About Shubham Attri

(AI Expert on Deasilex)

Some Facts About Shubham

Completed His Bachelors Of Computer Applications

Joined DeasileX in 2021 As Content Creator

Started Reading About Tech Advancements

Became Expert in AI And ML

Loves To learn New Things

Who Am I?

Shubham Attri is a Landing page specialist and Digital Intelligence expert at Deasilex. His versatile set of knowledge and diverse functionality has enabled him to lead Deasilex in the very early years of his career. With over 5 year’s experience working in design development in user experience, user interface, and usability standpoint creating and updating all of the website’s landing pages and analytics, he is always passionate about transforming complex topics about AI and IOT into meaningful content that inspires, educates, and delivers value.

What Expertise Do I Bring At Deasilex

My job role at DeasileX is to look after the content being published on the website. I’ve always made sure that the content we are putting in is the best content

Making use of all my technical skills has enabled me to keep up with the ever changing tech industry. After knowing how big of a industry technology is, I’ve always loved-

  • To explore new AI tools in the market.
  • Watching and reading reviews of SAAS applications on the web.
  • Reading industry reports and publications for insights.
  • Analyzing consumer trends.

All of the things mentioned above help me in understanding the Tech industry better.

How Do I Help DeasileX As An Expert?

By using all this knowledge, I make sure that-

  • I provide the team with all the necessary information required to them from my experience.
  • I am building new connections within the tech industry with other bloggers and experts.
  • We can create better content for our audience.
  • All the important data on the website should be updated every month.
  • All the data we are stating on the website should be 100% correct.
  • We are using reputable and authority sources for the research of our content.
  • We are constantly exploring new trends in the tech industry
  •  We go through various case studies to make our content accurate and helpful for readers.


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