes, along with OOB and spoilers. 

Toyz Discord Server Link

Finding the official Toyz Discord server link might be a daunting task. Look no further for we have laid it all out for you. All you have to do is tap on the link given below to access the Toyz Discord server.

Tap to open the Toyz Discord server invite

How To Join Toyz Discord Server Link?

To join the Toyz Discord server open Discord and login to your account > Tap the Toyz Discord server invite link > Accept Invite > Check ‘I am a Human’ > Verify the captcha.

Step 1 – Open any web browser and log in to your Discord account.

Step 2 – Click on the official link to join the Toyz Discord server mentioned above.

Step 3 – Click on Accept Invite.

Step 4 – Click on ‘I am a Human’ to verify the captcha.

Now that you have successfully joined the Toyz Discord server, you will have direct access to all the features, updates, and announcements made by Toyz himself exclusively about the Sky: Children of the Light gaming world.

Toyz Discord Features

The Toyz Discord server is one of the most unique and well-organised servers found in Discord. Once you first open the server link you will notice that it does not have many features and channels as found in most of the gaming servers on Discord. You will need expert guidance to tap the full potential of the Toyz Discord server. 

Toyz Discord Server

We offer you the secret click-in that can unlock the maximum potential of the Toyz Discord server. Once you join the Toyz Discord server link by following the instructions given above, tap on the Verify option found in the left panel and tap on the Star icon to gain access to all channels. You have now tapped into the full potential of the Toyz Discord server, and will have access to the following features,

  • A personalized welcome message, welcoming you to the Toyz Gang.
  • You will be able to see a detailed set of Rules to be followed on the Toyz Discord server.
  • Open the verified channel and react with a Star icon to agree to all the rules.
  • Identify yourself by taking up a role.
  • Gain exclusive access to the Sky News.
  • Get first-hand information on the server updates.
  • Contact the support team to report problems to the admins.
  • Gain access to insights of Toyz himself on gaming strategies.
  • Give you valuable feedback and suggestions anonymously or otherwise.
  • Show your support for the Toyz Discord server by sending booster perks, logs, and Tg-emojis.
  • Get updated information on all events, and announcements including the lucky draw and sky-wedding.
  • Get help from Toyz or fellow gamers by asking questions, in-game help, heart-trade, QR-code, and AP-trade.
  • Become a part of the Toyz community to be a part of the general chat, sky chat, share pics and clips, sky memes, oobs, and spoilers.
  • Participate in the artist’s corner to showcase your fanart, get an art commission, write fan fiction, get sky music, and share other related content.
  • Go beyond Sky to discuss your common interests in food, pets, memes, and other gamers.
  • Get tickets for admission into the Toyz cinema.
  • Get access to daily guides on the traveling spirit and open the vault of knowledge to the candle cakes.
  • Open access to the voice channels including the enticing bgms of the Sky people. 
  • Open the archives to view the contest results of BFFs and Oob, emo-task room, and my valentines-with-sky.

Toyz Discord Server Rules

Just like any other server on Discord, the Toyz Discord server has a well-defined set of rules that all users must follow. To maintain the decorum of the platform to guide the newbies to a healthy environment, and for all the members to share information efficiently, Toyz Discord server instructs all users to abide by the following rules,

  • Be nice and respectful to all members of the Toyz Discord.
  • Keep your topics in the correct channels.
  • Send the QR code in the #qr-code channel.
  • Do not harass other members or be toxic.
  • Content regarding race, color, religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc. is considered as attack on fellow members.
  • Defamation will not be tolerated.
  • Do not ask for the personal information of fellow members.
  • No impersonation of celebrities or bots.
  • Follow as instructed by the Elders, Admin, and Mods.
  • All Elders and mods should respect the roles assigned to them.
  • Do not use symbols or invisible names in your chats.
  • Do not post malicious files or links on the server.
  • Promotion of other servers on Discors, communities, or gcs is not allowed.

Note: All rules stated in the Toyz Discord server should be followed with due diligence. If you break these rules you will be warned, kicked, or banned depending on the severity of your crime.

Wrap Up

Discord is the gamer’s hub that brings all gamers with similar interests together. You can now join the Toyz Discord to participate in exclusive events and have direct access to first-hand official information. Along with the Toyz Gang, you can kindle the inner Sky fan in you, and go bonkers with your fanarts, fanfictions, and skymemes along with all your fellow gamers. Ensure that you follow the set rules and be your best self, to maintain the decorum of the platform.

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