8 Best Discord Music Bots | The Selected Ones For You

Best Discord Music Bots

Discord is known for its fast-growing communication platform. Initially, it was designed as a texting and audio chatting application for gamers, later on, it introduced bots and other features to expand the user’s experience. Here’s a post on the best Discord music bots to make your streaming experience even better.

Discord bots are one of the biggest features of Discord that don’t only help automate things but also perform actions. The most loved Discord bots are music bots, which allow users to listen to music in the background while the entire community chats. Whether you are new to music bots or if you’re seeking new music bots, we got you covered. 

Let’s take a closer look at all the best Discord music bots that you can use. Groovy, Rythm, Octave, and Fredboat are some of the best Discord music bots available on the Discord servers. But that’s not it, the list doesn’t stop here. 

If you’re searching for more best music bots to listen to, then keep reading. Also, if you’re looking for a few songs to listen to, melodies, then we have you covered with that too. Let’s get started.

What Is A Discord Music Bot?

What Is A Discord Music Bot

Discord permits its users to create servers where they can send invitations to their friends or users having the same interests, users playing the same game, or can do simple chatting with the users. To enjoy music on Discord, you’ve to join a voice channel and then, run a command specific to that bot to make it join the voice channel and start playing the melody.

Discord music bots offer a method for multiple members of a server to listen to the same music at the same time. Songs from YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms can be found by Discord music bots and play them in a Discord voice channel.

At last, no matter what bot you go for as long as you have love and the fun that these features provide. 

How To Play Music On Discord?

How To Play Music On Discord

Listening to music on Discord is as easy as baking bread. All you need to do is head to the website of your particular bot and seek the commands. 

An alternate way to check commands is via your Discord server. Enter – help for Groovy and similarly for every other bot. It’ll then give instructions for checking the commands for that bot.

Then, in your server post joining a voice channel, enter that command along with a link to a piece of music or the name, if your bot permits that the bot will join the voice channel and start streaming music.

You are also allowed to listen to one music on repeat by entering the – loop track command. You set your entire playlist on the loop by the command-loop queue. Turn it off by – looping off.

If you wish to add another song to your playlist, just use the same command and Groovy will add that particular song next to the list. You can view your queue using the – queue command.

How To Add A Music Bot To Discord?

How To Add A Music Bot To Discord

Adding a music bot to your server is an easy process and requires only one tap. Head to the official website of whatever music bot you desire to add. Next, all you have to do is tap on the Add To Discord button.

This will then lead you to a page where it’ll demand you to enter a server and also a list of a few things that are necessary.

Just select a server you want to add the bot from the drop-down menu and tap on continue.

Next, you have to give proof of your humanity and that’s it. The bot then will be added to your chosen server. You’ll find it on the right of the member’s section. If you cannot find any members area then just tap on the Members tab in the upper-right of the screen to view all the members on the server.

Best Discord Music Bots

Best Discord Music Bots

If you’re creating a playlist for your gaming nights with peers or if you’re in need of some background music for a group study, music converts Discord into a home for precious sounds. 

Here are the best music bots for Discord, explore and enjoy :

1. Rythm

Rythm is the first bot from the list of the Best Discord Music Bots. It was designed for the purpose of providing the users easy and fast access to their music collection on Discord so that they don’t get time to invest their time out of the game.

It provides a greater number of features than any other bot related to this service with continuous updates so that it keeps giving the best quality music as always. With short and particular commands so that you may not get lost typing special letters. 

You can try any music command by using this bot from lists, loops, lyrics, and shuffle to even hear your very own YouTube Playlist. 


  1. At present, there are 10 Million Discord servers connected with this bot. 
  2. Offer free High-Quality music streaming in real-time.
  3. Rythm by default sets your songs from the lists once the list guild list.
  4. It gets you the lyrics of the currently playing.

2. Vexera

It’s another free music bot to increase the Discord experience for you. It provides a lag-free music playboy with High Quality. There are 300,000+ parts of Vexera bot Discord servers at present which shows how much it’s loved by its users.

It’s a multipurpose bot, with music it also offers automatic Greeting and Farewell texts to every joining and leaving member, other than that it also provides moderation.


  1. With streaming commands, it also offers other management commands.
  2. Allow easy playback from the WebPanel or via Discord commands.

3. Octave

It’s a free and four years old Discord Music Bot. It was initially known as Gnar. Octave is just like other music bots. It also provides hassle-free music streaming from all big sources like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Mixer.

This allows you to allot different roles to different users so that it makes it simple for you to conduct and allow different access roles to different users.


  1. It’s 4 years old and since then 600,000 servers have joined this bot.
  2. It offers its users 21 different playback commands and supports searches and even streams.
  3. An advantage is that you are allowed to add this bot to your server in one tap.

4. Fredboat

Fredboat: Best Discord Music Bots

It’s one of the user’s personal favorite free music bots. Initially, it was made for smaller servers, but now it allows systems a permission system to keep trolls away. It’s like Spotify in Discord. It can play music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Even Twitch, and SoundCloud.

It allows you to make your personal playlist which you can play from Discord by entering one single command. You can also stream live streams from Twitch and YouTube.


  1. It has a built-in search system, so instead of using YouTube links, you can directly search inside the Discord.
  2. It’s a secure and open-source bot, which makes it competent and trustworthy.

5. Groovy

Another bot on the list of the Best Discord Music Bots has to be Groovy.

It’s an easy-to-use Discord music bot that sharply focuses on high-quality music and easy operation.

Groovy also offers lag-free music streaming. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the music or lags while listening to the music while playing games and chilling side by side with your friends.

Groovy has a huge huge variety of commands which will allow you to do a number of activities with the Groovy music bot. You can play music with the help of a link from YouTube, Spotify, Mixer, or any other big platform or you can search for the song by just entering the name after the Play Command. You are also allowed to create playlists, set songs on loop, shuffle your playlist, read lyrics, etc. 


  1. Offers Premium Version.
  2. Provides extra audio manipulating commands.
  3. The Premium Plan starts ranging from as little as $3.99, $5.99, and $7.99/month.
  4. You can add your Groovy bot to as many servers as you wish.
  5. You have got the option to pay for the entire year to avoid billing issues.

6. MEE6

MEE6 is the most diverse Discord Music Bot with many more features. It lets you play smooth and fast, High-Quality music. It also offers great auto-moderation to keep your server safe from toxicity, trolls, and abusive language by auto muting, banning users according to the server’s specific set of instructions.


  1. Offers greeting texts to new members on the server.
  2. Allows you to create custom commands.
  3. Grants auto-roles and has an XP system to see how much a user is live.
  4. Highly customizable administration to save your server from spam and toxic users.
  5. Easy to set up announcement plugin.

7. BMO 

Another one on the list of the Best Discord Music Bots is BMO.

Adventure-Time Character inspired the development of Music Bot BMO. This music bot is fun to use and offers the features of a high level of bot. It’s best to liven up your server especially if it has a general chat chamber.


  1. Lag-free and smooth High-Quality music.
  2. Mini-chat games to make a user’s time on your server more fun.
  3. NSFW commands for those channels as well.
  4. The bot is also DMCA protected which means it’s not violating any copyright laws.

8. Mantaro

Mantaro: Best Discord Music Bots

It’s like the other bots mentioned earlier, offers great quality music streaming from all big sources. Mantaro bot is evergreen for anime lovers on an anime Discord server. It has everything you need to make it entertaining, fun and interactive even if users are not playing the game and just chatting instead.


  1. It has multiple features, from a currency system to mining activities, chopping, gifts fishing, XP, etc.
  2. Birthday roles and announcements.
  3. Anime and character lookup command.
  4. It also offers RP commands for all RP lovers.

There are a number of more bots present out there but from our suggestion, these are the best Discord music bots. These are the most famous and trustworthy bots in terms of High-Quality music.

Wrapping Up

We’ve mentioned and detailed the eight Best Discord Music Bots. There are many other bots that offer flawless music on Discord servers but according to research and results, these are the best Discord bots ever made for music streaming and none of the other bots can function as these do.

Do check back the list out to know which are the best Discord music bots and let us know which one is your favorite among the given options in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Happened To Rythm Bot?

Ans. It shut down its operations because it received notices from YouTube. Fortunately, there are many alternatives available in the above-given list.

Q2. What Happened To Groovy Bot?

Ans. Just like Rythm Bot, Groovy Bot also started receiving notices from YouTube and has to cease operations.

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