What Does Hon Mean On Snapchat?

What Does Hon Mean On Snapchat?

C’mon Hon, are you coming tomorrow? If this is the text you are getting in the Snapchat chat box, don’t be puzzled. Hon means Honey on Snapchat! Yes, so if someone is referring to you on Snapchat as Hon, don’t be shy! 

Hon is a very common acronym widely used on various social media platforms including Snapchat. So, if you are looking for what Hon mean on Snapchat, the answer will come to you in no time. 

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Hon means “Honey on Snapchat.

You might be surprised to find HON stands for many phrases that you are not familiar with. However, you should note that on Snapchat one acronym can stand for multiple phrases. So, if you are exploring what does Hon mean on Snapchat, we recommend you to get the context first and the meaning will come to you easily. 

What Does Hon Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat Hon is a popular acronym that you will find on many posts as well as in your chat box. Basically, Hon means Honey on Snapchat. It is simply a short form derived from the word ‘Honey’, which is popularly used to address the loved one. However, as you know Gen-Z, they are always coming up with new phrases and using acronyms to use those phrases on Snapchat. 

Hence, on Snapchat posts referring to a game you can find #HON. Here Hon means Heroes of Newerth on Snapchat  [a popular video game]. On the other hand, we have also found HON also stands for House of Night [popular Book series].

If someone is posting a picture of a new dress or shoes on Snapchat and asking HON, then here Hon mean Hot or Not on Snapchat. Hot or Not is a common phrase to express if it is looking great or not. Simple! 

Now if you think you are confused already, there is more to it! HON also stands for Hang Out N**e! Surprisingly, this slang phrase is also depicted by the HON acronym and is commonly used by Gen-Z [mostly] on Snapchat. 

Origins Of Hon  

When we explored Hon mean on Snapchat a set of unexpected phrases, we had a thought of digging more into the origin of the word! 

Without any surprise, the history of the internet showed that Hon is a simple abbreviation of Honey. People from various generations are globally familiar with this term. Mostly, Hon is a term that is used to refer to the person you love as in ‘Honey’. 

On the other hand, with time we have witnessed the rise of the Heroes of Newerth video game. As the game started gaining popularity, gamers [mostly Gen-Z] started referring to the game as HON. Hence, HON is an acronym that stands for Heroes of Newerth too!

Moreover, House of Night – a popular book series of Vampire Fantasy launched its Netflix show in 2017 leading to huge popularity and social media discussions. By this time, Hon mean on Snapchat for the young generation – House of Night!

Hon mean on Snapchat a popular phrase, mostly used by the Gen-Z – Hot or Not? For instance, if they buy something new, they usually take a snap and share it on social media and ask HON. 

Now, coming to the slang phrases, Hon mean on Snapchat Hang Out N**e too. This is mostly recognized by Gen-Z and not much used by adults on Snapchat

How Is Hon Used On Snapchat?

As we were discussing, Hon is a popular acronym and can be used on Snapchat for various purposes. 

  • If you really like someone, you can share a Snapchat post by tagging that special person as ‘Hon’. Also, you can share Snapchat posts with your spouse and refer to them as Hon on the post. Moreover, elderly people on Snapchat can use Hon to refer to their grandchildren out of love. This is the sweetest gesture you can find on Snapchat. 
  • If you are playing the Heroes of Newerth video game currently, then you can share your progress or short video of gaming with your Snapchat friends using the #HON. 
  • Hon mean on Snapchat House of Night series too! So, if you have started watching the series now, you can share your thoughts on the plot and the charters on Snapchat by using the HON hashtag! 
  • On Snapchat, HON is also used to refer to the phrase Hot or Not. So, if someone is posting a picture or sharing a picture of something and asking HON, then you have to answer the question with if it is cool or not. 
  • HON is also a call out for Hang Out N**e on Snapchat. This is a slang phrase and is not recommended to use on any social media platforms including Snapchat. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use Hon On Snapchat 

Now that we are exploring what does Hon mean on Snapchat and found that this popular acronym actually stands for multiple phrases, let’s find some examples that can help you how to use Hon on Snapchat and how to reply back to Hon on Snapchat: 

Example 1: Honey

  • A: I got the movie tickets, are you coming Hon?
  • B: Yes! SYS

Example 2: Heroes of Newerth

  • A: Playing HON tonight, Is anyone joining? 
  • B: Count me in bro! 

Example 3: House of Night 

  • A: HON Season 2 is starting tomorrow. Is anyone sharing Netflix with me? 
  • B: That’s me, bro! 

Example 4: Hot or Not

  • A: Bought these pairs of Sneakers today! HON?
  • B: It’s cool! You look awesome! 

Is It Okay To Use Hon On Snapchat?

Now that you are almost at the end of the article, you must have a fair idea about what Hon mean on Snapchat. Hon usually stands for Honey on Snapchat, which is a very lovely gesture and anyone with a warm heart can use this term on Snapchat to address other users. So, it is perfectly okay if you are using Hon on Snapchat as Honey.

Moreover, Hon also stands for Heroes of Newerth , and House of Night [Book]. So, if you are using HON to refer to these video games and series, then that sounds okay too!

Surprisingly, HON stands for Hot or Not a phrase, which is a common thing among Gen-Z to ask if something is cool or not. This can also be counted as a positive expression and totally okay to use in Snapchat. 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Now that we shared what Hon mean on Snapchat, you might feel Snapchat lingo is such an interesting thing! Well, to keep up with the spirit, here are some more popular Snapchat acronyms that you would like to know: 

  1. MBNMust Be Nice
  2. WYLLWhat You Looking Like
  3. WTVWhatever
  4. HRU – How Are You
  5. BML – Bling My Line
  6. BP – Beautiful People
  7. BTS – BangTan Sonyeondan
  8. CYA – See Ya
  9. DTB –  Don’t Trust Boys / B*tches
  10. FWI – Facebooking While Intoxicated
  11. OML – Oh My Lord


If someone next to you is typing on Snapchat with three acronyms in one sentence, you must be wondering, what kind of code language it is! For your information, Snapchat is not only a great content-sharing platform but also for Snapchat lingo. You should learn one or two to keep pace with others. Let’s start with Hon and the other acronyms that we have shared in this article. Got a question? Drop it in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Does Hon Stand For?

Hon stands for Honey, Hot or Not, Heroes of Newerth , House of Night [Book], and Hang Out N**e!

Q2: When Should I Use The Hon?

You can use Hon when you are addressing your spouse or loved ones. Besides, you can use Hon to refer to Heroes of Newerth , and House of Night [Book] too on Snapchat. 

Q3: What Does Hon Mean On The Internet?

On the internet as well as on Snapchat Hon means Honey, Hot or Not, Heroes of Newerth , House of Night [Book], and Hang Out N**e!

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