Best Food and Drinks Apps 2021

Best food and drinks apps 2021

I guess it’s kind of a difficult task to survive without these best food and drinks apps when we are outside and have less time to cook anything for us. Here i am with the best food and drink apps 2021 from where you can order delicious food.

Cooking is an art, and not everyone is pro at that. I guess its difficult to cook food every day for your whole life. Everyone needs these best food and drinks apps in their life to make their life’s bit interesting and to make it a little bearable.

As there are many food and drinks app for 2021 and choosing the best app is excellent for you. You can easily order food from these apps, and the best food and drinks apps include:

  • Starbucks
  • Sandwich Factory
  • Panda Express
  • Uber Eats: Food deliver
  • DoorDash- Food deliver
  • Postmates- local restaurant delivery
  • Budget Bytes

You can use these best food and drinks apps to order your favorite food, and these are available for your iOS as well as your android device. You can also learn about their features by reading further about these apps.

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Best Food and Drinks Apps 2021

I am here with the best features of these best foods and drinks apps just for you. So choose wisely according to your need and requirement.


Best foods and drinks apps 2021
source- Women’s Health

I guess everyone out there loves Starbucks just like me, so they need to have this application on their device. This app also has the feature that you can pay through this at any Starbucks cafe and skip the line and enjoy your time by paying from the Starbucks app.

You can also place your order from the app and pick the item from your nearby store. It helps you in managing your digital Starbucks card. There is also an option of adding money to your Starbucks digital card with the help of this app.

You can also see your recent purchases in the Starbucks app. You can also earn rewards in case you have earned any. Pay from the app and earn various exciting rewards for free food and drinks.

Sandwich Factory

best food and drinks apps 2021
source- TripAdvisor

It is also one of the best food and drinks apps to order your favorite sandwich and other delicious food items. There is a complete menu of sandwiches in the sandwich factory app. There is also a variety of delicious foods on the menu that you can order and choose what you want to order.

You can also track your food, and this feature is called real-time tracking. You can also save multiple addresses in your account in the app.

Panda Express

best food and drinks apps 2021
source- Kokomo Perspective

You can order your favorite food directly from wherever you want from this Panda express app. It is so easy to use. Just open the app select the best food and drinks you want to have, and order it in minutes.

You can also save your favorite dish in the app and quickly order them. I case you’re getting late to pick up your order and unable to pick it, there is nothing to worry about. You can pick it up from the store.

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Uber Eats

best food and drinks apps 2021
source- The Spoon

According to Forbes, This app works in more than 20 countries, and it comes under the best food and drinks apps. You need to search for your favorite food from your favorite restaurant or cuisine, such as pizza, burger, etc. and place the order. You can track your order by using the real-time tracking feature.

If your order is inadequately packaged, then you can refund your order by just going through the app. There is also a premium feature of Uber Eats, and that is Eats Pass in which you get free delivery and 5% off on your order that are costing more than $15. If you want a monthly subscription to eats to pass, you need to pay $9.99 per month. Subscribers of Eats Pass also get $0 delivery and 5% off on over $15.

The rating of uber eats is 4.5 on google play store.


Best food and drinks apps 2021
Source- Chicago Tribune

It is one of the excellent and best food and drinks apps of 2021. There are more than 310,000 menus in the app. There are also many app features, like schedule deliveries, real-time tracking, and many more. In schedule deliveries, you can order something in advance. In real time tracking, you can track your order and know where your order has reached.

It offers a feature of no contact delivery. You can pick up your order anytime, and in case you’re unable to pick up your order, then just drop a request of no contact delivery. The dasher will leave your order at any safe place or your doorstep. There is a premium feature as Door pass in doorDash. You get $0 fees on the order you place.

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Best food and drinks apps 2021
source- The Verge

This app is working in more than 4.200 cities and also has a real-time feature of tracking your order you placed. Many brands like Sweetfin, Blazer Pizza, Cheeseburger, Alfred Coffee, Trejo’s Tacos, House of Chicken, etc. are all there on the app.

You can also get delivery from a Cheesecake Factory, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Burger King, Del Taco, McDonald’s, and many more. There is also an unlimited membership of the app in which you get free delivery on orders at $12. You can have unlimited membership at $9.99 per month.

The ratings of Postmates is 4.6 on the google play store.

Budget Bytes

best food and drinks apps 2021
source- Smarty Cents

This is the best food and drinks apps that provide a recipe under a small budget and is one of the best apps. There are more than 500 recipes on the app by all the famous bloggers like Beth Moncel. This app also gives you step by step instructions from Beth. There is also a voice assistant to guide you.

The recipes are designed at a low budget and relatively easy to make. You can filter the recipes according to your budget. It is available at $2.99 from the Appstore.

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All these were the best food and drinks apps that you can have on your device and order food anytime and anywhere you want. These apps make our life relatively easy, and that’s why they are on the list of best food and drinks apps 2021.

Featured Image Credits- Healthline

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