Best Mobile Payment Apps for iOS 2021

best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021

You can get everything here on the internet in this technology world. You can go for online shopping to even online food and also find a partner for yourself online. So why not to go for the mobile payments. It’s time for us to upgrade and find the best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021.

With the mobile payment apps, you no need to worry about anything like your forget to carry your wallet or anything. You can easily make a payment anywhere with these best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021.

Everything can be done quickly with these best mobile payment apps for iOS. You can send money to anyone who is in need. Some of the best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021 are

1.Apple Pay
3.Level Up

All these best mobile payment apps for iOS are explained in detail with their features, pros, and cons, so have a look at them and choose the best app for yourself.

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Best Mobile Payment Apps for iOS

All these apps are on the list of best mobile payment apps for iOS because of the unique features they provide to the users. All these apps have excellent user reviews and are downloaded by millions of users.

Apple Pay

best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021
source- Computerworld

It is one of the best mobile payment apps for iOS with all the full and best featured NFC payment in the market today. Its services is available in more than 55 countries.

Users can also store their credit card, prepaid card or debit card in the app and then later they can make purchases with these cards at any physical store, inside an app or online. There is also potion of storing electronic cash in apple cash to load some money from a credit card, debit card or a bank account.

Features of Apple Pay

  • You can store your tokenized cards here.
  • There is also an electronic cash store.
  • You can use the cash account using iMessage or Siri.
  • It is a password-protected app with face recognition or fingerprint scan.
  • There is in-store payments.
  • You can make P2P payments.


  • Sometimes there is a software failure.
  • There is no online shopping support.


best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021
source- Barron’s

When it comes to best mobile payment apps for iOS, Paypal remains the king there as it started in the early days of internet payments. A lot many users have signed up here from that time. It has a total of 361 million active users and makes it challenging to ignore online payments.

You can use a PayPal account by linking its credit card or bank account to PayPal. If you receive your money into PayPal account, then the funds will be kept there indefinitely, and it can be transferred to a bank account, and you can also use PayPal debit MasterCard.

Features of PayPal

  • It has a million active users so you can easily rely on the app.
  • It has a web dashboard and a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android device.
  • Users can use a fast checkout option called one-touch used for login and auto-filling of billing information.
  • It can also be linked to your Google Pay and Samsung pay.
  • There is In-Store Payments available via Google Pay.
  • There is eCommerece and In-app Payments.
  • You can make P2P payments.


  • It is not known for its customer service. Getting assistance is not easy on this app.
  • Though it is not globally available, it doesn’t have many currencies for the transaction.

Level Up

best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021
source- dccd

With this app, you can pay for any services using your mobile phone. It is free to use the app and used by many people. The app charges for customer acquisition and sometimes for business programs. To use this app, you need a card with a custom QR code. You also need a level Up scanner. It is famous for combine payment and loyalty functionality in one interface.

Features of Level up

  • It doesn’t ask for minimum value amount to be there in the account of the app.
  • It comes with a map so that you can easily see where you last spend your money.
  • It also offers 1% cashback on debit transactions.
  • It comes with push notifications for transaction, refunds etc.


  • The whole system works online, and it is not a bank.

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best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021
source- Azimo Blog

Azimo app helps you to send money in more than 80 currencies. You can send money to more than 200 countries. It allows you to send money immediately without delay. It may take some time to reflect the transaction. The time taken in making a transaction purely depends on the location. It is a friendly app, and you can make your first two transactions free. It allows small business companies to pay on an international level.

Features of Azimo

  • It accepts all major credit cards and debit cards.
  • It is too free to use the app.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • It is an FCA regulated service.
  • It facilitates cross border transactions.


  • This app is available for sign-in for only Europeans


best mobile payment apps for iOS 2021
source- Coinspeaker

It is an app that offers full payment options. You can go for significant transactions to just your personal shoppings. It is always there to help you with everything. It accepts all kinds of payments. It also supports various platforms such as American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, direct debit, visa and Samsung pay.

Features of Adyen

  • It supports all your international transaction.
  • You can avail reward points and loyalty gift.
  • You can use this app to send money anywhere.
  • It is useful for bill payments.


  • It requires minimum monthly invoice of $120
  • It may take up three days to transfer your fund.

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All these are the best mobile payment apps for iOS will help you make easy payments through your device and the most secured payment. iF you are looking for your android device, then there is also the best mobile payment apps for android.

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