Best Screen Recorders For PC Users

Best Screen Recorders For PC Users

Screen recording is a tool that almost everyone needs for something or the other. However, popular operating systems like Windows don’t provide a good inbuilt solution for you to do so. Even if they do provide software that performs the task, they lack other essential features of a screen recorder. Which then forces the user to look for other software to fulfill their needs. A screen recorder needs to have many other utilities for a good user experience except an easy screen recording utility.

If you are someone dealing with the problem above, then you are at the right place. Today, we’ll be talking about some of the best screen recorders that you can have on your PC. These screen recorders have something for everyone.

They all have a good set of basic features and the only thing differentiating them is their UI and some features that will prove good for certain users. So, without further ado, here are the best screen recorders for PC users.

Wondershare Filmora

If you are even remotely connected to the video editing industry, then you must have heard of Filmora. It is a video editor which gained great popularity in the last 3 years. You might be asking, why are we talking about a video editor when we are looking for a screen recorder? Well, because Wondershare Filmora with its recent updates has installed a screen recording feature that allows the user to record their screen with a few simple clicks. 

Most users that record their screens need to use them for editing purposes. Hence, this software becomes our number 1 choice as it provides you with the best of both worlds. You can import the recorded video directly into a Filmora project or you can export it to any location you want. You will also be able to perform any necessary edits that you may require ASAP. Even if you are a beginner, Filmora’s intuitive user interface allows you to perform basic tasks with ease. One more advantage that you get is that Filmora is available on multiple operating systems. So, if you are a MAC user, you won’t have to look any further.

Free cam

Free cam performs all the basic tasks that a screen recorder needs to perform. As an added bonus, its developers have added a basic audio and video editing interface. Although the interface doesn’t have many features if you need to make subtle changes to the video, it might be a good choice. The software lets you record your whole screen while also enabling the user to choose the part of the screen they want to record. 

Free cam as the name might suggest is free software. This might make you think that the software must be filled with ads annoying users to no limit. However, Free cam does not have any ads nor does it put any watermark on the video as much free software might do. Recording voice-overs and system sound can be enabled from the interface directly. It also supports high-resolution recording and small utilities like removing background noise and adding audio effects. Apart from all the advantages, Free cam only exports the video in WMV format which is not a commonly used format, and it also doesn’t support webcam recording.

DCD VideoSoft’s free screen video recorder

This software also contains all the basic features of a screen recorder. The software is mainly used for recording Skype conversations. The no limitation feature of the software allows you to record Skype interviews or online conference calls with ease. Apart from having the feature to record the whole screen, you can also use its only application feature to single out applications for recording purposes. As a user utility, it also contains a basic image editor which allows you to color correct your video for a better finishing look. Most users consider this addition a huge game-changer for them.

Although the above 2 software is better with basic features and general recording capabilities, if your main work is recording conference calls or Skype conversations then you might want to go for this option. As the software is available in 10 languages and also contains step-by-step instructions for reference on its site, it might be a good choice for beginners as well. However, excessive ads which interrupt workflow, microphone sound recording only, and forceful installation of bloatware can cause issues for many users.


Now that you have your options, it’s time to choose. Figure out your needs and what utilities you might need to support your workflow. You can install each of the options that we have mentioned and try them all out until you have the one or you can go for our top choice which will give you a good experience unless you have some very specific needs.

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