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8 Best Portuguese Food Youtube Channels | Vegan And Vegetarian Channels

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Have you read the book “Livro de Cozinha da Infanta D. Maria de Portugal” well it is a portugese book written in the 16th century. The book tells about the Portuguese food that was full of fish, Meat, and Poultry. But, today who has the time to read a whole damn book for knowing the food culture of the country. We have different Portuguese food youtube channels for this purpose.

The Portuguese consume bread with their meals, different varieties of bread can be found in Portugal. The Portugal people believe in hunting and eating their major cuisine is pork, beef, poultry that they get from hunting. They also consume seafood like fish, lobsters, prawns, etc. Moving to the dessert part what they like the most is the Cake. We have listed various Portuguese food youtube channels that will take you to Portuguese cuisine in more detail.

The best Portuguese food youtube channels are 

Name Of Channels Subscribers
Tia Maria’s Blog 4.07 K
A Cozinha Verde 6.26 K
Pure Food Recipes 623
VegTube 256 K
Marinando 72.5 K
Vegetarirango 438 K
Presunto Vegetariano 540 K

These are the best Portuguese food youtube channels that you can follow if you wish to get food tutorial lessons in the Portuguese language. Subscribe to them to learn the best Portuguese food recipes.

Portuguese food youtube channels

Portuguese Food Youtube Channels - portugese cusine

If you wish to please your family with delicious Portuguese food then have a look at these Portuguese youtube channels. If you are vegetarian we have mentioned the vegetarian Portuguese food youtube channels as well.

Tia Maria’s Blog

Tia Maria’s Blog is one of the best Portuguese food youtube channels. The channel brings the best Portugal food recipes and the ways to cook them. The channel was started in 2011 and has been consistent with the content quality and recipes. The lady Youtuber provides the video tutorials and teaches how to cook the food as well. In addition, she travels to the streets of Portugal and gives her reviews on street food.

Subscribers: 4.07 K

Joined On: 16 March 2011

Views: 704,418

Instagram: @tiamariasblog


A Cozinha Verde

A Cozinha Verde is one of the Vegan Portuguese food youtube channels. The channel inspires people to go on the Vegan diet. The channel was started back in 2014 and has been uploading the ways to make the vegan diet with fruits and vegetables. The channel covers everything that we eat from breakfast to dinner all in the vegan Style. The channel will not only teach you how to cook delicious Portuguese food but also the proper ways to present them. 

Subscribers: 6.26 K

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Joined On: 26 May 2014

Views: 122,058

Instagram: @acozinhaverde

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Pure Food Recipes

Pure food recipes are one of the healthy living teachings of Portuguese food youtube channels. The channel is named Pure Living and teaches how to live a healthy and prosperous life in coordination with nature and living beings. The channel is a pure vegetarian channel and contains videos that teach how to eat healthily and stay fit. The channel was started in 2015 and is operated from Portugal. The channel has teaching tutorials for vegetarian portegues food.

Subscribers: 623

Joined On: 18 August 2015 

Views: 9,732


Business Enquiry: [email protected]


Veg Tube

Vegtube is one of the most famous vegan Portuguese food youtube channels. The channel teaches the simplest way to make vegan and vegetarian food. The Youtuber is famous because it helps to make Portugal dishes with the ingredients easily available at home. If you are a vegan food lover then the channel is best for you. 

Subscribers: 256 K

Joined On: 04 March 2015

Views: 9,507,648

Instagram: @vegtube

Business Enquiry: [email protected]



Marinando is one of the best Portuguese food youtube channels that is run by the Youtuber Marina Person. The Youtuber teaches the quick, healthy, and easy ways to cook the vegetarian diet. The Youtuber posts the video tutorial every Monday. The channel was started in 2013 and is hugely popular among vegetarians.

Subscribers: 72.5 K

Joined On: 03 May 2013

Views: 3,226,506

Instagram: @marinaperson


Vegetarirango is one of the vegetarian Portuguese food youtube channels. You can find the channel on Youtube with the name Flavio Giusti. The channel is a vegetarian cooking program. The channel was started in 2012 and has got 25,848,637 views to date. The youtube teaches how to cook vegan dishes and desserts in the simplest and the easy ways.

Subscribers: 438 K

Joined On: 09 September 2012

Views: 25,848,637

Instagram: @vegetarirango


Presunto Vegetariano

Presunto Vegetariano is one of the best Portuguese food youtube channels. The channel is the perfect spot to find vegetarian and vegan recipes. The recipes are practical, nutritional, and healthy. The channel was started in 2011.

Subscribers: 540 K

Joined On: 07 December 2011

Views: 30,958,015

Instagram: @presuntovegetariano


Business Enquiry: [email protected]


These are the best Portuguese food youtube channels that can be found on youtube with ease. You can subscribe to these channels to know the best Portugal cuisines and cook them for your family. Don’t forget to write your reviews in the comments section.

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