How To Fix Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook?

Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook

Got something in mind and you gave it a thought. Sharing the same on Facebook is fun. What if you see “Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook”, while posting? Anger!! Right? We know how it feels and we have come up with some solutions. 

Facebook is really a great platform to reach millions of people in no time, but if it’s not letting you do so and telling you that Your post will be published on null Facebook, then it’s really disappointing. Many updates are coming every minute to avoid such bugs but some bugs are clingy, no worries we got you covered.

Many times this happens with many apps we use and apps like Facebook are not limited to posting pictures of your recent vacation, apps really are an earning platform for many and whenever they are stuck, they give some impact. Let’s take a dig at this with the fixes mentioned below.

Meaning Of Null Post On Facebook

Its self-explanatory, you can put it as having no value, empty, or void, and Facebook recognizes your post as a null post when due to some glitch/error it can’t find anything written in it.

In this article, we have covered many reasons for “Your Post will be published on Null Facebook.”

Why Is It Showing That “Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook”?

  • Facebook Account Permissions
  • Facebook Privacy Settings
  • Facebook Community Guidelines

How To Fix “Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook”?

We are here with some fixes which will help you to get over the error and start using FB as normal again.

Fix 1: Facebook Account Permissions

Make sure that your Facebook privacy settings are correct and that you are permitted to publish a post and if its showing showing “Null Post,”  then follow the below steps:

Log in to your Facebook account

Step 1: Tap on the Account tab  

Step 2: Edit Settings on the right-hand side  

Step 3: Scroll down to Create New Post and select it. It should be Public, under Post Type, for you to share the post.

Fix 2: Logging Out And Logging In

This helps most of the time. Try logging out and logging in again. This will just be a refresh for your FB account.

Fix 3: Restart Your Phone

If the message “your post will be published on null Facebook” doesn’t budge, then we recommend you restart your phone. This fix has shown some results with many users; it only takes a few seconds, so it’s worth trying.

Fix 4: Force-Close Facebook And Reopen It

Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook

Even after restarting your phone, the “Null” issue persists, then try closing your Facebook app and then again open it. This may help, if your app is stuck somewhere.

Fix 5: Clear The Facebook Cache

This fix has a more than 90% success rate, it removes any bugs or errors that are causing trouble, its the most common troubleshoot for Facebook. If we listen to what most of the users say, it can quickly solve the “Null Post” problem.

To clear the Facebook cache, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Tap Settings  

Step 2: Tap Apps  

Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook

Step 3: Tap Manage Apps > Facebook 

Step 4: Tap on clear data and clear cache

Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook

Fix 6: Contact Facebook Customer Support

You may reach out to Facebook customer support, if the “your post will be published on null facebook” issue is being adamant. You surely need them to intervene in this now.

This can be done in the Facebook app. Follow the steps below to report the issue to Facebook:

Step 1:Open your FB app

Step 2: Tap on the Hamburger icon on the right corner 

Step 3:Select Help & Support

Step 4: Report a Problem

Your Post Will Be Published On Null Facebook

You will now be asked to confirm the same and if you don’t see this option, then you probably have turned on the ” Shake phone to report a problem”. Disable this and try repeating the last two steps.


Facebook has been always striving hard to perish such issues and errors but technology does come with some glitches which need to be dealt with on regular intervals and this is what makes technology more interesting and happening, it’s never the same. Millions of developers around the globe are coming up with star count ideas and themes every minute and with this, glitches and errors come uninvited but expected and “your post will be published on null Facebook” is among one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if none of the solutions above work?

Are you still seeing the message “Your post will be published on null Facebook”, really bad if none of the solutions above works for you and even Facebook customer support failed to provide a solution for the issue. You may want to try using an older version of Facebook.

Simply Uninstall the current version and install the older one and disable the auto-update feature in the Play Store and then download Facebook. Using Facebook from a browser instead of your mobile phone app may also help.

Try using Facebook from your computer or any other device. If it works on a different device, then your device is causing the trouble. Trying above solutions should help you to determine the exact reason for the problem and further you can solve the “Null” issue!

How do you know if you’re blocked from a Facebook post?

Block feature is best to get rid of buzzing bees on any social media platform.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Facebook? Sad, but we will help you identify. Try below mentioned some common practices:

1: If You Can’t Find Them on Search

2: If You Can’t Send Them a Message Via Facebook Messenger

3: If you Cannot View Profile of them.

4: If You Can’t Tag Them in Posts

5: If You can’t Find them in Your Friend List

6: If You are no longer able to see any notifications or anything Posted by them

7: If You are Not Able to Invite them to Groups or Events

How do I know if my Facebook post is hidden?

You can view hidden stuff on your profile using activity log.

To view what you’ve hidden on your profile, follow below mentioned steps:

Step 1:Click your profile picture in the top right corner of Facebook > Select Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.

Step 2:Then in the left column, click Logged Actions and Other Activity.

Step 3:Click Hidden from profile. You can also scroll up to Filters and click date to filter your content by year to make a specific search.

Step 4:Click Save Changes.

Be noted, that content hidden on your profile is still visible to the audience it’s shared with other places on Facebook, such as in Feed and Search.

How Do I Delete A Search From Your Facebook Activity Log

Activity log includes a list of the things you search for on Facebook.

Deleting individual search

Step 1:Click your profile picture in the top right corner of Facebook > Settings & Privacy > click Activity Log.

Step 2:Click Logged Actions and Other Activity, below Activity Log > Search history.

Step 3:Click more next to the search you want to delete > Delete.

Deleting all searches

Step 1:Click your profile picture in the top right corner of Facebook >Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.

Step 2:Click Logged Actions and Other Activity, below Activity Log

Step 3:Click Search history.

Step 4:In the top right click Clear Searches.

Applications like Facebook have been revolutionary. They have provoked many thoughts in human kind, which persuaded us to know many more ways to use technology for a better livelihood. We connect with anyone in any corner of the globe in a single tap, a thought made this happen.

Please leave us your valuable words in the comments section below, your words can only make us better.

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