What Does NR Mean On Snapchat?

What Does NR Mean On Snapchat

When some of the Snapchat acronyms are difficult to understand, there are some that are easily recognisable. NR is one of the most common acronym that you can find on Snapchat. For instance, “I’ve been texting her from yesterday, NR”. Here you can easily guess that what NR mean on Snapchat. 

Well, if you are thinking NR mean on Snapchat going silent on chat, you are right! But, NR is a vastly used acronym and has multiple meanings in the text. For instance, “This seat is NR”, or “This incident is NR”, in these two sentences NR stands for Not Reserved and Not Reported respectively. 

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NR means “No Reply” or “No Response”on Snapchat.

To explore what actually NR mean on Snapchat, you have to go through this article. As you will go through the article, you will explore the origin of NR and find the vast use of NR in texts, Snapchat, and other social media. 

What Does NR Mean On Snapchat?

Answering what NR mean on Snapchat is not as simple as it sounds. If you search on the browser, you will find the straight answer – NR means “No Reply” or “No Response” on Snapchat

However, if you explore Snapchat itself, you will find that the teenagers and adults on Snapchat are using NR for more than just stating “No Reply” or “No Response”. 

Here is the list of the phrases that we have found mostly referred to NR on Text and Snapchat apart from“No Reply” or “No Response”: 

1. Not Required

2. Not Rated

3. Number

4. Near

5. No Result

6. Not Really

7. Not Reported

8. Not Recommended

9. No Reserve

10. Not Ready

11. No Reference

12. No Regrets

13. Night Rider

14. No Repeats

15. Not Racist

Origin Of NR  

As we were discussing above, NR mean on Snapchat more than just “No Reply” or “No Response”. When we started digging for what NR mean on Snapchat, the first thing that surfaced was that teenagers are using NR to state “No Reply” or “No Response” on Snapchat.

But, as we started exploring more Snapchat posts, we found that the origin of NR is seeded into “Number”. To our surprise, we have found that NR is a widely used acronym and it was adopted in Snapchat a few years ago. In the beginning, the NR acronym referred to the phrase “Number” only. 

Through the passage of time, Gen-Z came into play and started using NR for multiple phrases such as Near, No Result, Not Really,  No Repeats, Not Racist, Not Ready, and many more. 

Hence, it is safe to say that to understand what NR mean on Snapchat, you have to go through the context first and then come up with the meaning. 

How Is NR Used On Snapchat?

The use of NR on Snapchat is versatile as NR mean on Snapchat more than just one or two phrases. 

To start with, you can use NR to state No Response or No Reply, such as “I’ve texted Joe a couple of times, but NR”.

On the other hand, NR can be used to state Not required, for instance, you can find Snapchat posts: “To apply for this course hit the button below. Registration fees NR”.

Another important use of NR on Snapchat is for “Number”, such as “Called Joe twice, NR not available”

Also, if you check broadly, Snapchat users are also using NR for phrases like Near, No Result. Not Really, Not Reported, Not Recommended, No Reserve, Not Ready, No Reference, No Regrets, No Repeats, and Not Racist.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use NR On Snapchat 

Now that we have discussed, NR mean on Snapchat multiple phrases, you can get confused easily. So, here are some examples of NR meaning different phrases in different sentences: 

Example: No Reply or No Response

  • A: Have you tried Joe over the phone?
  • B: Yes, NR. 

Example: Not Required

  • A: Should I mail you my CV?
  • B: NR. 

Example: Not Rated

  • A: I was going through this product on Amazon. NR! 
  • B: Really? 

Example: Number

  • A: Have you checked the street NR?
  • B: Yes, got it, bro!

Example: Near

  • A: How far is the church?
  • B: NR. You have to take a 2-minute walk. 

Example: No Result

  • A: Have you tried to talk to her?
  • B: Yes, but NR. She hates me!

Example: Not Really

  • A: I think I am not fit for the job. 
  • B: NR. You just need a little training. 

Example: Not Reported

  • A: The accident was NR.
  • B: Really? 

Example: Not Recommended

  • A: If you are thinking about switching jobs, it’s NR. 
  • B: But, why?  

Example: No Reserve

  • A: That table is NR. You can have it. 
  • B: TY. 

Example: Not Ready

  • A: We are NR to handle it!
  • B: C’mon we’ll figure out something together. 

Example: No Reference

  • A: I was checking the article, and found NR. 
  • B: Really? But I’ve attached references in a separate file. LMC.

Example: No Regrets

  • A: What’s done, is done. I’ve NR.
  • B: But, you will! 

Example: No Repeats

  • A: I don’t like the taste of the food. NR, please. 
  • B: Are you sure? I think it’s palatable!

Example: Not Racist

  • A: Why were you mocking Joe in class? Are you racist?
  • B: NR man, I just thought he was funny. I’m sorry. 

Is It Okay To Use NR On Snapchat?

Yes, using NR on Snapchat is okay!

So far we have found NR mean on Snapchat more than 15 phrases and all of these phrases sound positive. If you go through the examples, you can find, none of the phrases that are referred to by NR is bearing any hidden negative meaning. So, it can be said that using NR on Snapchat is perfectly okay!

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

It is the right time to learn as many acronyms and abbreviations as you can learn on Snapchat. Why? To raise popularity and brand awareness on Social media, there is no alternative for using cool Snapchat lingo. Learning NR mean on Snapchat is the first step, we suggest you to grow your Snapchat vocabulary as much as possible. Here are some more acronyms and abbreviations that could be your stepping stone to gaining the popularity you are looking for: 

1. NBS: No Bull Sh*t

2. MNU: Me and You

3. NGTS: Not Gonna Text Someone

4. MS: Mass Snap

5. Mhm: A verbal expression to show agreement

6. LW – Lucky Win

7. LMP – Like My Picture or Like My Post 

8. Lit – Drunk or intoxicated

9. LMAO – Laughing my a*s off

10. LGHT: Let’s Get High Tonight

11. KMT: Kiss My Teeth

12. JW: Just Wondering

13. KMS: Kill Myself

14. ITE: Alright

15. LMY – Love and Miss You


Now that you are at the conclusion, you must have found what NR mean on Snapchat is enlightening. There are many acronyms and abbreviations that are used by Snapchat users that bear a completely different meaning than the phrases meant by the same acronym on other social media or text. If you have also encountered acronyms that bear weird meanings on Snapchat, share now! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What Does NR Stand For?

NR stands for “No Reply” or “No Response”. 

Q2: When Should I Use The NR?

You can use NR to mention “No Reply” or “No Response” on Snapchat. 

Q3: What Does NR Mean On The Internet?

On the internet, NR means No Reply, No Response, Near, No Result. Not Really, Not Reported, Not Recommended, No Reserve, and many more. 

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