Why Does My Girlfriend’s Snap Score Go Up? Learn The Truth In 2023!!

Why Does My Girlfriend's Snap Score Go Up

Believe it or not, nowadays, a new loyalty test for couples is based on their Snap Score. With the increasing or decreasing Snap Score, you can check out if your partner is cheating on you or not! In case, you are confused and keep wondering “Why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up”, even though she hardly uses Snapchat, then there is something suspicious about it!

In today’s world, cheating has become even easier as people can easily delete WhatsApp chats, and Instagram messages, and even try the disappearing chats feature on Snapchat. That is where you can choose Snap Score to check on your partner! Snap Score going up by itself isn’t true, it is just a myth. If you don’t use Snapchat, your Snapscore won’t go up. So, let’s help you find out if there is something fishy and “Why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up”.

Your girlfriend’s Snap score can go up if she is receiving and sending more snaps, watching Stories, adding Snapchat Stories, interacting with other Snapchat users, and using different features, and filters of the Snapchat app.

Sudden change in behavior and uncertain patterns in online activities is definitely significant to something, girls do have their ways of ascertaining their restless suspicion, this read will help boys find “Why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up” and answer many questions rolling in the back of their head.

What Does Snapchat Score Mean? 

A Snapchat Score also known as Snap Score is a number that is visible under the name of a Snapchat user in their profile. Snapchat Score is a score or points that are calculated by the platform on the basis of the in-app activity of a Snapchat account. It is pretty easy to find the Snapchat Score of your Snapchat friend by simply navigating to their profile, and then seeing it below their name. So, let’s check out on what basis does your Snapchat Score increases and what’s the best way to let the Snap Score keep going up by itself.

  1. Snapchats received
  2. Snapchats sent
  3. Snapchat Stories added
  4. Snapchat Stories viewed
  5. Using features and filters of Snapchat.

In most cases, for every snap you send, receive, or add to your Snapchat Story, one point is added to your Snapchat Score. So, let’s figure out the reasons for the hottest query these days: Why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up?

Why Does My Girlfriend’s Snap Score Go Up?

As we have discussed above how Snapchat Score can increase or go up, this is the perfect answer to your doubt regarding “Why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up! Snapchat does not randomly increase the Snap Score of a user. It follows the above-mentioned criteria for increasing someone’s snap score. So, if you are in a situation where you are doubting your girlfriend and wondering why her Snap Score keeps going up but not replying, then it is mostly because your girlfriend might be secretly using Snapchat. So, here are the different reasons to get an answer to the latest query among couples: Why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up?

1. Sending And Receiving Snapchats

The most common reason “why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up” is because she is more often sending and receiving Snapchats from her Snapchat friends. If her Snap Score keeps going up but not replying, then this is the most likely reason for that because sending and receiving snaps or videos on Snapchat can help you improve your Snap Score.

2. Watching Or Adding Snapchat Stories

Another reason for answering your query is that if a user keeps adding Stories on Snapchat or even watches someone else’s Stories on the platform, they are likely to get an increase in their Snapchat Score. Watching Stories on Snapchat may not help you earn many points, but adding Stories on Snapchat can help you get at least one point for every Story you add.

3. Interacting With Other Snapchat Friends

If your girlfriend keeps interacting with you or other Snapchat friends by sending stickers, tagging them in her Stories, sending snaps, or replying to their snaps with Snapchats, then also chances are there that her Snapchat score will increase.

4. Using Snapchat Filters And Features

If your girlfriend uses Snapchat filters and features such as sending stickers, emojis, snaps, videos, and much more most of the time, then strong chances for an increase in her Snapchat score are always there.

5. Being Active On Snapchat For A Longer Time

There is another situation in which your girlfriend’s Snap score might increase on Snapchat. If she is too active on Snapchat all the time, then being an active member of the platform, her Snap Score is going to increase. 

Does High Score Mean My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me?

Now that you have got an answer to your confusion about “Why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up”, so it is quite obvious that an increase in Snap Score or a high score does not always mean that your girlfriend is cheating on you. It can be true only in the situations when your girlfriend says that she doesn’t use Snapchat. It is because a high Snap Score means that they are an active Snapchat user. So, it might mean that they are lying!

Moreover, it is a sign that your partner is actively sending or receiving Snapchats from their friends. Nevertheless, it is also possible that they are themselves not sending snaps or videos, but they are only receiving snaps and videos from their friends. This can also result in a high Snapchat score. So, don’t be mad at your girlfriend because of having a high Snapchat Score because this isn’t a confirmation that they are cheating on you!

Snapchat Score Stalking

“Snapchat Score stalking” is the act of obsessively checking on someone’s Snap Score repeatedly to know how often they are using the Snapchat platform. Snapchat Score stalking has become pretty common these days. Not only to check your own Snap Score or how much has your friend’s Snapchat score changed, but also to keep an eye on your partners. The best part about Snapchat Score stalking is that, even if you keep checking your friend’s Snap Score, they won’t get any notifications for that! So, feel free, and keep on the Snapchat Score stalking whenever you want!

Wrapping Up

Snapchat is grabbing the attention of many users because of its super-amazing features, and Snap Score is one such feature that has been loved by many users. Snap Score is used as a way to know how much someone is active on the platform. Due to this, Snap Score is considered as a loyalty test by many users. If you wish to confirm that your partner is hardly using the Snapchat app, then you can check their Snap Score for that. With this article, we hope you have now successfully got an answer to many of your questions. If yes, then don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that your girlfriend is cheating on you! Have patience and consider all the factors and only then derive any conclusion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is A High Snap Score A Red Flag?

A. No, having a high Snapchat Score is not really a red flag. A high Snap Score can be a result of sending and receiving Snapchats. Moreover, it can even be a result of only receiving Snapchats from your Snapchat friends.

Q2. How To Find Out Who She Is Snapchatting?

A. There are several ways to find who she is Snapchatting with such as looking at their friend’s list, checking their Snap Score, checking the changes in their Snapchat Score, checking their Snap Stories, and checking their Snapchat Maps.

Q3. Is He Cheating If His Snapchat Score Keeps Going Up?

A. No, if his Snapchat Score keeps going up it does not really means that he is cheating. It can go up because he is adding Snapchat Stories, sending snaps, or simply because of receiving many Snapchats.

Q4. Why Is My Girlfriend’s Snapchat Score Going Up?

A. The reasons why your girlfriend’s Snap Score go up is because she is sending Snaps and videos to her friends, receiving Snapchats from her friends, and because of adding Stories on Snapchat.

Q5. What’s The Main Reason For My Girlfriend’s Snap Score Keeps Going Up?

A. The main reason for why does my girlfriend’s Snap Score go up is because she is sending and receiving snaps from her Snapchat friends.

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