Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring | Which One Is Better In 2023?

Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring

Tracking your every day health and fitness along with keeping a record of every day progress has now become easier than before. Thanks to great gadgets like the Apple Watch and Oura Ring! Both devices have their own advantages, so if you want to know which ones the best for you, learn Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring to learn the differences!

The wearable health technology has been taking the world by storm for the last few years. As the Apple Watch has grasped most of the market in a couple of years, the Oura Ring blends perfectly as a piece of normal jewelry! If you are thinking of buying a fitness tracker, but living in dilemma about the Apple Watch vs. Oura, here’s the difference!

Among Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring, Oura is pretty lightweight and small compared to Apple Watch. If we take the battery life into consideration, then the battery life of Oura Ring is better. However, if comfort is considered, then both devices are highly comfortable for users.

We will try exploring many features, specifications and details and try solving your confusion about Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring, hope this post will bring you clarity for your new buy.

Apple Watch Vs. Oura Ring: Difference

The Apple Watch and Oura Ring have a number of capabilities that attract many users towards them. Though there are several similarities between the two such as both are capable of measuring how long you have slept, heart rate, and much more, there are a lot of differences among the two that can help you to choose the best one for you as per your requirements. Let us help you find what’s better among the Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring in detail based on different factors.

1. Apple Watch vs Oura Ring Design

The designs of both the Apple Watch and the Oura Ring are quite different. The difference between the two lies in where you wear these fitness devices. The Oura Ring is meant to slip on users’ index fingers while the Apple Watch has been designed to be worn on the user’s wrist. Along with different designs, both have a different types and styles of display. While the Apple Watch has a colored AMOLED display, the Oura Ring has a monochromatic look without any display.  

2. Apple Watch vs Oura Ring Sleep

Since 2020, Apple added the sleep tracking feature to its Apple Watch Series through the watchOS 7 update. If you own Apple Watch 3 or later, you will be able to enjoy the sleep-tracking capabilities. For Oura Ring, sleep tracking is one of its prominent features that serves as its main selling point. 

Though both Apple Watch and Oura Ring have sleep-tracking features, Oura wins the battle in Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring because the sleep-tracking capabilities in Apple Watches are only limited to your sleep duration and the time you sleep and wake up. On the other hand, the Oura Ring provides users with detailed data on their total sleep, resting heart rate, time in bed, sleep stages, latency, and a lot more.

3. Apple Watch vs Oura Ring Battery Life And Charging

Taking the battery life into consideration, you might think that the Apple Watch is better than Oura because of its small size. However, that is absolutely wrong! The Oura Ring wins the battle in the Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring when taking battery life as a factor of differentiation. 

The battery of the Apple Watch can last up to 18 hours of use while the Oura Ring’s battery can last for around 4-7 days. Moreover, it only takes around 20 to 80 minutes to charge the Oura Ring to its full capacity. However, you need to charge the Apple Watch overnight to its full capacity. Whether it is the battery life or charging, in both cases, the Oura Ring beats the Apple Watch to win Apple Watch vs. Oura.  

4. Apple Watch vs Oura Ring Price And Availability 

If you have a tight budget, then you can go for the Oura Ring because it is comparatively cheaper. The Apple Watch models range from around $399 to $449 and you can purchase them easily from the official website of Apple, Apple Stores, or various online stores. 

On the other hand, the Oura Ring ranges from around $299 for the 3-generation ring. Users can easily purchase the Oura Ring from the official website of Oura. Moreover, the Oura Ring comes with a free six-month membership that costs around $6 per month. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective health gadget, then Oura Ring wins the battle in the Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring. 

5. Apple Watch vs Oura Ring Protection

The Apple Watch Series 1 and the original Apple Watch are not waterproof. However, they are splash-resistant which makes them perfectly suitable for exercising, whilst you sweat heavily. The new models of Apple Watch can even be used while showering, or swimming in the pool or ocean. However, they are not meant to be used while water skiing, scuba diving, or other things that involve high-velocity water or submersion in depth. Also, you must not expose your Apple Watch to shampoos, soaps, perfumes, lotions, or conditioners.

The Oura Ring on the other hand is on another level when taking the protection factor into consideration. The body of the Oura Ring is completely sealed and hence, they are completely protected against water, dust, moisture, or any other fluids. It is absolutely waterproof up to 100 meters, so you can freely take your Oura Ring for a dive. Nevertheless, the Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring battle is won by Oura Ring in this factor.

6. Apple Watch vs Oura Ring Activity Tracking

With a robust suite of accelerometers to track movements in any direction along with a gyroscope for detecting rotation across the three axes, both are quite helpful in detecting any sort of activity including walking, cycling, or running. 

On the other hand, the Oura Ring is not so good when considering activity tracking as a factor of comparison because it does not clearly recognize a number of general activities. Whether you are lifting weights or doing any elevation activity, don’t expect the Oura Ring to give you the perfect results. Though the activity tracking for normal activities is okay, but it is not great when considering the complex activities.

7. Oura Ring vs Apple Watch Heart Rate Accuracy

When considering the accuracy, the Apple Watch includes an optical photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor to track heart rate. They keep checking your heart rate constantly and even send alerts if there are any unusually high or low through the native health application powered by Apple as warning signs for any serious health condition.

On the other hand, when considering the heart rate accuracy, the Oura Ring also has PPG sensors to track your heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, and resting heart rate. Moreover, they claim that their PPG sensors provide 99.99% reliable data. Unlike the Apple Watch Series 4 and later, the Oura Ring does not have the ECG feature, but its reliable data provides users with different metrics such as heart rate variability and resting heart rate. 

8. Apple Watch vs Oura Ring Comfort

One thing that makes both the gadgets equal in the battle for Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring is comfort. Both the Apple Watch and the Oura Ring are comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Once you get used to these devices, you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them because the sleek design and lightweight of the gadgets make them a perfect fit for occasional or daily use.

Apple Watch vs Oura Ring Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table that can help you to better understand what is the best choice for you in Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring.

FactorsApple WatchOura Ring
DesignDesigned to wear on your wristDesigned to wear on your finger
Sizes45mm, 41mm (Series 7)6-13mm
ColorsRed, Green, Blue, Starlight, MidnightGold, Silver, Stealth, Black
Battery LifeUp to 7 days18 hours
PricingStarts at $399Starts at $299
SensorsElectric heart rate, accelerometers, altimeter, Optical heart rate, ambient light sensor, blood oxygen sensor, and gyroscopeBody temperature, green LED lights, blood oxygen sensor, Optical heart rate, and accelerometers
CompatibilityiOS 15 or lateriOS 14 or later, Android 8.0 or later
DurabilityWR50, IP6X-certified (Apple Watch Series 8)WR100 (Oura Ring 3)
Storage32 GB16 GB

Comparison Table for Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring

Apple Watch vs Oura Which Is Better?

In Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring, when considering the battery life, price, protection, availability, charging, or sleep tracking factors, the Oura Ring seems to be better. However, if factors such as Heart Rate accuracy and activity tracking are considered, then the Apple Watch earns more points. Overall it seems that the Oura has an advantage over the Apple Watch because of its comfort, price, availability, longer battery life, less time in charging, lightweight, and of course, its sleek design.

If you are someone who is looking for a precise exercise tracking device, then the Apple Watch can be the right choice for you. However, if you wish to choose a tracker that can easily blend into your daily life, then the Oura Ring can be the perfect fit. Moreover, the Oura Ring can be the right choice if you wish to wear the gadget throughout the night as it is comparatively comfortable and you won’t feel like you are wearing any fitness tracking device or not!

Wrapping Up

With the fast-evolving world, people are becoming more concerned about their fitness and health. Hence, you will find a number of different fitness gadgets available in the market. Whether you are exercising or sleeping, these amazing gadgets can easily track it all. Among the trendiest and most stylish gadgets, the Apple Watch, and Oura Ring have been heavily in demand for quite some time.

Because of their attractive features, people find both fitness gadgets quite useful in their daily lives. However, choosing one out of the Apple Watch and Oura Ring totally depends on your needs and budget. So, you can also consider the factors that have been disclosed above and choose the right product for yourself right now and make full use of them to maintain your fitness and of course, flex it in front of your pals! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is Oura More Accurate Than Apple Watch?

A. Yes, the Oura Ring is considered more accurate than the Apple Watch as it provides detailed insights while perfectly tracking your sleep.

Q2. Is An Oura Ring Worth It If I Have An Apple Watch?

A. Yes, the Oura Ring is worth it even if you have an Apple Watch because the assessment by the Oura Ring is better than the Apple Watch and it provides more detailed information than the Apple Watch.

Q3. Which Is Better In Fitbit Vs Apple Watch Vs Oura?

A. The Oura Ring is considered better when compared to the Apple Watch or Fitbit because of its better and detailed sleep tracking insights.

Q4. Which Is Better Among Oura Ring vs Apple Watch 8?

A. Both Oura Ring and Apple Watch 8 are great with their own features as the Oura Ring can be more compatible and durable, however, it can easily be exposed to scratch. On the other hand, the Apple Watch 8 can be better but has lesser battery life.

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