5 Best Card Games to Play on Mobile Web

Best Card Games to Play on Mobile Web

Feeling bored? Is nobody at home? Have all your friends gone out with their families? Now, you are lying upside down in a sad mood while thinking about what to do. But nothing seems to work for you. Oh…wait! You have a cellphone. Ah… it could be such a boring day if you didn’t have a cell phone. Mobile phones are the best leisure time companion, making our life more entertaining, hectic-free, and fun. So, play games on mobile instead of killing your time by lying down like a dummy.

Online games are a wonderful time-pass and the best way to develop cognitive abilities. Hundreds of thousands of online games are available to plan anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to set up any games. Just search online games, and you will find various options that you can play as much as you like – and eat as much as you want. 

Here are a few games you can play on a mobile web browser:

Play Solitaire

It doesn’t matter if you play on a computer, tablet or phone, Play-Solitaire works on all devices, the game automatically adapts to your resolution. The game is full screen and is 100% free, no payment option whatsoever. You can play it right from your web browser, so there’s no need to download and install annoying software. The Solitaire game keeps track of statistics, and you can change the backgrounds and the cards as you wish.

Solitaire Bliss

If you are one of the many card game lovers, this game will definitely be on the priority list. This site contains around 30+ solitaire variations, and the best thing about it is you will find a new world of solitaire with fantastic features. You have solvable mode; countless undo/redo options, background and card customization options, and many more. Solitaire Bliss has made a huge fan base within a few years, and it is not a surprise because interesting gameplay, along with other perks, makes it a suitable game to play on an online browser when boredom hits you hard. So, if you don’t have anything to do, Solitaire Bliss can be the answer.


When you search Hearts-Challenge, you will also find a game called kids-heart-challenge in the list of searched items. Both are different games and for people of different age groups. Heart-challenge is another card game, but the gameplay of this card game gives it a different touch and feel. Here the key is not to earn more points but to get fewer heart cards than others.

Heart Challenge is a tricky game where the game continues unless someone scores 100 points and the person with the least points wins. It is just like Cinderella has to run away when the clock strikes 12. Here that 12 o clock is 100 points. It also has a feature of customizable cards and fun features to make things interesting. So, if you want to try a different card games’ gameplay, Hearts Challenge can help you.


Solitaired is another amazing site to play card games; with 500 solitaire variations, it never disappoints solitaire lovers because it has something for all. Being the fastest loading and mobile-friendly game, this game stands out from other games due to its specks. It is the best place to train your mind because this game offers 80% to 90% chances of winning. However, if you want to challenge your competitiveness, then you have the opportunity to increase your level. One of the edgy features of this game is the “Game of the Day Challenge,” which you can play to check your abilities by comparing scores with other leading players. With Solitaired, you never miss any beat of fun.

Solitaire FRVR

Remember that Solitaire launched with Windows 3.0.? You can play it now on a mobile browser as well. There is some old charm in this classic game that makes it still so happening among people. Around 1 million people still play this game, which keeps it in the game despite the emergence of so many solitaire sites. It now comes as Microsoft Solitaire Collection, a combined package of old Solitaire games: Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, etc. It has introduced new features and visually appealing animations that make it one of a kind experience.

However, Solitaire FRVR is in a league of its own because they have created a million-dollar business with this site that others can just dream of. So, whatever they are doing, they are definitely acting in that.

BVS Solitaire Collection

We never said the list would include only the free version, so here it is an expensive choice among all other included choices. The BVS Solitaire Collection has so many unique features that all the money looks worth it.

Can other sites give you the opportunity to make your own Solitaire game? Well, this game does! Besides that, it comes up with many options that might never have been heard before. However, there is no free trial for iPhones and iPad; you would have to buy this version. Whereas the desktop version charges $19.99. And believe me, serious solitaire players would not mind spending money because this game really pays back in the form of eternal bliss. So if you ever need to create a Solitaire world of your own with background, card set, and regulations customization, this game is the best.


Solitaire is one of the most fun card games. So no wonder people loving this are legit because this game is seriously a great brain game with pinches of luck here and there. Beginners might find it hard to win initially, but the good thing is most of the time, every site offers hints, guidance, redo, and undo options to facilitate beginners and increase their chances of running at the top. Solitude might have improved greatly with the advancement, but it still needs advanced technology to compete with the emerging technology and new sites.

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