Apple All Set To Release An Entry-Level MacBook Pro With M2 Chip

M2 Chip Apple MacBook Pro

Apple is the name that every person trusts when it comes to computing devices and why not the company has established its name in the field. Apple never misses to amaze us from the Apple 1, the first Apple product to the latest M2 Chip devices. Yes, you heard that right Apple is all set to release an M2 Chip MacBook pro without ProMotion.

The previous year, it was in the news that Apple is going to launch an Entry-Level MacBook Pro along with the other products in the year 2022. Recently, the famous journalist, Mark Gurman stated that the Entry-Level MacBook Pro will be released with the M2 Chip. Although this is an Entry-Level MacBook will have a few limitations.

What are these limitations and what all new features will it carry? We know there are several doubts and queries running around in your head. So, here is a detailed post that will clear all your doubts.

Apple Entry-Level MacBook Pro With M2 Chip 

According to reports, Apple is all set to replace its 2020 MacBook Model with the Entry-Level MacBook Pro with M2 Chip. It is said that the company is planning to offer its users the MacBook Pro with high-end features but at lower prices.

As we know, if the prices are dropped, there might be something that must be compromised. According to the sources, it will be the display of the MacBook Pro that will be compromised. It is said that the New M2 Chip MacBook Pro will be available without the ProMotion Display.

Hence, there will be no miniLED or 120Hz ProMotion Display. Well, there are many other compromises as well. We have also heard that the M2 chip in the new MacBook Pro to be released in 2022 will not be as powerful as the M1 Pro or M1 Max. Also, the users will not be offered as many storage options.

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However, nothing can be said with conviction as the company has not given any official statement of the same. All this started with Gurman’s report that said.

“I’d expect the new entry-level MacBook Pro to match the high-end MacBook Pros by losing the Touch Bar, but key differentiators will be lesser displays, processors, and storage, and no ProMotion nor miniLED” 

Other than the M2 Chip MacBook Pro Apple will also launch a 24 inch iMac, Entry-Level Mac Mini, and a revamped MacBook Air. 

If we sum up the news in the pointers then, the major points to remember are,

  • Apple is going to launch an Entry-Level MacBook Pro in the second half of 2022.
  • The MacBook Pro will have the M2 Chip.
  • The Apple M2 MacBook Pro will not have the ProMotion display.
  • The M2 Chip is not as powerful as M1 Pro or M1 Max. 

Apple M2 Chip MacBook Pro Release Date

Well, nothing can be said with conviction. However, if apple has planned to launch the M2 Chip MacBook Pro then you can expect it to release in the second half of 2022. The Apple Event is expected in the spring and you can expect the company to announce the product at the event.

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Apple M2 Chip MacBook Pro Specifications

The M1 Chip released by Apple impressed the computing industry. The performance offered by the chip could easily beat the 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake processor. 

When Apple apple released the M1 Pro and M1 Max, it was again an achievement. The M1 Pro has a total of 8 CPU cores and the M1 Max consists of 10 CPU cores. Well, it was expected that the M2 Chip will be having 12 CPU cores. But, now it is news that it will be less performant than the M1 Chips. So, the maximum number of cores an M2  Chip can have is 8.

Coming to the size of the M2 MacBook Pro than it is expected that it will be 13 inches.

Apple M2 Chip MacBook Pro Price

Although nothing can be said with conviction, there is also news in the market that the M2 Chip MacBook Pro will be cheaper than the already existing M1 MacBook Pro.

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Wrapping Up

Well, this was all the news about the Apple M2 Chip MacBook Pro. you should keep in mind that the information provided above is just the speculations and no official statement has been given by Apple. 

You must have come across a few terms like ProMotion and Entry-Level. If you are new to the concept then you might feel difficulty in understanding these. So, here are the definition of these terms.

ProMotion:  the standard refresh rate of the Laptop screens are 60 Hz which means the screen is refreshed 60 times per second. However, the ProMotion refresh rate of 120 Hz can be achieved. Hence, it provides smoother scrolling, better responsiveness, and good gaming performance.

Entry-Level Laptop: Entry Level Laptops are the starting laptops of the generation. These are usually laptops with a slower CPU and minimum amount of RAM.

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