Why I Can’t See My Latest BeReal?

Why I Can't See My Latest BeReal?

Active on BeReal? Now on BeReal you can not only share your candid moments but also find celebrities sharing their candid snaps. But, if your complaint is ‘I can’t see my latest BeReal’, then trust us, there are easy solutions to this issue. 

Many people on BeReal are shouting – I can’t see my latest BeReal and I’m looking forward to leaving BeReal. However, this is a common technical error and can be resolved faster than you think. So, hold your horses and go through the solution first before making any decision. 

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If you can’t see your latest BeReal post,
1. Make sure that you have not changed the Time Zone
2. Make Sure to activate Memories
3. Update BeReal or reinstall it,
4. Clear the cache
5. Check the internet connection
6. Activate Memories
7. Grant Camera Permission
8. Contact BeReal Support

If you can’t see your latest BeReal, we have some simple solutions for you. Moreover, BeReal is the only true platform that encourages users to share candid moments without hiding behind filters. If I can’t see my latest BeReal and choose to leave the platform, then it will be a terrible excuse. You should give it a thought too! 

Why Can’t I See My BeReal Memories?

Usually, whenever a social media error pops up we start panicking. BeReal is still rolling out many experimenting features and going through rapid updates. Hence, there could be some technical reasons resulting in the issue – ‘I can’t see my latest BeReal’. Here are some of the possible reasons that I have come up with so far: 

1. You Have Changed Timezone

The first obvious reason that can wipe out the latest BeReal post is changing the Time Zone. On BeReal you have a chance to change your timezone once a day. And, changing Time Zone will delete your current BeReal post that you have published on the same day. 

2. You’ve Deactivated Memories

If you were going through the BeReal settings and deactivated the Memories setting unknowingly, then it is justified to cry – I can’t see my latest BeReal. It is always recommended to enable the Memories setting so that you can find your BeReal posts clipped on the calendar. 

3. There’s A Bug

What can be done, if there is a bug issue? Bug issue is one of the most infamous causes that are often triggered in BeReal. This is terrible. However, you can get rid of the bug issue quite easily. Just reinstall the app!

How To Fix Unable To See My Latest BeReal? 

It is always better to find the solutions to the problem, rather than just throwing a tantrum – FML, I can’t see my latest BeReal! If you can’t see your latest BeReal, this is a common error and certainly can be dealt with. Here are some of the easy fixes to your issue: 

Fix 1: Make Sure That You Have Not Changed the Time Zone

Open BeReal and go to the settings to ensure you have not changed the Time Zone. In most of the cases, we have noticed that the BeReal users change the TimeZone unwittingly and the consequence is the deletion of the latest BeReal post. Go through the settings and check if the Time Zone has changed. If not, move to the next solution. 

Fix 2: Make Sure To Activate Memories

Your Memories option in BeReal should be activated. If not, then automatically you won’t be able to see any of your BeReal posts. Make sure that the toggle button of the Memories option is turned on. Yet, if you can’t see your latest BeReal, try other fixes. 

Fix 3: Clear Your Cache To Get Rid Of BeReal Bugs

I can’t see my latest BeReal, what to do? Let’s try a simple step like clearing the BeReal cache and you can resolve the issue! This is the simplest way to make sure your BeReal app is working properly.

Fix 4: Update BeReal To Get Rid Of Bugs

There is another way to fix the BeReal bugs. You just need to update the app and the bugs will be removed. If the trouble is caused by the bugs, you can resolve the issue just by updating the BeReal app. 

Fix 5: Uninstall And Reinstall The App

Let’s try another idea – uninstall and reinstall the app. Reinstalling the BeReal app can help you to resolve the situation. However, if the issue still persists, there could be a chance of a BeReal server issue. 

Fix 6: Contact BeReal Support

If it is all about the BeReal server issue, then you can’t do anything but cry – I can’t see my latest BeReal. Not funny! The matter is out of your hands. Let’s just contact BeReal support and ask them to look into the issue. 

Fix 7: Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

If it is all about the BeReal server issue or other from the developers’ end, then we can’t do anything but wait for the response from the BeReal team. BeReal is going through several updates as they are introducing new features. So, if there are any technical errors in the app, wait for their response or next update. 

Fix 8: Poor Internet Connection

Sometimes, the reason behind any technical issue is so simple that we overlook it. If your internet connection is poor then BeReal won’t be able to show you, rather load any of your posts! So, make sure your internet connection is smooth. 

Fix 9: Turn Your Wi-Fi Off Then On

If you are connected to WiFi, try to restart it once. Maybe your WiFi connection is failing you! It’s better to check the connection than cry – I can’t see my latest BeReal! If your WiFi settings are good and you are still experiencing the problem, try the next fix. 

Fix 10: Switch From Wi-Fi To Mobile Data

So, if you were on WiFi and the connection was good, yet you can’t see your latest BeReal, let’s switch the internet connection. Let’s switch from WiFi to LAN or mobile data to resolve the issue.  

Fix 11: Turn Off the VPN

If you are using a VPN connection, it may interfere with your app’s performance. It is recommended to turn off the VPN and enjoy the trouble-free BeReal app. 

Fix 12: BeReal Is Down

If you have tried almost all of the methods, yet the issue persists, then it means maybe BeReal is down. Check other social media like Twitter, where on BeReal’s Twitter page you can find the update about the issue. 

Fix 13: Wait For BeReal To Fix The Server

As we were discussing, if the issue is from the BeReal server end, we can’t do anything but wait it out. There is no point asking if I can’t see my latest BeReal then! Just wait till BeReal fix their server and the app starts working again. 

Fix 14: Grant Camera Permission

This is rare, but if you fail to give the camera permission, there is a possibility that you can’t see your latest BeReal. So, let’s check the camera settings and make sure everything is okay. 


If you are mad and screaming about why I can’t see my latest BeReal, I understand. It’s not just once, but the story of almost all social media, which are going through random updates, and as a consequence the app is malfunctioning. However, for BeReal we have tried all the fixes that we just discussed here, and it worked! Give it a try and share your thoughts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Do I Refresh My BeReal App?

To refresh your BeReal app, just touch the screen and drag it down. Besides, you can log out from the app and then log in again to refresh the app. 

Q2: What Time Does BeReal Go Off?

BeReal goes off at different times for different time zones. Also, even if you are in the same time zone for quite a long time, then you will find that BeReal does not send notifications at the same time. It changes and helps to capture your different moods at different times. 

Q3: How Do You Fix A BeReal Glitch?

The easiest way to fix a BeReal Glitch is to reinstall the app for updating the app to the latest version. It helps to remove all the glitches and offers a smooth user experience. 

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