14 Apps To Improve Your Quality Of Life 

Apps To Improve Your Quality Of Life 

Technology dictates the way we do things as it has made life a lot easier for us, at least in theory. If you need anything today, in all probability there will be an app or two for that to make your task easier.

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives in this era because of the endless options and opportunities they provide through these apps.

Here are fourteen selected apps that can improve quality of life by simplifying it in terms of relaxation, stress, productivity, entertainment and much more.

1) Fabulous

This versatile app helps improve personal growth by building positive habits that help improve lifestyle. The app advises on drinking water, eating a substantial breakfast until you have established a fully functional morning routine.

Fabulous also has programs for yoga, meditation and stretching exercises followed by a high-intensity workout. A voice tells you what to do and what your stretch positions will look like through an on-screen image, which makes it perfect for different fitness levels.

2) Primus Health

The relevance of healthcare apps in improving the quality of life in patients with a certain disease has been found to be quite noteworthy. Additionally, they provide a quick and effective way to reach their target population. One of the applications that is likely to benefit patients most is Primus Health.

This app permits data collection and monitoring of a patient’s health by means of devices like tensiometers and scales. The data collected, in turn, is then forwarded to the concerned physician for analysis, and if necessary suggest a change in the treatment routine. While this app can be applied to a vast variety of cases, it is best suited for cardiovascular ailments.

3) I Am Sober

A great app to download for anyone struggling with any kind of addiction, not just drugs and alcohol. You can use this app to set recovery goals, quit excessive screen time, caffeine and more. With I Am Sober you can even build better habits and set recovery goals. 

An inbuilt savings tracker also allows you to see how much you save on quitting a certain addiction like, for example, cigarettes or alcohol. Another big plus is that I Am Sober helps you quit all things simultaneously, unlike other apps which are geared to one particular addiction. It is widely viewed as one the best mental health apps around.

4) Gratitude

This is one of the best journaling apps that helps you to live a happier life, especially when times are tough. Gratitude is created on the concept of being grateful with what you have and a daily prompt to write about what you are grateful for. You can use a journal also to include other things too for which you are grateful at the moment.

The app comes with a widget feature which works perfectly for gratitude reminders and also to complete the journal whenever you have the time. Sending motivation reminders is another component of this app.

5) Picture This

Bringing greenery into your home is a sure shot way to boost health and improve the quality of life, but for that you first need to know which plants will be a good fit. Picture This works by identifying the plants through a picture from your camera phone.

Beyond identifying over 10,000 plants with 98% accuracy it creates a basic profile of each plant in your collection and provides handy information and tips from garden experts for the plant to thrive like watering schedules and plant care information.

6) National Park Service 

This is the only official app for all the 420+ national parks in the United States. Created by the National Park service staff, the app is designed by those who know the parks best. The main feature of the app is the Park Tours function that allows you to see all the information on the parks and explore places off the beaten path.

The app is a wonderful addition when traveling and comes in handy when on a trip where there is little or no internet access, since you can download beforehand the content you want for offline use.

7) Clue

Once a small German start-up, Clue has grown to become one of the most powerful and important apps to have for every woman. The app works by gathering information on symptoms like headaches, cramps etc and track the period and ovulation of the menstrual cycle.

Their data base on the overall health and body of women continues to grow. From birth control, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and cultural issues they have created a strong encyclopaedia written by scientists and specialists.

8) Be My Eyes

This iOS suitable app, allows you to “be the eye” for a blind person in a remote location through a live video connection. This is a great act of kindness, and appreciated especially by the visually impaired users, when they are in need of any help.

For those interested in doing something meaningful, Be My Eyes creates a larger community network. Overall, this is a great example of how technology can work wonders to improve the lives of both the users.

9) TangoTab

If you want to use technology to build community spirit, then TangoTab has you fully covered. Whenever you use this unique app it ensures that someone in the country gets a square meal, every time you choose to dine in a restaurant that is a part of the program. Your friends and family should also be encouraged to use this when they are eating out.

The app can also be integrated with the city you live in, so you will come to know that for whom you are doing good for someone in dire need of assistance in the neighbourhood.

10) Streaks Workout

Exercise has often been seen as an excellent way of improving the quality of life and overall health of the body. While some apps go about making assumptions about equipment and ability, Streaks Workout comes straight to the point.

The app shows the user about performing exercises that can be pretty much everywhere and those who can’t do some for personal reasons. After that, it’s just about getting into a routine of a six-minute daily workout, which incidentally the app will remind you of every day.

11) Moodflow

Figuring out how things are affecting your mind can determine how you want to shape your life. Moodflow is designed to track these patterns and identify what gives you a lift, in an extremely simple manner. All you need to do is to open the app daily and tap on the mood and happiness ratings to find out how you felt during the course of the day.

The app takes just seconds, and should you have more time Moodflow advocates basic journaling as well. It incorporates a dashboard of good habits and even lets you customize the text and colours within its interface.


Conde Nast gave it the best rating for travel, but actually it acts as a perfect personal assistant sitting in your pocket. Not only it keeps track of the trip planning process, but goes further and creates check-lists, shopping lists and to-do lists so as to move around and sift through things as life does.

THINGS sends you reminders to complete any incomplete tasks and offers ways to create new lists to accomplish your cherished goals. The app is sure to become one of your favorite personal assistants, and it never ever takes a day off (providing your phone is charged).

13) Astro File Manager

Enhancing productivity is another way of enhancing quality of life. Irrespective of whether you are a big businessman or a small shop owner, proper management of tasks is very important. With the help of productivity apps like the amazing Astro File Manager, you can be sure you will never miss an appointment.

Further, you can send and receive files instantly and stay organized, thereby increasing the efficiency of even those working around you.

14) Diet Camera

Diet Camera takes care of the tedious work of keeping record of everything you put in your mouth and calculating the calories you are consuming with one single photo. The app works by using a food recognition camera to capture the food on your plate and count the number of calories. If any item is not recognizable, there is a manual search feature.


At the end of the day, you will come to know your entire calorie intake, including the amount of fats, carbs and proteins consumed. If weight control is on your mind, Diet Camera will make a daily progress chart and a nutrition report, keeping your weight in mind.

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