The 10 Best Alternatives to BrowserStack

Best Alternatives to BrowserStack

Choosing the right platform for testing is essential because testing is a crucial component of designing an app. One of the most outstanding cross-platform testing solutions for browsers and apps on the market is BrowserStack. Its pivotal USP is that it doesn’t require emulators and simulators. Instead, it tests with real devices. 

BrowserStack, which developers created for developers, enables users to rapidly test their mobile and online applications across tens of thousands of devices and desktop browsers to ensure their software meets and exceeds organizational and client standards.

Because BrowserStack operates slowly and has paid plans, many users despise it. Therefore, being aware of a few Alternative tools for BrowserStack is a good idea. You may utilize the top BrowserStack alternative listed in this guide right now.


HeadSpin is a digital experience platform that aids organizations in optimizing the user experiences of mobile, audio, video, and web-based applications. With the help of the performance optimization module, staff members may undertake root-cause analysis, produce recommendations, get predictions, and keep track of variables. 

Various third-party solutions can be integrated with HeadSpin thanks to its application programming interface (API). It is offered on a monthly and yearly subscription basis, and help is provided by email, manuals, and other online tools and FAQs.

IT specialists can manage biometric testing, schedule tests, and handle debugging across many devices thanks to end-to-end testing features. Employees may work dependency profiling using HeadSpin, do regression testing, find functional problems, evaluate application performance, and more on a single platform. Additionally, managers may create visualizations for KPIs depending on location, OS, app versions, devices, and carrier networks using the dashboard’s built-in tools.

Compared to BrowserStack, HeadSpin is quicker, better, and more secure. It is the most significant substitute for BrowserStack because it allows location testing utilizing various time and network zones. Thousands of SIM-enabled devices deployed in over 100 locations on an actual carrier and Wi-Fi networks worldwide are used in HeadSpin real-user global testing to enable mobile and browser testing.


LambdaTest, a free cross-platform browser, and app testing tool, can be the best option if premium plans are the reason you aren’t using BrowserStack. The testing tool is still excellent, even though the free plan could have fewer features. 

In the free plan, the tool gives six 10-minute real-time browser testing sessions per month, with no other restrictions. Thus, you receive 60 minutes of testing time per month. You can get the premium pack and perform in-depth testing if you desire additional features. Over 2,000 different browser types can be tested simultaneously using live and automated testing.

Along with testing your designs across numerous browsers effortlessly, it has many additional solid capabilities, including geolocation and visual UI testing. The software will provide screenshots of the whole web page, making it simple to see the results. 

Sauce Labs

There are many different browser and device options available for testing. One of the most excellent BrowserStack substitutes is Sauce Labs. The fact that it supports desktop and mobile devices, as well as iOS and Android emulators and simulators, is the best feature. Therefore, if you require a tool for thorough testing, this is it.

For open-source projects, Sauce Labs provides limitless testing for free, so you may run and test your product affordably. Several browsers, emulators, and device configurations are available, along with five parallel, concurrent testing sessions. 

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is the cross-platform testing software to choose if mobile testing is your top priority. Ranorex Studio offers a coding-free testing alternative for developers who don’t want to write test code.

With images, pie charts, and error logs that a range can see of roles, including project managers, testers, and developers, Ranorex also gives you an overview of the outcomes of the tests and the test execution flow. You may quickly fix unstable testing problems and raise your applications’ caliber with Ranorex.


Kobiton is an Atlanta, Georgia-based, highly adaptable cloud-based platform for mobile experiences that speeds up the testing and delivery of native, web, and hybrid apps for both Android and iOS.

All choices for cloud-based or on-premises testing are made available by Kobiton. The testing can be carried out safely by connecting them to a network of private, cloud-based hybrid systems, which offers free deployment of your local portable or desktop device.

The Kobiton testing solution is an all-inclusive solution that includes device management, app health checking, actual device testing, Appium, and script development. Users can enjoy complete gesture support via tapping, swiping, or scrolling by granting access to real devices connected to the cloud.


Perfecto is a cutting-edge continuous testing platform that brings together the strength of flexible test writing, cross-platform execution, and intelligence analytics to help your developers, managers, teams, SDETs, and business testers test more frequently and more quickly to deliver exceptional experiences. 

With Perfecto, you can use root cause analysis to identify what went wrong so that problems may be reported with immediate response and fixed earlier in the cycle. It provides cloud-based testing for both mobile and web. With Perfecto, you can complete the entire process from conception to analysis on a single platform. 

Smart Bear CrossBrowserTesting

Using the CrossBrowserTesting tool, you can test web apps on actual browsers and hardware. We can capture a live test using its Record & Replay capability and then run the same test simultaneously against other hardware or web browsers. Allows you to evaluate publicly or locally hosted pages using different browsers. For developers and QA professionals to run Selenium or Appium test scripts conveniently in the cloud, the CrossBrowserTesting solution is best.

You may rapidly run live tests for your website by entering the URL by providing an automated test recording option. Other browsers can also be used to run the same test. The browser combination can be chosen based on your preferences. You can acquire a daily, weekly, or monthly snapshot of your website by scheduling a screenshot capture. Your website’s ongoing history will inform you about any remaining issues or new flaws.


Browserling is one of the top alternatives to BrowserStack that developers favor. This is due to its simple accessibility and user-friendly functioning. Before using Browserling, a user does not need to register for an account. It also comes with a free package that can be customized for periodic testing. Although it is a free alternative to BrowserStack, it has certain drawbacks and might not be your first pick., formerly Experitest, provides automated and live manual testing on popular browsers and devices. Nearly a thousand Android and iOS devices and their respective emulators and simulators are readily available.

With a focus on inclusivity, has added accessibility tools like voiceovers. People with visual impairments can test these accessibility features on mobile devices using the SeeTest function. Blind or visually impaired persons will be able to follow the test results by listening to the voiceovers for each test action.


One of the best Browserstack alternatives out there has to be TestCafe. The application is available in paid-for and free, open-source versions. Although the open-source version is free, it does not have a Visual Recorder. If you are unfamiliar with Visual Recorder, the capability enables you to perform tests without writing code.

Utilizing the free version without Visual Recorder is also a little challenging. The paid edition of this program includes more possibilities for doing in-depth tests and robust features.


Cross browser testing is crucial to the creation of websites. By running these tests, you may find out if your website and every one of its elements is displayed and working as they should on the targeted browsers or devices. Websites should be cross-browser compatible to offer the best possible user experience. 

Hence, finding suitable alternative tools for BrowserStack that in many ways meets your needs may take some time. You can think about whether or not your pick contains the following characteristics before making a decision:

  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Positive comments from other users. License price.
  • No additional costs.

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