Best Condo Games Roblox Discord Servers 2022 | Choose The Best For You

Best Condo Games Roblox Discord Servers 2022

Links to Roblox condo Games are difficult to find, but you can search superfluities of the best Condo games Roblox Discord servers 2022 here. The huge online multiplayer game invention stage which now outshines itself as metaverse brought on with one motive.

The condo is a platform for an alluring experience, where users from all over the world can join each other and contribute to the creation of millions of rare 3D experiences and let others play with Discord servers or for free.

It’s in trend but rather than advertising itself more as a kid-friendly space, it fights unsuitable content which is injurious to the health of the being. Usually known as Condo, these types of games are difficult to meet and thrive on the Roblox platform and you are at the peak to explore some of the best Condo Games Roblox Discord servers.

Condo is nothing much but terminology used to designate Roblox adult games. Such experiences like this one see characters simulating acts. Although, if you’re keen to know how they appear then here’s the best condo games Roblox Discord servers 2022.

What Are The Best Roblox Condo Discord Servers?

What Are The Best Roblox Condo Discord Servers?

There are a vast variety of interesting video games that one can enjoy in Roblox.

Here are the best Condo Games Roblox Discord Servers 2022 :

1. Vesteria

Vesteria: Condo games Roblox Discord servers

It’s a sport that was developed by the very own Vesteria Team back in 2018s. The motive of this game is exploration and adventure. The reach and engagement of this invention have touched 35 million. This game has become a vibe for more than 464k users.

In these virtual games, you’re allowed to dig deeper into breathtaking universes, battling warriors, fighting monsters, etc. And searching for hidden treasures and secrets as rewards. You’re allowed to team up with others, raid other’s dungeons, and many more. Just now in 2021, this game got its recent update.

There are chances that you may receive badges as rewards. For example, 

  1. Faction joiner badge
  2. Treasure hunter
  3. Treasure master
  4. Alpha supporter

This game also has passes to buy like, Bounty Hunter, Tester +16 Slots,+eight character slots.

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2. Livetopia


It was recreated on 28th, 2021 by utilizing century makers. This game reached 461 million users and has been supported more than a million times. In this recreated video game you’re allowed to choose your characters, roles, outfits, and professions. You can also own rare and unique properties like cars and houses. 

Playing with animals and relocating treasures under the area are the additional things that you can do here. You may receive badges after unlocking levels. This recreation also includes passes that you can shop for, for example, VIP Pass, Royal Pass, etc.

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3. Level 5 House Tycoon

Level 5 House Tycoon: Condo games Roblox Discord servers
Level 5 House Tycoon

This was invented on 12th October 2019 through Humza. 18 is the length of the server for this game. Till now, more than 178 million users have visited this recreation and it’s been supported by 590k+ users.

In this game, you can get a badge and specifically a secret room. There are multiple recreation passes that one can buy on this game, Auto Collect, Double Cash, etc.

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4. Playville RP

Playville RP

Playville RP is a game in Roblox that was invented utilizing Antinael on the 14th of December 2020. 28 is the length of the server for this recreation. The genre of this game is Town and City.  This recreation has been met more than a hundred and ten million times. This recreation has been supported more than 437k times.

In this game, you have to play a role with your own pets, develop pets and create your personal home in the metropolis of Playville. It has some recreation passes having the ability to buy VIP, Double Pets and Modern packs, etc.

5. CondoGames XYZ

condogames XYZ Discord server of, the games are played on ROBLOX. The Discord has many sections like Announcements, Giveaway, Ads, Roles, Bots, Games, Shop, General and Bot Commands

To play the Discord you have to simply put up the word “Condo” without quotes into the search bar on Roblox official website and you will be presented with a list of games relating to the searched keyword. 

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Wrapping Up

There are plenty of Discord servers, sharing Roblox Condo games. Once you join any server, you’ll get to explore a number of Condo Games Roblox Discord Servers 2022. But we request you to be careful and do not risk getting restricted. 

All over, these were the best Condo Games Roblox Discord Servers 2022 worth joining now!


Q1. Which Discord Server Has The Highest Number Of Members?

Ans. The Discord server – Fortnite owns 827k members on Discord.

Q2. What Does Avoidance In Discord Server Means?

Ans. Advertising your specific religion, race, origin, nationality, etc. It would be better to ignore fighting over such things with your team members. Avoid spamming your teammates for their own advertisement.

Q3. Can Discord Be Utilized By 12 Age Groups?

Ans. Few Discord servers include 18+ content and it is suggested to join after letting others know. However, you’ll receive a confirmation text if you join.

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