7 Best Medical Apps for PC in 2023

best medical apps for pc in 2021;

Here, in this article, I have mentioned the 7 best medical apps for PC that will allow you to learn something new about medical subjects.

With the help of these apps, you can learn a lot more about medical topics, especially if you are a medical student and work most of the time on your PC. All these medical apps are easily accessible from the Microsoft Store.

The best medical apps for PC in 2023 are

  1. Complete Anatomy 2023
  2. DICOM Viewer Essential
  3. Offline Medical Dictionary
  4. Dental Expert Free
  5. Medical MCQs Free
  6. The Dental Directory Free
  7. Visual Acupuncture 3D – Human

All these medical apps are free to download but each app comes with a unique feature and is different in size. To know more about these PC medical apps, read the full article.

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7 Best Medical Apps for PC in 2023

Each of the below-listed medical apps is easily available on the Microsoft Store to download. In addition, all these apps are totally free of cost.

Complete Anatomy 2023

best medical apps for pc in 2021; Complete Antonomy 2021
Credit: Microsoft Store

Complete Anatomy 2023 is one of the best medical apps for PC that features radiology and is specially made for learning and remote teaching. It is the world’s most advanced, most accurate, and best-selling 3D anatomy software, with amazing technology, models, and content.

Additional info about Complete Anatomy 2023

Published by: 3D4Medical

Copyright: Copyright © 2015 3D4Medical, LLC. All rights reserved.

Developed by: 3D4Medical from Elsevier

Release date: 12/6/2016

Approximate size: 2.22 GB 

DICOM Viewer Essential

best medical apps for pc in 2021; DICOM Viewer Essential
Credit: Microsoft Store

With this software, it becomes easy to view and manipulate medical images as it comes with an intuitive user interface and a good cost-benefit of the market. This medical app provides the quality and productivity that every medical professional need. Dicom Viewer is easily available on the Microsoft Store to download.

Additional info about DICOM Viewer Essential

Published by: Medical Harbour

Copyright: All rights reserved © 2019

Developed by: Medical Harbour

Release date: 6/17/2019

Approximate size: 443.01 MB

Offline Medical Dictionary

best medical apps for pc in 2021; offline medical dictionary
Credit: Microsoft Store

It is one of the best medical apps for PC that features an offline medical dictionary with over 30,000 definitions and is suitable for all specialties of medical sciences. This application is very easy to use. You can use it simply as you use your everyday dictionary. 

Additional info about Offline Medical Dictionary

Published by: IQ Doctor

Developed by: IQ Doctor

Release date: 2/1/2016

Approximate size: 19.29 MB

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Dental Expert Free

best medical apps for pc in 2021; Dental Expert Free
Credit: Microsoft Store

Dental Expert is the best medical app that you can use for Dental Studies. It provides various tools to study and master your subjects along with enjoyment during the process of learning. It also offers a huge collection of topics that covers complete Dental studies and basics from Medical studies. You can search for your desired topic in this app and get answers quickly.

Additional info about Dental Expert Free

Published by: MvsLogic

Developed by: MvsLogic

Release date: 1/30/2017

Approximate size: 20.64 MB

Medical MCQs Free

best medical apps for pc in 2021; Medical MCQs Free
Credit: Microsoft Store

Medical MCQs is the best medical app for PC that is designed for a quick revision of medical topics. If you are a medical student or preparing for various PrePG exams, then you should use this app. It is also useful for medical doctors and teachers. Medical MCQs have over 29,000 multiple choice questions of various medical subjects.

Additional info about Medical MCQs Free

Published by: Dr. Atul Tiwari (India)

Copyright: (c) Dr. Atul Tiwari

Developed by: Dr. Atul Tiwari (India)

Release date: 4/6/2017

Approximate size: 29.18 MB

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The Dental Directory Free

best medical apps for pc in 2021; The Dental Directory Free
Credit: Microsoft Store

The Dental Directory’s Free is one of the best medical apps for PC that you can use in 2023. It is a fast and simple ordering tool for every dental practice. You can easily access the latest products at the very best prices that are backed by the Price Match guarantee.

Additional info about the Dental Dictionary Free app

Published by: The Dental Directory

Copyright: Copyright © 2016 Billericay Dental Supply Co Ltd

Developed by: The Dental Directory

Release date: 9/14/2016

Approximate size: 18.55 MB

Visual Acupuncture 3D – Human

best medical apps for pc in 2021; Visual Acupuncture 3D - Human
Credit: Microsoft Store

If you want to study acupressure or acupuncture visually and interactively, then this PC app is for you. With this app, you will be getting a good feel for the flow of meridian channels and their point locations. It Includes a complete interactive 3D anatomy model that can be interactively edited.

Additional info about Visual Acupuncture 3D

Published by: GraphicVizion

Copyright: GraphicViZion

Release date: 4/8/2017

Approximate size: 245.53 MB

Age rating: For all ages

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All these are the best medical apps for PC that you can download and install on your PC in 2023 in order to learn something new related to health and wellness.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Store

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