Best Free Plagiarism Checkers You Don’t Want to Miss in 2023

Best Free Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism is one of the severe accusations that can tarnish the reputation of an individual. Whether you are a student, essayist, or author, just a hint of plagiarism can negatively impact your grades or livelihood. While we understand that issues like improper citations are not intentional, it does cause problems.

Thus, it is always necessary to ensure that your content is free from plagiarism. So you need to use the best free plagiarism checker online to detect plagiarism in your content.

You should type or paste your content (or a portion of it) and scan it to check if there’s any copied text in your content. 

Why should you use a plagiarism checker?

It would be better if you used a plagiarism checker to ensure your work is unique. Generally, writing a dissertation or academic paper takes extensive research, analysis, writing, revising, and proofreading. It takes a great time and tremendous effort to complete the task. So, no one want their effort to go in vain because of plagiarism issues.

Usually, plagiarism is not intentional by most students. Those issues can be due to ignorance or misunderstanding of what constitutes plagiarism. For instance, you may require to quote a specific statement made by a scientist for your research paper, but writing the exact text/statement amounts to plagiarism. To avoid such issues, you’ll have to use citations.

When you use a plagiarism checker tool, these issues will be uncovered so that you can rectify them at the earliest. Here are some great reasons why you must use a plagiarism checker:

  • Plagiarism checkers highlight the plagiarized portions of the text by scanning the content against thousands of web pages.
  • The tool will display the originality or uniqueness of the overall text in percentage.
  • Most plagiarism detection software also detects poorly paraphrased text.

Now that you know why using a plagiarism checker is essential, let us guide you through some best plagiarism detection tools available online:

Best Free Plagiarism Checker For Students

1. Free Plagiarism Checker for Students by CheapestEssay

This is one of the most excellent free plagiarism checking tools available to students and professionals. The interface is quite easy to use, and you can access it without downloading it. All you have to do is paste or drop your material into the interface, which will scan it for plagiarism.

The content you paste is checked against various sources for features such as word choice, matched phrases, and lexical frequencies. Furthermore, the platform filters out statistically popular phrases for a valuable result. You can view the proportion of similar text and the uniqueness of your content by downloading the report.

2. Quetext

This is another free plagiarism checker tool to check the content for plagiarism. It scans your work rapidly using complex algorithms while keeping it secret so that no other tool or person can locate it online.

The software accurately examines your work using DeepSearch technology to conduct word placement and contextual analysis.

Quetext provides quick, precise scans, which is why it is favored by students, educators, and other professionals. You can scan up to 2,500 words or five pages of documents using the free plagiarism checker’s fuzzy matching, ColorGrade feedback feature, contextual analysis, and conditional scoring.

3. Unicheck

Unicheck is another excellent free plagiarism checker that will assist you in achieving authenticity in your schoolwork. The checker provides speedy checking and assists millions of users from over 90 nations worldwide in testing their files for plagiarism in as little as four seconds.

It is ideal for students and other individuals, professionals, and enterprises. The tool offers real-time search, bulk uploads, and a Google Docs add-on function, allowing you to check your work as you write online.

Unicheck also identifies citations and similarities, as well as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace add-ons, which are essential when you want to save time or acquire convenient ways to check your work.

4. Small SEO Tools

This website provides free tools on its site, and the plagiarism checker is one among them. You can type the text into the scanner or upload a document from your storage to be scanned for plagiarized or copied information.

When the scan is completed, you’ll be given a percentage of how original or distinctive your content is. If there are any copied texts, those sentences and phrases will be highlighted in red, and those lines will not pass plagiarism checks.

The application uses sophisticated features to analyze billions of web pages online for matching material and gives you the option to recreate the content in one click instantly. You can submit a variety of document types to check for plagiarism.

This application is free and is available in various languages. It supports cloud storage, allowing you to specify where your content is – Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. And it will detect the mirrored content as well.

5. Viper

Viper is another free plagiarism checker for students that is straightforward, strong, and quick. The software is intended for students, corporations, teachers, and other professionals and is created with speed, simplicity, and effectiveness.

You can use it in your web browser to monitor, detect, and reduce plagiarism in your documents and efforts. The software searches 10 billion internet sources, including books, essays, journals, and other online sources. You can use the tool indefinitely.

Just put your document through the scanner to receive a proportion of the work that is plagiarized or unique before submitting your work.


These are the top 5 plagiarism checkers that you can use online. There are many more tools that one can avail of as per their requirements. You can use these to achieve your academic and career goals. Your mind would also beg a question on whether using an essay service is considered cheating? So do check out that blog too.  

Author’s Name and Description: Cathlyn, an academic content writer with 8+ years of experience. The writer is passionate about writing and has extensive knowledge in academic writing and technical writing.

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