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Pixelborn Discord

The battle of digital cards officially begins in the Pixelborn Discord. Be a part of thousands of gamers and participate in Disney Lorcana’s strategic trading card game. Stay with us to find the easiest way to enter the official Pixelborn Discord server. 

Disney has finally launched the much anticipated Disney Lorcana which has fans from all over the world exploding with anticipation. Pixelborn has been developed by an exclusive team led by the popular game developer Pavel Kolev, as a third-party digital client. All gamers can now install the Hearthstone version of the Lorcana game to access it at all times from their PC.

You can join the Pixelborn Discord server by opening Discord on your web browser and logging in to your Discord account. Then, tap on the official Pixelborn Discord invite link and tap on Accept invite. Finally, complete the verification process if prompted.

Let us dive right in and be a part of thousands of fellow gamers to personalize your deck collection, and start your very own digital card collection.

What Is The Pixelborn Discord?

Pixelborn Discord server is a platform that has been created exclusively for all Card Games Simulator gamers. It has been created based on Disney Lorcana, the newest strategic trading card game, that creates a competitive gaming environment for all gamers. 

The Pixelborn Discord server offers a platform to help the TCG community prepare for all upcoming tournaments. Fanatics work hard to create a unique new platform for Disney Lorcana players to battle online. Pavel Kolev, the famous developer has created the Pixelborn Discord server for all gamers to meet and discuss new gaming strategies, and play virtual card games created by Disney Lorcana.

Is There A Pixelborn Discord Server?

Is There A Pixelborn Discord Server?

Yes, there is a Pixelborn Discord server that hosts more than 35,000 registered members. It is one of the most active gaming servers on Discord that hosts thousands of active players from all over the world.  Join the official Pixelborn Discord server to get exclusive access to the official announcements, and gain instant access to statistical insights and external resources containing information about other communities. Moreover, all registered members can access personalized decklists, and exclusive spoilers and join the voice channels to discuss gaming strategies with fellow enthusiasts.  

Pixelborn Discord Link

Look no further. We have the link to access the official Pixelborn Discord server. Just tap on the link to become a member of one of the most active Card Game Simulators on Discord.

Tap here for Pixelborn Discord link.

How To Join The Official Pixelborn Discord Server?

You can join the Pixelborn Discord server by opening Discord on your web browser and logging in to your account > Tap to open the invite link > Accept invite > Complete verification.

Step 1 – Open Discord on your web browser and enter your credentials to log in.

Step 2 – Tap the invite link given above.

Step 3 – Tap to Accept invite.

Step 4 – Tap on ‘I am not a Robot’ box.

Step 5 – Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the verification process as instructed.

Pixelborn Discord Features

Once you have successfully joined the Pixelborn Discord server you will have direct access to various unique features and exclusive announcements. 

  • Customize your channels to meet your preferences.
  • Read through the detailed set of rules to be followed on the server.
  • View all the latest announcements made by Pavel himself.
  • Make use of the details explained in the Maintenance Announcements channel to help overcome error messages and view server updates.
  • View the insights and statistical data regarding non-mirror matches and decking.
  • Access external resources and updates posted by other communities.
  • Get your doubts cleared from the FAQs channel.
  • Access step-by-step instructions on how to set up Pixelborn on your PC, Mac, Android, and Linux.
  • You can join Pixelborn discussions on general, decklists, tournaments, help-needed, looking for game, general off-topics, bot spam, and welcome channels.
  • Get exclusive spoilers of the next set, and participate in spoilers discussion.
  • View live events from Gamescom2023.
  • Join community channels to participate in content and streams, connect with creators using Pixelborn, join community-organized contests, and read the official rules and questions.
  • Connect directly with the staff via ask the team channel, suggestions and questions, and report bugs on PC and Mac.  
  • Join voice channels to connect with fellow players categorized as learn to play, chill, and competitive.
  • Access the Archived channel to see the archived collection of the spoilers S1, contest-lore, and more.

Pixelborn Discord Rules

The creator of Pixelborn Discord, Pavel Eraziell has created a crystal clear set of rules for all users to follow. These rules are the very first thing that you see when you enter the Pixelborn Discord server. Ensure that you read through the following rules and adhere to them to maintain the decorum of the platform.

Rule 1: Have fun.

Rule 2: Use your common sense.

Rule 3: Use the English language for all communication.

Rule 4: Do not indulge in personal attacks against members of the Pixelborn Discord server.

Rule 5: Do not advertise other games or servers unless approved by the developers.

Rule 6: All spam or NSFW content is prohibited.

Rule 7: Elitism is strictly prohibited.

Rule 8: Use the designated channels to post content.

Rule 9: Encouraging cheating, bugging, exploitation, hacking, etc. is prohibited.

Rule 10: Any post that does not adhere to the rules of the server will be deleted at the discretion of the moderator.

Wrap Up

One of the key factors to have the best gaming experience is when you play it with your friends and fellow players. Discord offers the perfect platform for all gamers to connect directly with thousands of fellow gamers and the developers themselves. Join the Pixelbord Discord community now to experience the best Card Game simulations for yourself. Get your hands on exclusive collectors’ items and information on rare cards all in one destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Pixelborn Have A Discord Server?

Yes, Pixelbornd does have a server on Discord.

Q2. What Is The Pixelborn Discord Link Problem?

Many Pixelborn members were concerned with the Discord link problem, that denied access to thousands of gamers. They were desperately searching for the official server invitation link, to regain access to their favorite Disney Lorcana game. 

Q3. Can You Play Disney Lorcana Online?

Yes, you can play the Disney Lorcana game online by joining the TCG community to play virtual games.

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