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Photos are the most precious thing, and we don’t want to let them go so easily. When your photo is got corrupted, then you might have many questions in your mind. You hunt for every reliable step to get it back. There is much malware that creates several issues and corrupts your data. A lot of people these days complain about the image being corrupt, like having color changes, gray box and split images. There are many reasons for damaging JPEG files, but you can rectify them by using photo repair tools. Here in this article, you are going to learn about the steps to recover your jpeg files from any kind of damages through WondershareRepairit.

Part 1: Types of Images Corruption 

  1. Corrupted file system

In this case, when you save your picture on a device, then the system crash down andrepair corrupt photo.

  1. Data degradation

As time goes, the hard drive started losing its magnetic orientation due to heat and humidity, which degrades the media files.

  1. Silent data corruptions

Silent data corruption usually occurs at the time of reading/write operation. This is also popular as the undetected data correction.

  1. Interruption in data transmission

When the process of transferring is corrupted, then it may delete your images or turn them into corrupt files.

  1. Bad storage media

The bad sectors are occurred due to the magnetic disc. It makes the storage space inaccessible and needs photo repair software for recovery.

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Part 2: How to repair corrupted photos with WondershareRepairit

The WondershareRepairit is the major software that helps you to recover the video as well as image files in a better condition. It is widely popular among natives for repairing damaged and corrupted media files. This is compatible with both Mac & windows. It supports multiple formats and makes them resolve with just three easy steps. It repairs photos and videos of different devices including the memory cards, drones, mobile phones, camera, USB sticks and other. Anyone can fix the 200MB video files without signing up. Currently, it has 150 million users worldwide, and the number is increasing each day.

Specifications of WondershareRepairit

  • Supported OS: Windows7, 8, and 10/ macOS 10.9, 10.15
  • Language support: Spanish, English, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Korean, Dutch, and Portuguese. 
  • Available disk space: 700 MB minimum space required
  • Available storage devices: External hard drive, USB flash drive, Memory card, Camera, SD card, and internal hard disks.

Features of WondershareRepairit

  1. Advanced photo repair facility: Throughrepair corrupt photo software, you can repair image files that are in critical conditions like grey areas, blurry images, and fragments.
  2. Supports popular formats: It supports popular formats like JPEG, JPG, CR3, CR2, NEF, NRW, RAF, DNG, ARW, GPRwith an instant photo repairing facility.
  3. Time-save: Here, a user can upload multiple image files and get them repaired all at once. 
  4. Preview repaired pics: You can preview the pictures after repairing them and save them in any location. 
  5. User-friendly interface: It has an amazing interface. It has the power to repair a video without damaging the original quality with utmost security technology. 

If you want to achieve all the above-discussed features in a singlephoto repair platform, then WondershareRepairit will be perfect for you. It is available at the starting price of 39.99 USD/month for windows users and 49.99 USD/month for MacOs users. 

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A step by step guide for beginners

So, the very first step to use this software is to launch it on your device and then go through this.

Repair photos on windows/mac: 

Step1: Add damaged image files: After launching the software on your device, you have to open it and start loading the damaged files. You can do this by a tap on the add button and select all the image files that you want to recover.

Once you upload the image files, you will get the information of photo size, resolution, and thumbnails, and all on your windows display. 

Step2: Repair it & preview it: Now, you have to click on the repair button and wait for the result. It takes some time to fix the pictures by using its algorithm. Once the repair is done, you will get a message on display. To check the results, you have to click on the preview button. 

Now you can check the repaired image. In case if you are don’t love the pictures and meets the standards image, tap on the advance repair button and wait for the results. 

Step3Save the picture: Once you are done with this, you can save the picture and export it into your favorite path. Don’t save the file in the same path where you have lost this. The steps for macOS users are quite similar to this.

Part 3: Tips to avoid photo corruption

  1. To avoid photo corruption, make sure that the photo viewer is compatible with your device. If it is not compatible, then You should install or update the latest version on your device.
  2. The best way to get relief from photo corruption is to keep updated backup files. It will be better if you have multiple backups in multiple locations.
  3. Always use the correct way to insert & eject media. Always wait and let the computer finish its task properly.
  4. If you have a corrupted file, then you can repair it through WondershareRepairit. Make sure that your system has a consistent power supply. 
  5. Avoid working or edit the original files so that your photos could be saved from any losses.

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Closing Words

Most of the time, our photos get damaged due to multiple reasons, and we look for ways to retrieve the pictures. Losing a picture means losing a part or phase of your life that you lost. Photo & videos are an important part of our life, and we feel sad when we lost them, right? But now, there is no need to feel sorry because you can repair corrupt photos or corrupt videos within minutes through WondershareRepairit.

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