5 Best Biomutant: Tips and Tricks For Beginners For Better Combat!

Biomutant: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Biomutant is a famous role-playing game that drives you insane with its unique martial arts-styled post-apocalyptic theme that makes you a fan already. This game is quite interesting and a bit hard if you are playing it for the first time. Don’t worry, keeping the freshers in mind, here’s a complete guide to help you with Biomutant: Tips and Tricks for beginners. Enjoy!!

If you check on Amazon, Biomutant is available at a good budget for $49.92 (plus shipping charges). Is Biomutant worth getting? Well, looking at the gameplay and action-packed mutant stunts gives this game a total heroic vibe. For those looking for a good RPG, Biomutant is worth playing!! You just need to learn a few techniques to set well in the game and for that do check out these Biomutant: Tips and Tricks for beginners.

Don’t get fooled by the colorful visuals and cute talking animals as Biomutant is way more complicated than this. Here is the Biomutant: Tips and tricks for beginners to survive the run for longer.

  1. Don’t worry about building the perfect character.
  2. Craft and upgrade weapons and gear.
  3. Be alert and flexible in combat.
  4. Try unlocking the fast-travel stations.
  5. Complete the side missions on time.

Although Biiomutant lacks the AAA production certification, it is still far better than most indie games out there. Everything about this game is brilliant and hazardous at the same time. You just need to learn the right tricks.

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Biomutant: Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Here are the top five tips and tricks for every beginner who wants to try his/her hands on this open-world game. Biomutant is pure bliss!! Get these tricks right and get started.

Don’t Worry About Building The Perfect Character

Biomutant: Tips and Tricks: Don’t worry about building the perfect character
Source: Rock Paper shotgun

Building a furry character in the gameplay is very important but don’t give all your energy and focus on building the perfect character. After all, Biomutant is all about the player’s choice. 

Throughout the run, you’ll unlock various character appearances. You can choose characters according to the genetic code, breed, resistance, fur colors, styles, etc. 

More than character appearance you should focus on mutant’s character class. Here is when you are offered several options like Commando class specifically focus on ranged and gun-focused combat, Saboteur specifically designed for evasion, stealth, and critical hits, Sentinel focuses on melee attacks, Dead-Eye is kinda all-round class, Psi-Freak comes with psionic powers.

It’s suggested to go with Saboteur. This character class can give more damage to both long-ranged attacks and melee. Also, you get to survive more as this character is harder to be beaten on land hits. During tough boss battles, the boosted critical hits are of great help. So, build your character wisely.

Craft and Upgrade Weapons and Gear

Biomutant: Tips and Tricks: Craft and upgrade weapons and gear
Source: Half-Glass Gaming

Ahh!! The loot. Loot is my favorite part of the game. You’ll get most of the loot in the wild like armor, health items, weapons, gear, etc. Apart from the free loot, you can also purchase the items. But buying from vendors is not needed as you’ll find better items on the go.

Crafting is a clear step. You can easily swap out a rifles’ barrel, change scope, grip, and ammo clips. It’s good to collect some extra items for quick crafting on the go. It’s good to dismantle unwanted items.

After crafting, it’s time for upgrading. Look for benches that let you upgrade your gear. Crafting and upgrading are so useful to build up flexibility in the character. Plus, if you’re fond of specific armor sets or weapons, you can upgrade them.

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Be Alert and Flexible in Combat

Biomutant: Tips and Tricks: Be alert and Flexible in combat
Source: Respawn First

To survive the long run and deadly monsters and mutants, you need to be alert and flexible throughout the play. For beginners, it’s good to combine long and short-range attacks. Be active while firing and then quickly shift to sword slice for a devastating combo.

Dodging and strafing work wonders. Avoid countering. Since Biomutant does not have the lock-on feature so you have to be alert while focusing on a single foe. It’s pretty sure to lose sight of the target when dodging or countering. 

It’s better to shift your focus on one enemy for longer. The game becomes so intense at some points that you hardly get time to carefully choose your combos. Thankfully, the jumping and shooting save a bit of time to line up shots and choose the combos to use when you land. It’s never about fair play. It’s about the survival of the smartest.

Try to Unlock Fast Travel Stations

Biomutant: Tips and Tricks: Try to unlock fast travel stations
Source: QMGames

Throughout the game, you have to travel from one destination to another across the map. It’s great if you could unlock the faster travel stations. For long trips and completing the missions on time, these fast-travel stations are quite useful.

From a variety of fast travel stations, it’s up to you which one you want to unlock. The best part about this feature is, it lets you use the fast-travel mode even when you are in the middle of combat, unlike any other role-playing game. 

Use the available mounts. This helps in getting around the map faster than whether it is giant robots or gazelle creatures. Mounts almost move with the same speed, so select one based on appearance and not on attributes.

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Don’t Neglect the Side Missions – Complete them

Biomutant: Tips and Tricks: Don’t Neglect the Side Missions - Complete them
Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

It’s good to build characters, it’s good to craft and upgrade, it’s good to unlock new features, but meanwhile, don’t neglect the side missions. This not only helps in gaining levels but also lets you acquire useful loot and crafting stuff.

Side missions help you know the game better. Check and explore everything you can, you never know from where you find the real treasure. Just like the treasures hidden inside the caves in Sundials. Keep completing the side missions on time.

That was it for now. If you learn these basic techniques and apply them carefully while playing, your running and gunning are going to be on point. Do share these Biomutant: Tips and Tricks for beginners with your friends and play this together. You can easily buy the game from Amazon or some other online store. Have fun!!

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