10 Apps to Help You Manage Your Documents

No business in the world can operate without paperwork, that’s a fact. Contracts, delegations, policies, official statements, notices; every document can play a vital role in your business’s life. Even if you pursue green ideas and plan to go completely paperless, you’ll still deal with a bureaucracy, which is totally okay for any company, big or small. Still, as you work in our digitized and rapidly developing world, you must manage your paperwork, especially if the majority of it is not physical. That’s when the management apps and systems come in to help you sort things out.

Little Helpers for Big Matters

Undoubtedly, business paperwork involves a large variety of documents, all of which have legal power of one degree or another. This means that all of these documents must be kept securely and maintained in proper condition. Even when documents are stored digitally or are handled by some of the best legal document translation services, proper management is required. Whether it’s keeping the documents in a form inaccessible for criminals and perpetrators or making the job of your managers easier, management systems are always relevant.

The Best Doc Keepers

Document management software is great not only to keep your digital paperwork tidy and neat. It’s also great for managing numerous files, so, they are good for any company, no matter what kind of business it does. Moreover, most document management systems are developed with businesses in mind, so you and your employees won’t have much trouble figuring out how they work. Finally, most of these systems come either for free or for a relatively low price, so it becomes almost unreasonable not to obtain one. Here is the list of some of the best and most popular helpers for document management.

  1. Google Drive. Essentially, a classic choice. Whether you need to sort your documents by date, type, or name, or just want to place all contracts translated by the document translation services online, Google will have a way to get that organized. On top of that, this tech giant offers perhaps the best security there is on the web.
  2. Dropbox. Another classic file management system. Just like Google, it uses cloud technology but is more focused on teamwork in particular. You can manage your employees’ activities, works on a number of devices, and can be integrated with millions of other apps. Surely, this thing has a lot to offer for your business.
  3. Zoho Docs. This one is more similar to Google Drive than Dropbox and offers similar flexibility. Aside from lots of file management options, Zoho also offers quick access to mail, which is extremely convenient. Designed for business mail specifically, Zoho is more than just a nice choice for a modern business, it’s more of a necessity.
  4. eFileCabinet. A high-end document management solution, eFileCabinet contains everything modern business needs. Aside from finely polished cloud technology, this platform offers some impressive templates for your documents as well as a user-friendly interface for its mobile version.
  5. Digital Drawer. Being what its name suggests, Digital Drawer is a classic-looking solution with modern capabilities designed for smaller businesses. It offers all the same features as Google Drive, yet with a little more customization options.
  6. SharePoint. An extremely convenient solution for businesses of any scale from Microsoft. Designed almost perfectly for office work, SharePoint Online offers the finest cloud technology not only for files but also for human resources and workflow.
  7. Paper Tracer. Another great solution for businesses of all scales, Paper Tracer is particularly great for its security. Using the latest encryption methods, this app will not let you down when it comes to your digital safety.
  8. Evernote. This app has quite a good reputation, and there’s a good reason for it. convenient in almost every possible way, Evernote for business offers more than you might expect. It’s not just a document management software, it’s a whole complex that includes cloud computing, translation, screenshot making, and editing tools, and more.
  9. Document Locator. This one is for somewhat advanced users, offering the capturing of metadata, status review tracking, and flexible delegation options. Another great option that can make it a necessity for offices that want to go paperless is a full scanning of documents and turning them into text files that can be edited and searched for.
  10. Onehub. The top management system regarding security, Onehub is a great solution for companies with lots of employees. If allows easy and convenient team management. Designed for collaborative work, this piece of equipment might work well for companies that deal with documents on a daily basis.

Keeping Your Work in Order

Managing documents and files is one of the most important aspects not only in business but also in everyday life. With the modern world’s rapid pace, it sometimes becomes hard to predict what you might need tomorrow. You might need to revitalize your past activity that didn’t work some time ago yet can become a breakthrough today. Or you might need to deal with some legal matter, so you need to keep the corresponding documents in one secure place. No matter what issue with the virtual catalog you might have, there’s no task document management software cannot handle.


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