7 Most Anticipated Games -You Can’t Miss in 2021

7 Most Anticipated Games -You Can’t Miss in 2021

eSports is emerging fast with emerging technology. Its popularity is worldwide, after all, it gives the best environment for the gamers making them earn a good amount. If you too are crazy about eSports and are waiting for the most anticipated esports events in 2021, then you are at the exact place.

For all the crazy eSport fans, here is good news for you. Dates for February events are announced and soon you can watch your favorite players rock the game. 

First-person Shooter, Battle Royale, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena are some popular genres in online video gaming. The most popular e-sport events are League of Legends, StarCraft, Overwatch, Dota, and many others. There are endless eSports events happening across the globe. Catch your favorites in the article below.

Here you will get a summary of the most anticipated eSports events in 2021. The starting date along with countries in which they will be played are all listed below.

7 Most Anticipated Games in February 2021

Get the basic details about these games, the starting dates, the prizes, and more in the article below.

1. 2021 FIFA e- Club World Cup

Europe: 24-28 Feb ($75,000 prizes)

South America: 24-27 Feb ($61,500 prizes)

Asia: 25-28 Feb ($25,500 prizes)

North America: 25-28 Feb ($32,000 prizes)

Oceania: 25-27 Feb ($19,000 prizes)

Africa & Middle East: 26-27 Feb ($32,000 prizes)

This global level online tournament is organized by EA and FIFA in various parts of the world. Featuring club representatives. FIFA e world club is the most famous meeting destination for the world’s leading organizations and clubs.

2. 2021 VCT Challengers 2 Stage 1

26-28 Feb

This e gaming event too will take part in different countries at three levels. These three-level of competition are Challengers, masters, and Champions. Where the challengers have to focus on regionals, the winners from that level reach one step further for masters and after that, there is only one champion.

3. RLCS Season X – Winter: North American Major

27-28 Feb ($100,000 prizes)

This game season is developed by Rocket League Esports. The competitions of this game are organized in three different seasons for the year. The first one starts in fall, the second one in winter, and the third one in summer. After all three tournaments, finals will be held at the international level. This is a team game.

4. 2021 VCT Masters 1 Stage 1

28 Feb / 1 Mar

This game will be played in Feb ending till 1st march. Like VCT challengers 2 stages, this game is also played in three levels, the masters, challengers, and champions. The challengers compete at regional levels after which the winners go for masters and finally the champion is chosen.

5. 2021 Liga Pro E football

1-31 March

A daily series in the FIFA tournament that you just can’t miss. The game starts with each team playing against the opponent making it a round-robin group stage. After that comes the single-elimination bracket. This championship is arranged by Electronic Leagues.

6. 2021 King Pro League Spring

1 Mar ($2,900,391 prizes)

If you saw the last season of King Pro league then you must know that most of the teams preferred playing round-robin, one-on-one. Teams are placed in groups on the basis of the best of six, three, and the final team. Group S, Group A, and Group B are tagged according to these rankings.

7. 2021 LPL Pro League Season 1

2 Mar-2 Apr ($10,000 prizes)

This Pro league organizes three major seasons every year in professional Australia, Oceania Counter-Strike, New Zealand. This tournament is played in the playoffs of best of three, and best of five.


So gear up and get ready for a blast, as these games will leave you thrilled. These games are the best most anticipated games that you can’t miss. Whether you are a player yourself or are supporting any particular team, these seven games are definitely the best.


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