10 Must-Have Apps for Your New Apple Watch

10 Must-Have Apps for Your New Apple Watch

AutoSleep Tracker

Apple now avails the feature of auto sleep tracking. Keep a track of your sleep on your apple watches. You don’t even have to press any button. Just activate the app on your smartwatch and your sleep gets tracked automatically. Make sure you charge it properly.


  • Provides heart readings.
  • Updates Automatically
  • Supports the zoom mode
  • Provides sleep graphics
  • User-friendly and fast start.
  • Checks blood and oxygen level.

Carrot Weather

This is probably the best weather app for your Apple smartwatch. This app gives precise and explicit weather readings. This app comes with a self customization option that makes it the best app.

Get details about the weather forecast on an hourly, and daily basis. The best part is you can view the weather details for the past 70 years of any location through this app. Isn’t it great? You need a paid subscription for using this app.

You may have to spend some money for purchasing this app. The cost is totally reasonable as it provides accurate weather prediction along with other minor predictions.


  • This app gives moderate and essential weather readings.
  • Comes with a personal customization option.
  • Acts as a time machine, as it shows the past weather reports too.
  • Funny in-built sounds for communication.
  • It also has 32 secret locations.

The medications will be shown with their taking times. It will notify you when it’s time to take your medications. If you have taken your medicines early, then you simply tap on the medicine name and click taken. It will track the readings instantly.


  • Keeps a record of all your medicines.
  • Notifies you to take medicines on time.
  • Shows the last time you have taken the medications.
  • Can be readjusted.

Speedcheck Apps

This is a very useful app and very simple to use. If you want to check the internet speed of your apple watch then you can use this super easy app. You will see four options after opening this app. The speed check, Ping test, Last result and check IP.

You will get to know your connectivity speed info along with your download and upload speed.


  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with four testing options.

Translate Now.

This app is very useful, especially if you are traveling to some other country. You can translate anything in this app. If can translate different language on the go. Wherever you are, however quickly you need to search a word, it’s easy and possible to use this app.

Simply press tap and speak what you want to find the meaning of. It will provide you with accurate answers. You can switch to different languages by clicking on the glove icon. This is a really amazing feature.


  • Translates many different languages.
  • Effortless usage.
  • You can switch languages while searching.
  • This app can be displayed on the home screen of your smartwatch.



Apple smartwatch is a whole different feel. To have a better experience with your apple watch get your hands on these best must-have apps for your new apple watch and have a good experience using them. You can share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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