Best Photo Editing Android Apps 2021

Best Photo editing android apps 2021

These days phones may come with new cameras and good quality, but sometimes there is a need to edit the picture you took. Photo editing apps are also in trend just like the other apps whether it be streaming app, social media app or anything. There are many best photo editing android apps 2021 you can use and edit your image according to your requirement. Photo editing apps help you when you don’t like your image, but you want to upload it somewhere. So best photo editing android apps 2021 are there to help you with that.

When I searched for myself, I installed many and used many but still I was not satisfied with many of them. So I made a list of the most useful so that I get the fantastic features. I guess the same goes for you while choosing the photo editing apps for yourself. Maybe you too have installed many but didn’t fInd what you need. So let me tell you there is no need to worry about that.

A long list of all the photo editing apps available on play store and choose the best one is quite a difficult task. But in my opinion, the best photo editing android apps 2021 that are great to edit your pictures are Adobe Apps, Airbrush, Enlight Pixaloop, Fotor Photo Editor, Inshot Photo editor Pro, LightX Photo Editor, and PhotoDirector Photo Editor.

I told you about the best editing apps, but they should help you in editing in power like Adobe Lightroom CC, and also there should be a lighter editor that will do all the necessary editing. Also, there are many social media photo editors that add some effects to your pictures. I will tell you about every app like what is special in them and what makes them the best among the other apps. 

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Best photo editing android apps 2021

Choosing the best photo editing apps is not an easy task, but I still managed to put some of them in the list so that you don’t find any difficulty while choosing the photo editing app. There are enough options for you to decide, but you have to look for the best features and the filters they provide. 

Adobe apps

Best photo editing android apps 2021

source- AisplStore

It has enough editing tools from the past several years. There are some of the best apps available in adobe. Some of the best adobe apps you can use are Adobe Photoshop Mix, Adobe Photoshop Express, and Adobe Lightroom. They help you with a variety of things to help you with. It comes under the best photo editing android apps 2021.

You can do all the simple features like removing the red-eye to edit Raw files taken by your DSLR camera or your smartphone. It is updated with several new features. It comes with a subscription of $52.99 per month. 


best photo editing android apps 2021
source- TechTudo

It is also an excellent option for editing photos of people. It focuses on skin smoothing, and you can also remove scars, pimple removing, red-eye removal, teeth and an eye brighter function. You can even turn your picture into something with a blurry background. 

It comes with a camera function and helps you to edit before you take it. You can also get your selfie framed in the camera and apply different effects in the final picture. You can take a subscription for various features to explore, and you can also take a free trial for seven days before you spend your real money. 

Enlight Pixaloop

Best photo editing android apps 2021
source- Multimediasavvy

It is a photography app which gives neat photography and has some useful cool tricks. You can turn your static pictures into GIFs with simple tricks and some swipes. You can add several elements that you did not use anywhere and found on any other app. It makes the overall ambience of the picture a total different. It is one of the best photo editing android apps 2021

It will crop your picture or remove the red-eye. But it can make your photo neater. The only con of this Enlight Pixaloop is that it is quite expensive to use. You have to spend $3.99 for per month or a single $59.99 subscription. 

Fotor Photo Editor

Best photo editing android apps 2021
source- Fotor

It is an elongate time member on the list, and it is an excellent option for you as there are many good reviews for this. There are a lot of editing tools and can enhance your photos. It is one tap tool for your convenience. 

There are many features like cropping, shadowing, highlighting, saturation, contrast, rotate, brightness, tint, temperature, RGB and many other. There are over 100 filters you can apply on your pictures. It’s worth using. You have to log in the app, and also it’s one of the expensive photo editor apps.

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InShot Photo Editor Pro

Best photo editing android apps 2021
source- MEmu

It is a very decent photo editor app. It has a different editing style with tons of other things like stickers, filters and all different effects. It is a store style layout, and here you can choose and pick you to want to download. 

Some of the features are available in pro subscription, but also you can retouch your pictures, cut things, and even crop and all such things you can do freely. It is also available at a reasonable price of $7.99 per year subscription. 

LightX Photo Editor

Best photo editing android apps 2021
source- LightX App

It is one of the upcoming photo editing apps. There are many decent features in this app. It will help you change your background, has colour splash effects, and has tools for colour balance, balance levels, and curve. 

You can also merge your photos, make your pictures blur, collapse your pictures, shape manipulation, and stickers. There are also several bugs. It comes in the top five in the list of best photo editing apps. 

PhotoDirector Photo Editor

best photo editing android apps 2021
source- CyberLink

It is new in the market and has photo editing space and looks pretty good. It focuses more on manual enhancements, and it also gives access to HSL sliders, RGB colour channels, white balance, and more tools to edit your photos. 

You can also tone your pictures, make it brighter or darker, and expose and contrast more depth editing. It’s compelling and suitable for those who want something other than filters

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