Best Borderlands 2 Characters That Can Make You Win Till End!

A real gamer knows the consequences of choosing the wrong player, especially when it is about power. Obviously, why would you go with a player with fewer powers or low capabilities? Just to die??? So, how to choose the best player if you are playing a game as exciting as Borderlands 2? Quiet confusing! Right? But, now it’s time to leave this confusion forever. Here is a post that will guide you to choose the Best Borderlands 2 Characters that will direct you to win every time.

Though Borderlands 2 is a four-player game that is about teamwork, it gives you an option to play off your own, i.e. solo by choosing the character of your choice among the six passionate characters just like the Risk of Rain 2. These involve Salvador the Gunzerker, Axton the Commando, Maya the Siren, Zer0 the Assassin, Gaige the Mechromancer, and Krieg the Psycho. So, it means you can play solo or as a team.

There might be six powerful characters, perhaps not all of them can be the Best borderlands 2 characters and call up for your victory. This is where the real confusion begins for a player. Don’t worry you are not alone in the dilemma. The question that remains unanswered is whom to choose among these? And why are they the best? What about its qualities? Where does it lack? Want to know? Find out the answer below in this post. 

About Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is all about the massive addition of evil masterminds, psychos, and nasty creatures, ready to loot the region than its previous version. You have to build a team of four members (vault hunters) to fight against the evil on an undiscovered living planet. 

This sounds creepy!! 

You might feel it a little boring at the start but once you get your hands over it, then it is impossible to get out of it. Well, you know what this means!!!

But choosing the right player for your solo game is a real struggle. This is because every player has his own style of reaction. Some of them might play with full energy just to win while the rest may take a little longer to decide the next move by making strategies. 

There are a total of 6 impactful characters to choose from. Among these, four characters are the basic launch characters while the rest 2 are the DLC-only characters. These are:

  • Axton (Commando)
  • Maya (Siren)
  • Salvador (Gunzerker)
  • Zer0 (Assassin)
  • Gaige (Mechromancer)
  • Krieg (Psycho)

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Best Borderlands 2 Characters : How To Choose Them? 

Borderlands 2 has a maximum of 72 playing levels. Obviously, You do not want to end up dying at a higher level and start all over again. So, Let’s see who can make you win right from the start by looking at their abilities and unique moves. 

1. Krieg (Psycho) 

best Borderlands 2 Characters: Krieg (psycho)
Source: Be a Game Character

The newest edition in the character count of Borderlands 2 is Krieg.  

Well, the best part about this game is that it always creates a story around its characters. So, how couldn’t we expect a story about Krieg? 

Krieg is a traumatic person that suffers from a Dissociative Identity Disorder. Do you know how he develops it? By fighting with his inner voice. Yah!! That’s pitty! But that’s the truth.

So, What are its abilities?  

Among a lot of his abilities, the one that can shake away the enemy is called the Buzz Axe Rampage. Just like the name, he is able to buzz off his enemies quickly. His precise vision is what you can die for. 

What if I tell you that he can even kill the enemy by throwing the ax at a large distance? His hits are more powerful than the rest of the squad with 33% more speed than any other. This is just wow!!!! Along with it, Krieg has the phenomenal abilities of Bloodlust tree, Mania tree, and Hellborn tree. 

2. Salvador (Gunzerker)

best Borderlands 2 Characters: Salvador (Gunzerker)
Source: VS Battles Wiki- Fandom

Do you wish to take down the waves of enemies in a single stroke? 

Ahh! Then what is the wait? You have got Salvador. He works best at the times of close quarters. With the ability of Gunzerker, he might become your favorite character.

Wondering what this means? 

This means that Salvador has the ability to regain his health and boost his stats when he is in the Gunzerking state. Not only this, you will be amazed to know that this man has the power to use two different weapons at a time (But for a short time only).

But! But! But! Sadly, there is a problem with Salvador. Though he is quite efficient when it comes to the smaller areas, yet you will find him struggling when the war space becomes big.


Well, this might become the cause of your death in the later levels of the game. Still, he is one of the most wanted criminals and is accused of public indecency, arson, cannibalism, and theft. 

If he is about to kill you in later levels, why is he still one of the best Borderlands 2 characters? Well, he is definitely one of the best, the reason being he has three major abilities. These are the Gun Lust tree, the Rampage tree, and the Brawn tree. 

The Gun lust tree’s ability gives him the strength to use various guns. While the Rampage one looks for increasing the weapon count. Along with this, his Rampage tree gives power to the Gunzerk and increases its ability. 

About his final skill, it is the Brawn tree. Now, what does this skill do? 

To answer, this skill is designed to focus on the absorption of the physical damages of Salvador and his team. 

3. Zer0 (Assassin)

best Borderlands 2 Characters: Zer0 
Source: DeviantArt

Wondering which is the coolest Borderlands 2 character? Hey!!! The perfect answer is Zer0. 

Zer0 is a secretive character in the game. You will find him wearing a mask all the time. Maybe he has taken the virus too damn seriously! Just kidding! 

Well, that is why no one knows his real appearance. 

Unlike other characters in the story, he is paid to kill his targets and complete the missions. 

Again! Just like the previous character, If you are concerned about playing solo, then this might disappoint you. Zer0 is not fully ready as per the game’s demand. It requires a lot of adaptation to different playstyles. 

Well, he might not be a good choice for solo playing, but this doesn’t mean that you have to reject him forever. No! It will be your biggest mistake! To your surprise, this is the best player when it comes to team play. 

He is best known for switching his armors constantly in the game. You will go lala if you get to know that he can become invisible. Not only does he become invisible, but his powers are also boosted at that time. This means more damage. Ain’t it really cool? 

Just like others, he too has got three major skills and those are: 

  • Cunning tree
  • Sniping tree 
  • Bloodshed tree

It has the sniper skill that can cause great damage to the enemy. Ah-ha! Never doubt his sniper skills, he is capable of hitting the enemy on a critical spot or precisely in the head. 

That’s quite impressive!! 

About the Cunning skill, this skill adds to improving his main skill and all those skills that are related to the range and the melee combat. And about the last skill, it counts for rebuilding your shield. But this is not the first choice for people who want to play the run-and-gun kind of game. 

Nope! Never choose this if you are one among them. 

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4. Maya (Siren)

best Borderlands 2 Characters: Maya (Siren)
Source: Borderlands 2 Skill Calculator

Again a vault hunter on the list! 

Among the vault hunter’s group, Maya is the siren. You will love playing as Maya because of her abilities and powers. You better play with her as she holds the ability to freeze out her enemies, too with a lot of damage. Well, there is one more thing that you shouldn’t miss! She can suspend her opposite player to another dimension. 

How cool!!!! 

You can consider her to be one of the best borderlands 2 characters. No matter if you are in a solo game or in a co-op one, she will never disappoint you. 

No! Not at all. 

Just like the rest, she too has the three major skills and these are: 

  • Motion tree
  • Harmony tree
  • Cataclysm tree

The Motion tree is there to have dedicated control over her ability to phase lock. Oops! You better play with this player solo as she can brainwash her enemies. So, you better be aware of it. Obviously, you do not want to fight with your own team. Dah!!! 

It’s better for your team as well. With her, you and your team both are safe. Also, she has the cataclysm tree that is responsible for focusing on the elemental effects like fire, acid, electrocution, and slag. 

5. Gaige (Mechromancer)

best Borderlands 2 Characters: Gaige (Mechromance)

With the introduction of the DLC for the borderlands, Gaige got its entry into the gameplay. 

Well, Well, Well! It is not easy to access this player. You need to buy her directly. Or, as another option, you can get it by having the GOTY edition. 

Ok! Now, coming to her abilities, her main strength is Deathtrap. So, what’s this? In this, she will get a robot who will help her in winning the game. This effect stays with her for a span of 60 seconds only and then she restores to normal. 

Just to tell you, her favorite color is purple, and loves to eat cupcakes. 

You might laugh reading this, but her main skill is to the best friends forever. As the name suggests, this helps in the survival of her mates. Also, if you need to increase the defense of the deathtrap, this skill will be your supporter. 

Just like Maya, she also has the skill to use the elemental effects and the skill that helps it into this is Little Big trouble Tree. This adds Heat beams into the weapons of the deathtrap. 

It’s not over yet! The Little Big Trouble Tree can also mimic the element that comes in contact with it. It also has the skill that focuses on Anarchy and that is Ordered Chaos Tree. But this skill drops the anarchy with the passing time and that’s not impressive. With this, you can load the weapon too fast. 

Ahhh!! You must be a strong player to handle her as she is the toughest among all the borderlands 2 characters to handle. 

6. Axton (Commando)

best Borderlands 2 Characters: Axton (Commando)
Source: Borderlands 2 Skill Calculator

At last, the game has got Axton. Yeah! It’s been introduced at the last but this doesn’t mean that it is of no use. Instead, to your surprise, this is the best one of all. Yeah! Without any second doubt. 

Asking why? Probably because it’s easy to use. He has 360° rotation just as an owl. 

Also, he too has a melee weapon. But don’t think of his weapons as ordinary. Nah! That will be your biggest mistake. His melee weapon is the most impactful of all. These weapons focus on the long-range along with the mid-range. When the area becomes small, he is ready to kill them all. So, why not choose him for your solo play? 

These main abilities are: 

  • Guerrilla tree
  • Gunpowder tree
  • Survival tree

With the Guerrilla tree, he fights faster and improves his abilities to do high damage attacks. Its gunpowder tree skill is for increasing the weapon damage and is also accounted for the medium-range explosives. And its third skill, Survival tree, does the same as the name speaks. It heals him at very low health and boosts his abilities and defense. 

Which Borderlands 2 Characters Will Be Best For Solo Play?

Without any doubt, if you are the one who is thinking of playing the game on an individual basis, then you must opt for:

  • Axton
  • Maya
  • Gaige

You must be wondering why only these? Right? 

Well, yes, they might have drawbacks but they are capable enough to make you win in a solo game. Axton does not rely on other teammates. Yeah! He is capable of using his abilities without any support. And, who wouldn’t want a player who is independent? 

For Maya, She is the next level player who can freeze her enemies. Not only this, she can even control her enemies’ mob who try to kill her. 

Lastly, Gaige can be another perfect choice among the Best Borderlands 2 Characters if you want to play solo. 

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Which Borderlands 2 Characters Will Be Best For Co-op Play?

Okay! We got it! You want to play as a team. Right? If that’s the case, then among all the best Borderlands 2 Characters, you must go for:

  • Salvador 
  • Zer0
  • Krieg

Well, Salvador has the Gunzerking ability and this makes him unsuitable for solo play but the same makes it the best choice for co-op play. He is always ready to help his crewmates. 

Ok! For the next choice, you can consider Zer0 as your buddy. His incredible tendency to become invisible proves to be an aid to the other mates. 

Well, you cannot play with Krieg if you are a solo fighter. Do you know why? Ahh! It’s simple because it is easy to kill. Why would you want to be dead at low levels? 

Now, you must be wondering if he is so much prone to death then why would anyone choose him for the co-op? Why would anyone want to die? But, it’s the opposite. Though he is a high-risk player, he has high rewards. Hey! Wait! This doesn’t mean that you can play blindly with this player. Go with this player, if you have a good team to support you.  

Wrap up:

As a gamer, it is essential to choose the right player right from the start when it is a game like Borderlands 2. Obviously, no one wants to die in the middle of the game. For this, if you want to play solo then the three Best borderlands 2 characters that you can choose blindly have to be Axton, Maya, and Gaige. All are known to play independently so impactfully that enemies try to avoid playing against them. 

If you are die-hard borderlands 2 lovers, then you must know that these can play solo but for co-op, you need to shift the player focus. Then you should choose those players that are able to cope up with the teammates and these are Salvador, Zer0, and Krieg. 

So, choose your player wisely among these best Borderlands 2 characters mentioned above and get on the race of constant wins. 

Well, why win solo? Share this post with your friends and create a team that no one can fight with. All the best future winners!! But in the celebration of the win, don’t forget to share your winning tales in the comment section below. 

People have also asked:

Q. Who is the most broken character in Borderlands 2?

Well, we cannot say that a character is broken in Borderlands 2 but one that that is most broken among all the characters is Krieg’s Bloodsplosion skill.

Do you know why? It is because, whenever you try to kill any enemy, be it powerful or one with low powers, it will explode immediately. Thus, almost a waste!!

Q. Which borderlands should I play first?

Though the Borderlands and the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel comes first then the borderlands 2, yet you should play the borderlands first if you don’t want to die early in the pre-sequel.

Q. Who is the strongest vault hunter in Borderlands 2?

Among all the vault hunters, Maya is the strongest. She has the ability to freeze the enemy and phase lock them.

This ability is quite impressive.

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