What Does LK Mean On Snapchat?

What Does LK Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat or not, typing long words is so boring! Let’s get refreshed with Snapchat lingo, where you can use acronyms and abbreviations as much as you want. Snapchat users are frequently using the acronym LK, have you wondered what LK mean on Snapchat? Let us share the secret of the Snapchat code with you. 

When you will find out what LK mean on Snapchat, you will be amazed by this simple adaptation of Snapchat. We agree that Gen-Z is quite smart at creating acronyms on Snapchat for common long phrases. It’s time that we should start coping up with them. 

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LK means “Like” on Snapchat.

Whether it is Low Key or Low Profile, LK has a wider use on Snapchat than many other acronyms. As you can see, LK mean on Snapchat is ‘Like’, you can just obsolete the vowels from a word and make it sound cooler than it actually is! 

What Does LK Mean On Snapchat?

If you are hunting for the answer to what LK mean on Snapchat, for your sanity, LK stands for “Like” on Snapchat. Yes, simple as that. Around the world, Snapchat users have been using LK to mean ‘Like’ for a long time. 

  • You can often find Snapchat posts where LK is used in text comments, such as “I LK U”, or “This is why we LK u”. Do not be muddled, LK is a simple acronym that stands for Like. 
  • There are plenty of cases on Snapchat, where one acronym stands for multiple meanings. However, this time LK is all alone representing “Like” online! Or is it?
  • We have also found in some Snapchat discussions, LK mean on Snapchat is Low key! People have been using LK for Low Key for quite a long time; however, it is not as popular for using “Like”. 

Origin Of LK  

Searching for the origin of LK was not a roller coaster jump. As we went through the Snapchat posts, we discovered that LK is a very common and simple acronym that stands for Like. 

From our experience, we know that most of the Snapchat users are Gen-Z and they do not like typing long phrases, let alone long sentences. Even typing a four-letter word ‘Like’ is too much! Hence, they just eliminated all the vowels from the word and just wrote LK. Purpose served! One way or another, it is very interesting.

Another common meaning that we find for LK is Low Key. Yes, LK mean on Snapchat Low Key too! Yes, Snapchat users have a reputation for using one acronym for multiple phrases. Using LK for dual meaning is not surprising. 

For instance, if someone is stating on Snapchat, “Trying to maintain LK, it’s so tough!” it means, in this context, LK refers to Low Key and not Like. 

How Is LK Used On Snapchat?

So far LK mean on Snapchat two different phrases – Like and Low Key. There could be other meanings too; however, the popular use is for Like and Low Key.

So, Snapchat users are putting LK in chats as well as in Snapchat posts, such as “I LK this man!”, “LK father, LK son.”, “Lk, it or not, it’s done” and more. Considering the context it is very clear that LK means “Like” in all of the stated examples. 

You can also use LK to express your likes for something or someone. You can use LK in both chats and in the posts. 

On the other hand, LK stands for Low Key too. So, if someone is stating “Maintaining LK is difficult” or “Let’s keep it LK”, it means that they are referring to Low Key. You can also use LK in a similar context where you have to mention ‘LowKey’. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use LK On Snapchat 

We have discussed what LK mean on Snapchat; however, if you are still not sure how to use this popular acronym [which is easily recognizable too], let’s find some examples for how you can use LK on Snapchat and or how to answer it: 

Example: Like

  • A: I don’t think she LK me much. 
  • B: Just ask her for a coffee and you will have your answer. 
  • A: LK or not, it’s over between us!
  • B: Please, I don’t think you are thinking very straight now. 

Example Low Key

  • A: We have to maintain LK in school.
  • B: Yes, but what if they find out the truth? 
  • A: Maintaining LK will never let them catch us. 
  • B: Wish! Let’s have a plan B too!

Is It Okay To Use LK On Snapchat?

As we explored the origin of what LK mean on Snapchat, we found that this popular acronym stands for two simple words – Like and Low Key. you just have to go through the context first to understand the meaning. Moreover, this acronym is widely used and accepted. 

As you can see there is no negativity in this acronym and nor it represents any slang, it is safe to assume that using LK on Snapchat is safe. However, we all have to keep an eye open, if there are other meanings of these acronyms resurfaced. 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

We have shown you in this article, what LK mean on Snapchat. Let us help you with more acronyms. Here is a list of a handful of acronyms that are popular among Snapchat users and might come to our rescue: 

1. JW: Just Wondering

2. KMS: Kill Myself

3. ITE: Alright

4. KHP: Kiss Hug Pull

5. Igor: Very Good At Everything

6. AMOSC – Add Me On Snapchat

7. FWY – F*cking With You

8. HRU – How Are You

9. CYA – See Ya

10. BML – Bling My Line

11. BP – Beautiful People

12. GS – Good Shot

13. BTS – BangTan Sonyeondan

14. ASF – AS F*ck

15. BBY – BaBY


Admit it or not, Snapchat is more colorful or more entertaining than any other social media platform. Why? No, we are not comparing features, but the unique language that you can explore while hopping on Snapchat. Honestly, Snapchat is funkier and closer to the heart because of its unique use of acronyms and abbreviations. We have shared what LK mean on Snapchat and fifteen more acronyms that can help you to decode the Snapchat language. Try them and share your thoughts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Does LK Stand For?

LK stands for too easy to go words on Snapchat – Like and Low Key. 

Q2: When Should I Use The LK?

As discussed in this article, you can use LK instead of long words – Like and Low Key. 

Q3: What Does LK Mean On The Internet?

On the internet including Snapchat, LK stands for two words – Like and Low Key

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