16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Learn how to buy Instagram accounts in a safe way.

Having an Instagram account with a huge following is now equal to fame and also money. With a whopping 1 billion highly engaged users worldwide, Instagram is one of the best online places for businesses and individuals who want to increase their income.

There are already thousands of eCommerce accounts on the platform that let their users directly purchase products. This social media platform has become one of the best options for small businesses to earn money and build an online brand identity.

The thing is that starting and gaining lots of followers from scratch is not an easy task at all these days. There are countless accounts in every niche, and as a result, you need to outperform all of them to be recognized.

Of course, this is a difficult task and requires expertise in content generation, scheduling, engagement, graphics, and market research. 

The competition is so fierce that many newcomers try to buy Instagram accounts that already have considerable followers and engagement rates.

Remember that this might be highly risky as there are so many defraud reports. So you have to be careful when buying an account.

In this article, we’re going to discuss different ways of buying Instagram accounts and introduce the best platforms for this purpose.

Different ways to buy Instagram accounts

There are different means of trading Instagram accounts. You can buy/sell Instagram accounts using three main ways of shopping websites like eBay, Online forums, and finally, social media accounts marketplaces.

Here are some details of these ways:

Shopping websites

You might have used online shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay. However, it’s not a recommended way to buy or sell Instagram accounts.

These platforms are suitable for buying products from well-known brands. Regarding social media accounts, you can’t ensure that the other side is trustworthy.


Online forums are also a way to trade accounts. Social media fans are active on these forums, and therefore, they use this opportunity for trading.

This method can also have some risks because anyone can advertise their accounts, and the transferring process is not safe at all.

Social media accounts marketplaces

The last and the best method for buying/selling existing Instagram accounts is by using a middleman platform. 

These platforms are specifically designed to simplify trades of social media accounts on the main networking apps/sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Obviously, the first two ways are not safe and secure as everyone can advertise an account without any insurance of a safe account transfer or money transaction.

The last method is the best one for buying/selling existing Instagram accounts because of a valid middleman platform. 

The advertised accounts on these platforms are usually checked in terms of their followers, and the transferring process is supervised to ensure that everything is safe.

Here are the 16 top marketplaces to buy Instagram accounts in a safe and easy way:

1. Social Tradia

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Social Tradia is a Toronto-based company born in 2016. It’s the ultimate hub for Instagram account transfers, and you can hardly find a more complete and safe place to find an Instagram account for sale.

If you search “buy Instagram accounts” on Google, you’ll definitely find them among the first results as they’ve built trust through the years.

Their blog is also a great source of information about social media, particularly Instagram. You’ll never go for another marketplace for buying IG accounts if you check their different categories. 

Here is a summary of their core values:

Safe transaction procedure

Without a shadow of a doubt, Social Tradia is providing the safest Instagram transaction procedure. So whether you’re the buyer or the seller, you don’t have to worry about anything.

A quick account transfer process

Apart from the safety, they are proud to have a quick and fool-proof escrowing process to make both sides happy.

The authenticity of Instagram accounts

The authenticity of accounts is always one of the most critical issues for buyers. The Social Tradia team will filter all the accounts from different categories to offer you decent and authentic accounts with organic followers. So when you see an Instagram account for sale, you can be sure about everything and focus only on the deal.

Responsive customer service

The responsive customer service offered by Social Tradia signifies their customer-centric business culture. Whether you want to buy an Instagram account or sell yours, you’ll be provided with unparalleled customer service.

Overall, you can consider Social Tradia to be the best platform for trading existing accounts on Instagram accounts.

2. Insta Sale

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Insta Sale is another site you can use to sell or buy Instagram accounts. This independent platform is best for exchanging Instagram accounts without worrying about the transfer process’s safety.

Every user who wants to sell or buy an Instagram account will be satisfied with their services regardless f the niche and the number of followers of the account.

You can be sure about the transaction because it is done in the fastest possible procedure without using third-party services.

They will check the information to ensure your followers’ verification and originality expectations.

You’ll receive your Instagram account in a few days and can use it to develop your business or personal branding.

3. Account Warehouse

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

As it comes from the name, it’s best for those who search for accounts for sale. Using this well-designed site, you can easily find, buy and sell Instagram accounts.

They provide you with many Instagram accounts for sale and many other accounts like Clash of Clans. They’re based in the USA and have a nice, responsive support team.

One great advantage of their services is that if someone buys an account outside of working hours, their order will be considered first on the next working day.

The whole process is safe and easy, from ordering to receiving a complete verified account with all the necessary credentials, including the username, password, and also email address.

4. Playerup

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Playerup is also a safe business platform from which you can buy Instagram accounts. They offer a lot of credentials to use in order to find a perfect account for your business.

You can ask them the exact number of followers you expect from the Instagram account. You won’t worry about the ownership and the legitimacy of accounts when buying from them.

You just need to know your desired industry, the number of followers, and the budget you can afford. Then, it’s like a breeze buying an IG account. Try to take a look at the bottom of their homepage to see a list of IG accounts for sale.

This will help you estimate the market and what you can earn with your budget. For example, a verified IG account with around 10,000 real followers is going to cost you about $75 USD.

5. Scrowise

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Scrowise is also a great place for flipping, buying, and selling social media accounts, especially Instagram.

Scrowise started the business of social media escrow services in 2016. They have been able to establish their platform as one of the leading providers of safe social media transaction transferring in the market.

They’ve served many influencers, individuals, and businesses and guarantee the whole process. They have a very simple and secure process to escrow your accounts. You can be sure about your investment when you’re working with them.

6. Fameswap

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Fameswap is one of the most famous websites for buying an Instagram account. They claim that their platform is the leading marketplace for Instagram profiles, YouTube channels, and TikTok accounts!

They have gained a huge global audience, making their platform a trustworthy place for media companies, large brands, small businesses, influencers, marketing agencies, and individuals who want to acquire an existing social media account.

They offer the greatest listing data verified by their team to ensure that you’ll receive a real account with organic followers.

Fameswap also provides you with a safe messaging platform so that the seller and the buyer can communicate and finalize the deal. The safety of their escrow service and also their post-purchasing services are impressive.

To have a general understanding of their services, you’d better look at their recently sold accounts. This way, you can also be familiar with the most recent prices and become ready when entering a deal.

7. Toofame

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Another famous website to sell and buy Instagram accounts is Toofame. It ensures that you will receive Instagram accounts with organic and authentic followers.

To avoid ghost-followed accounts that have no engagement, you can trust Toofame. They provide you with some quality accounts with active, targeted, and real followers.

Buyers and sellers can ensure the procedure as they understand that their time is valuable. That’s why they’re providing an Instagram account delivery period of 24 hours from the payment time.

They have 5 years of experience in this market, so if you’re interested in buying Instagram accounts or you want to sell your existing account, they can be a great option.

8. SidesMedia

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Age is one of the most important parameters regarding the price of Instagram accounts. The older, the better, and of course, the more expensive. This is what SidesMedia can help you with.

If you want to buy an aged account on Instagram, you’d better take a look at what they’re offering on their platform. They have almost everything from every niche, so you have to consider their offers regardless of what you want. As their accounts are checked, you can be sure about any risks, including block filters.

9. ACC Farm

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

ACC Farm is great for finding and buying cheap and worthwhile Instagram accounts. They claim that they’re offering accounts at extremely reasonable prices. For example, you can buy IG accounts starting at $0.9 USD per account.

They have a responsive 24/7 client service that supports their instant and secure delivery process.

You can see a long list of Instagram accounts on their sites, apart from thousands of other accounts from other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

If you know what you want regarding followers and budget, you won’t have trouble buying accounts from them.

10. Surgegram

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

This is another great marketplace of IG accounts that commits to its clients to provide them with that purchasing verified Instagram profiles and services.

They’re also providing great sources about how clients can expand their Instagram marketing networks and boost their sales using an engaging content strategy with real users.

Their advice can greatly help you improve your social presence using Instagram engagement and content generation. That’s why they’ve been able to sell Instagram accounts for a whopping $1,000,000 USD through the years.

They have a fast and secure delivery process, which is great for both the sellers and the buyers. You can make sure of it by going to their Trustpilot reviews.

You can hardly find a negative review about their site, services, or the accounts they’ve sold. So overall, Surgegram is a great place to find, buy, or even sell Instagram accounts.

11. Freeway Social

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Freeway Social is our gift to those who want an Instagram account, and this is urgent for them to acquire one at short notice.

They can greatly help you find and purchase Instagram accounts in different categories and industries. They have numerous accounts in different niches and with different numbers of followers.

With their reputation and the trust their customers have in their job, you can start working with them without any trouble.

An important service they provide is that you can ask to change the username, password, and email address to make sure the account is for you.

12. Insta Tradia 

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Instatradia is another great platform where you can sell your IG account or buy one. Their shop offers countless organic Instagram accounts for sale, most of which are verified IG accounts.

Their team is committed to finding the best Instagram accounts with real followers, ensuring safe trade. The good point is that you can easily sell your IG account for free. In fact, they don’t charge you for the verification and review process.

They offer numerous accounts with 100K followers, which is rare among other social media account marketplaces. 

Their website might be new, but it has already gained good traffic, appearing on the first page of Google for the inquiry of “buy Instagram accounts.”

This shows that a great team is behind the scene, and you can be sure about the safety of the transaction.

13. Mid-Man

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Mid-Man is a perfect social media marketplace for both individuals and businesses. Apart from buying Instagram accounts, you can search for accounts from other main platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and particularly Twitter.

When you go to their “buy Instagram accounts” page, you can see a great filter feature on the left side of the page. This is a great option to choose your desired account among numerous accounts for sale. You can filter the results according to niche, type (monetized, registered, aged, etc.), the number of followers, and some other great factors.

When you select your IG account among 5 various categories, you can make the purchasing decision or even negotiate the price. This is a great option their platform provides you with because you can chat with the seller, making sure that you’re paying the best price.

Their escrow service is also great, and you can do the transfer without any worries.

14. Accs Market

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Accs Market is a legit source for information about selling or buying Instagram accounts. Their guideline page is great for beginners as they provide you with useful tips that help you get rid of any doubts and worries in the process of trading the accounts.

You can be sure about the security of accounts, their originality of them, their age, and their followers. 

Apart from the IG accounts, they also offer Facebook and Gmail accounts for sales. The important point is that accsmarket.com and its employees will not store the history of sold accounts. Therefore, as the customer, you should take care of the account and the transferring process information yourself.

15. OGU

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

OGU is one of the largest and fastest-growing marketplaces available, and you can find and buy Instagram accounts by browsing among their offers.

With a simple design, their website is a great source to find numerous IG accounts for sale. They provide you with some unique tips on their website to help beginners avoid risky actions during and after the purchasing decision.

With more than 40K visitors, their website is growing fast and finding its place among numerous marketplaces for buying and selling IG accounts.

16. Get-Accs

16 Top Marketplaces To Buy Instagram Accounts

Get-Accs is the last option on our list of best marketplaces to buy Instagram accounts. It makes it really easy for you to find and buy trusted IG accounts with real followers.

They assure that their accounts are all 100% tested and verified and guarantee the result.

You’ll find it hard to find affordable prices in any other marketplaces of IG accounts. Apart from Ig accounts, they’ll offer other accounts from main social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

They have a great customer support service, and this will make you comfortable with the security and simplicity of the transferring process.

Tips for Instagram account buyers and sellers

Although buying an Instagram account from reputable platforms is really safe, you have to consider several tips in this regard.

Take care of a background check

As mentioned before, one of the risks of buying an Instagram account is that the account might not be valid.

A background check is necessary before investing in anything, and buying accounts is no exception.

Just consider if you buy an account that all its followers are fake. This will be catastrophic for your business if you build your eCommerce on that account.

Therefore, running a background check is the first and the most important part of trading a social media account. Fortunately, this part will be done by account marketplaces such as Social Tradia. So a significant step of buying will become really straightforward.

Avoid abrupt changes

You’re probably buying an IG account that already has a huge following in your niche. So you will have the easy task of customizing the style and the theme of the account.

Remember that any abrupt changes can cause irreversible consequences, such as unfollowing your account by users.

Please put your feet in their shoes and imagine if you face a big change in an account that you already followed for a specific reason. If that reason changes instantly, you will highly like unfollow that account immediately.

So when you buy an account, you can’t change everything in a day or two. You have to respect the choice of the previous followers and make changes as per their desires. You can ask for their feedback or even run A/B testing if you want.

Pay attention to the transfer contract

You have to read every sale contract well. One of the most important parts of every business is the contract and its items.

When it comes to buying an IG account, you have to pay special attention to some details such as the price, username, password, email, dates, and deadline.

That’s why it’s necessary to see and read the sale contract before making the purchasing decision.

This way, you will not get stressed out in the process of buying and after that because you’ve determined every detail as per your desire.

Always change the password and the email address

Remember that even if you do business through a valid middleman, cyber threats still exist.

For example, if you don’t change the original email address and also password, the previous owner still has the ability to gain control of the account.

Be careful; an owner of an account on every platform can claim a hack and ask the platform to block the activity. So you’ve to make sure that you’re in charge of the account and that you’ve blocked all the access of the previous owner.

To do that, you have to quickly change the account’s password and email address that is linked to the IG account.

Also, you have to know that if the email and the password of the account are compromised, you have to change them immediately. Otherwise, there’s the chance that another person will take control of the account.

Use PayPal for transactions

Payment platforms are also important. There are countless international payment platforms, but none of them are as valid as PayPal.

Remember that you have to use the option “Goods and Services” on PayPal for transactions.

This option is the safest means of payment for your products because you have the opportunity to dispute the payment if anything goes wrong.

Be careful of ban regulations

You need to consider some security matters. Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have strict account ownership regulations. You must be careful after acquiring an account and avoid radical changes.

This will arouse suspicion of the platform and may ban your account. Moreover, your followers might also be bothered by the changes and stop following your posts. So try to change the content and other features of the bought account smoothly.

Final thoughts

Instagram is a perfect social media platform that can be used for socialization, entertainment, and making money. With unparalleled marketing features such as Reels, IGTV, Live, and Stories, Instagram is the first priority of many businesses and influencers. Therefore, many of them try to buy an existing IG account that has numerous followers because this way, they can save their time and energy. Of course, if you want to do so, you must pay careful attention to the account’s safety and originality and the transferring process. It’s highly recommended to use trusted marketplaces to make sure everything is checked and guaranteed. It’s good to look at the marketplaces above because they’re trusted by millions of users around the world.

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