Netflix Discord Bot | How To Install?

netflix discord bot

Discord has become one of the most used and happening things on the internet now. Every now and then new servers and bots are created to entertain Discord users. You can stream movies, series, and games, and chat or do voice calls via Discord. The latest thing on Discord is Netflix Discord Bot. 

Yes, you read that right. Netflix Discord Bot is the new update for Discord users. In a tweet, Netflix officially launched their bot for Discord. Netflix launched a Discord bot that lets you watch films with your friends. 

Let’s dig in deep and know what the Netflix Discord bot is and how to use it. Keep Reading! 

What Is Netflix Discord Bot?

The Netflix Discord bot was announced via the Netflix Twitter account. The short video explained in the tweet that gave users a brief idea of how the Discord bot works. The Netflix Discord bot makes it easier for Discord users to discover new series and movies to watch together, depending on their location. Just type hey Netflix discord bot and you can use the Netflix discord bot.

What Does Netflix Discord Bot Do?

The Netflix Discord bot will let you pick the best Netflix movies or TV shows and stream them within Discord to watch with friends or family. It will make a new thread, so all participants can discuss the same with text messages. You need to click on the link of the movie/ TV series and watch it in your own browser individually. 

How To Install Netflix Discord Bot? 

To install Netflix discord bot > discord account > server > server name > app directory > hey netflix > add server > text channel > /heynetflix 

Step 1: Open your Discord account

Step 2: Go to your Discord server 

Netflix Discord Bot

Step 3: Click on your server name on the top left corner

Step 4: Select server settings 

Netflix Discord Bot

Step 5: Click on app directory

Netflix Discord Bot

Step 6: Search for “Hey Netflix” in-app directory 

Netflix Discord Bot

Step 7: Click on “Add to Server” to install the Discord bot

Netflix Discord Bot

Step 8: Once the Discord bot has been installed, head to a text channel on your server.

Step 9: Type “/heynetflix” and press Enter.

Now, follow along with the on-screen instruction to choose whether you wish to watch a movie or TV show, choose your location, and then one of the movies or TV shows recommended by Netflix. 

To Sum Up 

The Netflix discord bot is new but according to me it’s worthless as all users in this Discord watch party will need to have an active Netflix subscription of their own and if you don’t have your own Netflix subscription you can not join the watch party. This was all about hey Netflix discord bot. Keep following Deasilex for more Discord news and don’t forget to comment. 

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