10 Best Cloud Mining Sites In 2023 – Daily Payouts

10 Best Cloud Mining Sites In 2023 - Daily Payouts

Cloud Mining is the best way to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But what site to choose when looking for Cloud Mining? Well, for that, you need to know the best Cloud Mining Sites. 

Cloud Mining is among the best ways to earn passive income. By choosing the best Cloud mining sites, you don’t need to install or buy any hardware. With cloud mining sites, users can buy hash power and also participate in mining pools.

HappyMiner is among the most used and one of the best Cloud Mining sites. When you sign up, you can immediately get $10 to your account. Also, users can enjoy its various features like automated daily payouts, 24-hour online support, and much more. 

With the best Cloud Mining sites, users can easily mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many more. We have listed the best sites that can provide you with the best Cloud Mining experience. 

Pros And Cons Of Cloud Mining Sites

Before we get deeper into checking the list of the best Cloud Mining sites, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Cloud Mining sites. 


  1. Possibility of paying in both cryptocurrency and fiat.
  2. No temperature or noise rise from the operating equipment.
  3. No issues related to burnt-out video cards.
  4. No worries due to expensive electricity.


  1. Users can be victims of cloud mining services.
  2. Users can fall prey to con artists who wish to buy equipment. 

Best Cloud Mining Sites In 2023

Check out the list of the best Cloud Mining sites to enjoy crypto mining.

  1. HappyMiner
  2. ECOS
  3. NiceHash
  4. Genesis Mining
  5. IQ Mining
  6. BeMine
  7. Bitdeer
  8. Hashgains
  9. ScryptCube
  10. Hashnest

We have analyzed the best Cloud Mining websites and listed them in the order where the top one is HappyMiner, and the rest comes after that!

1. HappyMiner

Best Cloud Mining Sites In 2023

HappyMiner is a legitimate cloud mining company founded in the United States in 2018. Currently, over 2,800K users from all over the world earn crypto on HappyMiner.  


  1. Automated daily payouts are available.
  2. Sign up and immediately get $10.
  3. No electricity or overhead fees.
  4. Every day, users can purchase the free package.


Contract PriceContract TermsFixed ReturnDaily Rate
$101 Day$10+$0.88%
$1003 Days$100+$4.51.5%
$5007 Days$500+$631.8%
$1,20015 Days$1,200+$3451.92%
$3,00030 Days$3,000+$1,8902.1%
$6,40060 Days$6,400+$8,8802.31%

Minimum Investment: $10

For more HappyMiner details, please visit HappyMiner.

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ECOS was established in 2017. With the ECOS crypto investment platform, users can go for crypto mining. It also offers mining devices with hosting, crypto portfolio management tools, crypto exchange, and much more. Over 100,000 users have been using ECOS.  


  1. To evaluate the platform, there is a one-month free trial miner contract.
  2. Users have the option to use both Android and iOS apps for managing their investments and crypto assets.
  3. It also offers consistent payments.

Minimum Investment: $100

3. NiceHash

NiceHash is also a popular platform that offers cloud mining services through which users can pay for hash power and mine in the cloud. It is a mine hosting and computing marketplace where users can connect to other miners, deposit money, and much more.


  1. Withdrawals of Fiat are possible.
  2. It allows peer-to-peer trading with a Hash rate.
  3. It is an in-app crypto trading platform.

Minimum Investment: $0.034 BTC

4. Genesis Mining

With over 200,000 clients from all over the world, Genesis Mining is among one of the best cloud mining sites in the world. It offers a huge variety of crypto mining choices to its different users, from newbies to big investors.


  1. It does not charge any recurring monthly fees.
  2. It has great customer support service.
  3. Get your daily mining profit payments to your digital wallet.

Minimum Investment: $500

5. IQ Mining

IQ mining is a popular cloud mining platform that offers its users a wide range of cloud mining contracts. It combines cloud mining with daily payments and Forex margin trading, crypto, and options.


  1. Great customer service.
  2. Users can get the promised mining contracts without funding.
  3. Offers specialized mining agreements for generating extra income.

Minimum Investment: $108

6. BeMine

BeMine supports buying and selling digital currencies and mining hash rates. Users can even ask for advice for investing in or using cryptocurrencies. It even provides consultation on ICO initiatives and e-commerce.


  1. It offers 3 days of gifted Antminer S19 mining if they want to test the service.
  2. It offers 7% on referral purchases.
  3. It has an in-built crypto exchange platform.

Minimum Investment: $61

7. Bitdeer

Bitdeer is among the leading Cloud mining platforms in the world. It offers three business lines, including MinerPlus, DataCenter, and Cloud Hashrate. It promises a 100% Uptime rate to its customers because of its great mining facilities.


  1. A great range of coin offerings.
  2. Promotion and Bonuses.
  3. A calculator for income and profitability.

Minimum Investment: $542

8. Hashgains

Hashgains is a great option if you want to make money through crypto mining. To run the data centers for mining, it uses renewable energy. You can start mining between 24 and 72 hours after the payment is verified.


  1. Low cost for support and maintenance.
  2. It even provides assistance for technical issues.
  3. Mine cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and many more.

Minimum Investment: $125

9. ScryptCube

If you want to use the f2pool mining pool, spend less amount on equipment, or manage your equipment daily, ScryptCube can be the right choice as it easily produces Bitcoin on your behalf if you have any of these issues.


  1. Offers Statistics on recent mining activity.
  2. As soon as mining starts, users can go for withdrawals anytime.
  3. Electronic mining calculator is available.

Minimum Investment: $1.9

10. Hashnest

Hashnest is among the best cloud mining sites owned by Bitman Technologies. As per the website, it has over 400,000 users from around the world. Users can use the mobile application for managing services.


  1. Daily earnings will get deposited into user accounts.
  2. Bitcoin is the only form of payment accepted on the platform.
  3. Offers the ability to exchange hash rate or mining equipment.

Minimum Investment: Not available 

Wrapping Up

Cloud Mining has become popular these days as users can easily earn passive income from crypto mining. Though many Cloud Mining sites are available for users, be careful and compare the features and pricing of these sites and choose the best Cloud Mining sites for yourself!

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