What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat And How To Solve It?

what does pending mean on snapchat

Snap, tap, and done! Wait? You couldn’t send it? Does the message read PENDING? Woah! What could the reason behind this be? Well, don’t rack your brains further as we have a list of reasons ready regarding the pending message on Snapchat! If you’re a frequent Snapchat user and it’s your first time stumbling on this message, then know what does pending mean on Snapchat and how to solve it!

Snapchat app is a popular multimedia messaging app whereby the photos, videos, and messages that you send have a self-deleting feature. You can interact with your close buds and start a long streak with them via Snapchat and let me add, IT IS SUPER FUN! Unless obviously, if you start receiving the pending message on all the messages that you send. 

So, what does pending mean on Snapchat? Well, the answer here is self-explanatory. If your Snapchat message isn’t successfully delivered to the receiver, then a “Pending” error in gray color will appear on the chatbox instead of the usual, “Delivered”. If this has been happening with you for a while now, then there are multiple reasons for the same. However, the most prominent one of them would be if someone unfriended you on Snapchat.

Let’s dive deeper into the Snapchat world today and look at the reasons for the pending error that appears in the Snap conversations. 

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

what does pending mean on snapchat
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Pending on Snapchat refers to an error whereby Snapchat isn’t able to send the message to the receiver. The pending error signifies that Snapchat is continuously working to send the message and due to some glitch or other problem, isn’t able to do so. 

Unless you manually stop the message from sending, Snapchat will keep on trying to send the message which leads to the “Pending” label. 

Whenever you send a message on Snapchat, it usually appears as “Delivered” if it reaches the receiver successfully. However, sometimes instead of the “Delivered” message, a “Pending” error appears. 

Under the “Pending” message, a long-tail message is written which goes by-

“Your chats will be pending until ______ adds you as a friend”.

If it happens to you, then here are all the reasons behind the “Pending” error message on Snapchat.

1. Poor Internet Connection

The poor internet connection can result in you receiving the pending error on Snapchat as Snapchat doesn’t work offline. If your internet connection is acting up, then make sure you turn it off and then turn on your data or wifi to make sure the problem of pending messages on Snapchat is not a result of a poor internet connection.

2. App Glitch

Sometimes app glitches can also lead to pending messages on Snapchat. However, this reason only applies when all the messages that you’re sending come out as “pending”. 

Wait! That’s not the case every time. If some of the messages on Snapchat are delivered as usual and only some are encountering the “Pending” error, then the reason for the same might be something else. 

3. Friend-Request Not Approved

If your friend request on Snapchat hasn’t been approved by the person you’re sending a streak or message to, then the message won’t be sent and a “Pending” error will appear. It all depends on a person’s privacy settings. If a Snapchat account has set its privacy settings as “Private” rather than public, then you won’t be able to send them messages until they add you as a friend. 

4. You Are Unfriended

If you were able to send messages before and are recently encountering the problem of “Pending” error on Snapchat, then there are high chances that your friend has unfriended you. If you have been removed as a friend from a person’s Snapchat friend list, then you won’t be able to send them messages or streaks until they add you back. Unless you are added back as a friend, all the messages you send will keep coming under the “Pending” label.

5. You Are Blocked

If you have been blocked by a person on Snapchat, then all the messages that you send will be put under the “Pending” label. Once a person blocks you on Snapchat, you can’t contact them and won’t even be able to access them, at all!

6. You Are Restricted

If your Snapchat account has been restricted, then you won’t be able to send messages on Snapchat and everything you send will appear with a “Pending” label. If you haven’t been following Snapchat’s t&c and have repeatedly violated the same, then your Snapchat account will be restricted. Moreover, if a number of Snapchat accounts have reported your Snapchat account, then too, your Snapchat account will be restricted.

7. Snapchat Is Down

If Snapchat is down altogether, then anything you send will be labeled as “Pending”. Snapchat servers can be down temporarily due to any technical reason. In such cases, until the server down lasts, all your messages will come out as “Pending”.  

This was all about what pending means on Snapchat and various reasons for the same. If you want to solve this problem, then we have a quick fix for you. Keep reading to find what these fixes are!

How To Fix Pending Message On Snapchat?

how to solve pending messages on Snapchat
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Fixing “Pending” errors on Snapchat messages isn’t a tough feat to achieve. All you have to do is pay close attention to all the successful fixes that we provide and VOILA! Your problem will be solved!

In order to fix pending messages on Snapchat, here’s what you need to do. 

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing that you need to do to address the problem of “Pending” messages on Snapchat is to check your internet connection first and make sure it’s working smoothly. Turn off and then turn on your internet connection to make it work. After you do that, your messages will be delivered smoothly, provided that the “pending” problem was due to your poor internet connection.

  1. Restart Your Device

If your app has been acting up and facing some glitches and this results in the “Pending” messages, then you can restart your device to solve the problem. If you restart your device, then all the glitches that have been happening in the background will be resolved. 

  1. Send A Message To Other Friend

You won’t know if a person has blocked you unfriended you on Snapchat as you won’t get a notification for the same. Thus, if you want to know if the “Pending” message has been due to being unfriended and blocked, then you can send a streak or message to someone else on your list. If the message is delivered smoothly, then you either have been unfriended or blocked.

In such cases, you can confront the person on another platform to resolve any dispute that has resulted in this action. However, if you don’t want to do that, then move on gracefully!

  1. Check If Snapchat Is Down

If the “Pending” message has been due to Snapchat servers being down, then you can wait patiently until the problem resolves. Now! How do you know if Snapchat is down? Well, you can check the official handle of Snapchat on Twitter to get the official updates. Everything that has been happening on Snapchat is updated on Twitter. Thus, if Snapchat is down, you will get a notification of the same on Twitter.

Wrapping Up

Pending errors on messages on Snapchat can be quite frustrating if you don’t know what it means, how it occurred and how to address it. If you’re one such person who knows nothing about Snapchat’s pending error, then welcome to this humble abode! 

Here you got to know what “Pending” on Snapchat means, how it occurs and how to solve this problem too. 

A quick recap on this issue tells us that this error can occur due to a number of reasons and the most prominent one is, obviously,  if someone has unfriended, blocked, or not accepted your Snapchat friend request. Thus, in order to solve the problem, you have to make sure the person you are sending Snapchat streaks to has added you as a friend on Snapchat or they have a public Snapchat account! This way, Snapchat’s pending message problem won’t persist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Send Snapchat Streaks To A Person Who’s Not On My Friend List?

No! You can’t send Snapchat streaks or even simple messages to a person who has a private account and hasn’t added you to their Snapchat friend list. In such cases, whatever message you send to the person will come under the “Pending” label. Thus, make sure the person you are sending Snapchat messages to has added you as a friend.

Q. What Are The Main Reasons For Snapchat Pending Messages?

Here are the reasons for Snapchat pending messages.
1. App Glitches
2. Snapchat servers down.
3. You have been blocked or unfriended. 
4. You are not on the person’s friend list.
5. Your Snapchat account is restricted.
6. You have a poor internet connection.

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