BeReal Security: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

BeReal Security

BeReal is a social media app that claims to be the antidote to social media. If that sounds paradoxical, it’s because it is. 

The whole point of BeReal is to eliminate photo filters, posting times, and influencers and show your real self. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, where you can edit posts, use Photoshop, and make yourself look better, BeReal is about being authentic. 

BeReal Facts 

BeReal has been around for three years but gained momentum recently. 

● The point is to share authentic, random, and unfiltered pics. 

● You take photos with your front and back camera, where you are, what you are doing, and your reaction. 

● You have two minutes to post a picture when you get the notification. 

● If you don’t post a photo during those two minutes, you can’t see other people’s photos.

● If you post a photo after the two-minute window, everyone will get alerted that you were late.

● If you take a screenshot of a picture, it will notify the other person. 

While this makes BeReal unique, it’s still a social media app. That means it gathers information about its users. And it’s hungry for data. It collects everything from your IP address, name, email, location, and device data. 

Is BeReal Safe? 

Most online services collect some user data, so BeReal is not alone. It’s a relatively safe app. The problems can usually arise from how you use it. 

Accidental Oversharing 

Edited photos create fake personas. That’s a massive problem for today’s society. It sets unrealistic standards, and people equate their lives with what they see online. Not to mention, the algorithm lures you to keep scrolling. 

But there’s one benefit. When you edit a photo, you have time to see what’s in the background and then blur or remove it. 

BeReal doesn’t have that option. You either post in those two minutes or lose your chance for the day. That creates haste. You can post something with a compromising background or reveal personal information. Maybe you’re going to the airport, and you take a pic with your passport open.

Someone can use that information to your disadvantage. 

The same thing happens if a breach occurs and a hacker gets access to your geolocation based on your photos. 

Remember that geolocation is turned on by default. Turn it off if you don’t want anyone to track your location. 

As an added means of protection, you can use an online VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt your data. A VPN service will ensure that the location of your IP is under lock and key. 

Third-Party Cookies 

Third parties have access to the data BeReal has from you. Like any other app, they make money from advertising companies. They can sell data and make you eligible for tracking and retargeting strategies. Plus, they could be sharing all your posts with third parties. Bear that in mind before you capture the moment. 

Offensive and Unmoderated Content 

BeReal doesn’t monitor the posts you publish. That means you can view offensive pictures, nudity, or profanities. 

When there’s no moderation, all hail can break loose. But the positive side is that there’s a report function that you can use to mark inappropriate content. 

BeReal Owns Your Photos for 30 Years 

If you go through the Terms of Service, you’ll notice that BeReal owns your photos and content for 30 years. That’s a massive statement. 

Others can share your content on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. They can also sublicense, distribute, edit, publish, modify, adapt, reproduce, and store your content. 

So, imagine you’re doing something embarrassing in the two-minute window where you need to take a photo. You send it to your friends, hoping no one else will see it. 

But BeReal has the right to use it for marketing. Imagine seeing your “funny” bathroom selfie as an ad. It wouldn’t be funny then, right? 

Should You Use BeReal? 

New social media apps are always trying to reinvent the wheel in an oversaturated market. Many try, and few succeed. 

BeReal claims it’s the revolution that will show realness, but only time will tell. It could be a passing fad that will last for a few years. 

Current giants like Instagram can also add a similar feature as they did with Stories, Reels, and IGTV.

Similarly, you won’t escape the regular dose of social media tracking. The 30-year deal for using your content is a dealbreaker for some people. 

Still, it’s a good option if it helps you reduce screen time and avoid the toxic fake showcases on Instagram. Just be aware of the potential privacy concerns.

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