Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers | Which One Is The Best For You?

Best crypto portfolio trackers

Best crypto portfolio trackers can help both casual and professional traders to monitor price changes every time and help to track their investments. One can track historic transactions, net worth, and sources using these best crypto portfolio trackers. They allow users to track the total value and amount of crypto across all exchanges, platforms, wallets, and blockchain in real-time. 

Many advanced crypto investors store their funds across multiple blockchains and use various wallets for several purposes. It is quite difficult to track their crypto net worth. If you are one of those, you can try using any of the best crypto portfolio trackers to avoid this major pain.

These best crypto portfolio trackers have different features with different workings. They help traders to make real-time decisions and change their portfolios. You can also know about these best crypto portfolio trackers and make timely decisions regarding your crypto holdings.

If you want to know how to keep a track of your portfolio, you need to know these best crypto portfolio trackers. This post will discuss the best crypto portfolio trackers along with other important information related to crypto portfolio trackers. Go through the post until the end to find out more about these best crypto portfolio trackers. So, let us dive straight into the post to check out the best crypto portfolio trackers. Happy reading! 

What Is A Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker is a website or application that allows anyone to track the values of their crypto assets. It keeps a proper track of your investment and keeps you updated on any changes in the value of your digital assets. It can help you to get a better understanding of how each crypto asset you own is worth in real-time.

The applications work by tracking the incoming and outgoing transactions taking place on the blockchain and give an accurate representation of what the account looks like at a point in time. Different applications have different features. Some may have advanced analytical and investment features that will help you get valuable insights into the profits and losses.

As we have discussed crypto portfolio trackers, let us now look at the Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers.

Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers

Best crypto portfolio trackers

Here is a list that includes the Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers. Go through this list of the best crypto portfolio trackers and see which one is the right choice for you. 

  1. Pionex 
  2. CoinSmart 
  3. Kubera
  4. Delta
  5. CoinStats
  6. Coin Market Manager 
  7. CoinTracker 
  9. Coinmama
  10. Altrady 
  11. CoinGecko
  12. Koinly 
  13. Accointing 
  14. Lunch Money
  15. Blockfolio

Let us get a detailed look at the top 5 best crypto portfolio trackers. 

1. Pionex: Best For High Volume Traders

Pionex is among the best crypto portfolio trackers. It is a cryptocurrency trading robot and is one of the world’s first exchanges to have 18 free trading bots. It allows users 24/7 automated trading. It is a web-based platform supporting all the major browsers. Let us see the features of Pionex.

  • Provides 18 free trading bots for retail traders 
  • The trading fee is the lowest 
  • Fully customizable interface 
  • Built-in live chat 
  • Customizable time filters and TradingView chart
  • Trading using a bank account.

2. CoinSmart: Best For Same-day Withdrawal In Fiat Currency 

CoinSmart is considered to be one of the best crypto portfolio trackers. It allows users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies easily on a desktop or a mobile device. A wide range of coins is supported by CoinSmart. It has a hosted wallet where users can directly deposit crypto, hold it, and track their trades and portfolio. Here are the features of CoinSmart. 

  • Supports both an Android and iOS app.
  • Users can learn and earn
  • OTC Trading and brokerage
  • Users can perform real-time charting on the spot markets
  • The platform has a hosted wallet
  • A variety of coins are supported. 

3. Kubera: Best For Connecting Financial Accounts 

Kubera is one of the best crypto portfolio trackers. It is best for both stock and crypto or other assets holders and traders. It allows users to track their cryptocurrency portfolio alongside ETFs, stocks, or other traditional financial instruments. Here are some of the features of Kubera. 

  • Users can straightforwardly add assets 
  • Users can watch their crypto asset management value with real-time price updates in a single location 
  • Import bank transactions worldwide 
  • Automatically adjusts its document’s displayed asset value whenever some new data is added
  • It is free of cost.

4. Delta: Best For Beginners 

Delta is one of the popular and best crypto portfolio trackers. It is a unique app allowing users to start instant trading. One can trade items like options, and futures, and perform interest rate swaps on various altcoins and bitcoin. It is a feature that withdrawals are manually reviewed and no one can hack or steal any user’s earnings.

Here are the features of Delta:

  • Available on an iOs app, Android app, Windows, Mac OSX app, and Linux
  • It includes both free and paid versions 
  • Users can instantly trade options, futures, or swap interest rates on altcoins and bitcoin
  • Just the user’s name and email address are needed to sign in.

5. CoinStats: Best For Regular Day Traders

CoinStats is among the best crypto portfolio trackers. You can manage and track your portfolio with diverse crypto and DeFi assets here. You can also connect an unlimited number of portfolios in CoinStats. You can also get personalized crypto news, analytics, and the power to manage your portfolio on both mobile and desktop.

Here are the features of CoinStats. 

  • Supports multiple wallets and exchange accounts through API keys
  • Provides personalized crypto news and analytics
  • Works on Android, iOs, Mac desktop, iWatch, web, Google Chrome extension, iPad app
  • Allows trading from one platform 
  • Security audit on a portfolio. 

As we have seen the best crypto portfolio trackers, let us now get some information about how to choose the Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers. 

How To Choose Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers?

You need to consider a few factors before choosing the best crypto portfolio trackers for yourself. Here are the factors that will help you find the Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers.

  • Safety and security 
  • Number of coins supported
  • User experience features 
  • Ease of use
  • Customer service 
  • Ability to integrate with other tools 
  • A huge range of exchanges supported 
  • Help you with crypto tax returns 
  • Liquidity while purchasing or selling 

You can even add other factors as per your requirements. You must consider these factors and then choose the best crypto portfolio trackers for yourself. 


This post discussed the best crypto portfolio trackers along with other necessary details. You can make smart investment choices and enjoy various benefits of trading profitable tokens by using these best crypto portfolio trackers. You can have an improved investment strategy with these trackers.

You can try any of these best crypto portfolio trackers that can help you to know when a particular cryptocurrency reaches its key point. You can prepare yourself and take advantage of moving averages. Some may prefer the traditional spreadsheet way to manage their portfolio which is fine for a beginner. But you can try these best portfolio trackers when you grow your portfolio. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are Crypto Portfolio Trackers Safe?

A. Some portfolio trackers only read the value of your holdings. Many acts as a single account for multiple exchanges and wallets you are using. You need to treat them cautiously as those wallets then only they will be safe.

Q2. What Are Exchange Accounts? 

A. The tools that help you to trade and monitor the individual value of all the assets you own are called exchange accounts. 

Q3. Is There A Portfolio Tracker For Crypto And Stock? 

A. Yes, there are portfolio trackers for both crypto and stocks. Delta, Kubera, and many others can be examples of these portfolio trackers.

Q4. Can I Get Started With Any Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A. Yes, many applications allow you to track your crypto portfolio but they offer limited functionality. It is better not to go for free crypto portfolio trackers to enjoy more functions. 

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