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8 Best Social Networking Apps for iOS 2021

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If you are searching for some social networking apps for iOS, then I must tell you your search has landed at the right place. After searching a lot and my own experience, I have a list of best social networking apps for iOS 2021. 

I guess everyone spends their most time on their phones. You can connect with anyone easily with these best social networking apps for iOS. You don’t need to search at any other place for best social networking apps for iOS. 

The list of best social networking apps for iOS 2021:









All these apps are must-try apps because they are super fun to use. All these apps offer different features and to know those features you need to read the full article.

Best social networking apps for iOS

Have a look at these best social networking apps 2021 and choose the best app for yourself. You can use these apps easily and have fun with these apps.


best social networking apps for iOS 2021
source- Navbharat Times

This hike messenger is popular for stickers and various GIFs. It is an online hangout platform where you can make new friends and enjoy with them. It also allows you to watch movies and make limitless friends. You can also click selfies and create an avatar of your choice. There are many users on hikeland.

Features of Hike

  • You can customize themes and your account features.
  • You can hide your chats using fingerprints or passwords.
  • You can share, receive and send photos.
  • It is highly secured


Best social networking apps for iOS 2021
source- iNews

It allows you to submit your content and vote for the same. Based on the different votings, your content can go up and down. It will represent your areas of interest. It is an excellent source for blogs, insights and rich updates. 

Features of Reddit

  • It is a free and open platform for everyone.
  • You can also share, post and discuss your ideas.
  • It enables you to discover news, funny videos, memes etc. 
  • It allows you to enable chat with communities.
  • It is an excellent source for rich updates, insights and different blogs. 


Best social networking apps for iOS 2021
source- India TV

It has done something different, and delivering the message on this social media is considered a tweet. It is a short text message having not more than 140 characters. Users can make their genuine profile, share their news, post their expressions and give updates or share different contents with the world. 

Features of Twitter

  • You can watch live streaming videos on Twitter.
  • You can get an update on every update going on in the world. 
  • You can also like videos, photos and GIFs.
  • You can chat privately with your followers and friends.
  • You can create various groups and chat there.
  • You will get different suggestions for influential people.


Best social networking apps for iOS 2021
source- The Atlantic

It is the most used app for android worldwide. The owner of the company owns other three other great social networking apps. That includes Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. Millions of users use all these three. All these apps are known by everyone.

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Features of Facebook

  • You can set status updates and emojis and tell your friends what’s going on your mind and your side.
  • You can easily share videos, photos and your favourite memories with your family and friends.
  • You will get notified regarding your comments and likes on your post after uploading it on Facebook.
  • You can find social events near you.
  • You can easily connect with your family and friends.
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best social networking apps for iOS 2021
source- Mashable India

It is a unique app for iOS as it uses Bluetooth to connect with people who are nearby, and you don’t need a Wifi connection or a data connection. It gained much popularity in Hongkong during the pro-democracy protest.

Features of Firechat

  • You can search easily here using the apple default search to search for users and chat directly with them.
  • You can directly share everything with your friends.
  • You can also share stories using the 3D touch feature of Apple.


best social networking apps for iOS 2021

It is one of the unique apps and offers live streaming. It is just like the google hangouts and the users familiar with the concept and the working of that they can easily use this. One of the best apps on the list of best social networking apps for iOS is Blab.

Features of Blab

  • There are different categories to express your thought and expression, and you can send the right Blab to show how you are feeling in the moment and what’s going on your mind.
  • You can also find the most trending blab in the trending section.
  • You can also save your favourite blab by pressing the heart icon.


Best social networking apps for iOS 2021
source- Bless This Stuff

It is not as popular as the other apps. But it is a very productive and unique app in itself. It can provide you with various and beautiful opportunities. It is entertaining and informative apps to use and interact with people. You can read in-depth and share your social channels and blogs.

Features of Medium

  • You can follow writers and publications that you like the most.
  • You can explore any topic you want.
  • There is also an option of bookmarking posts for later and highlighting passages that you want.
  • You can also share ideas, short or long paragraphs. You can easily engage in conversation with readers and writers.
  • It also gives you the option to grow your audience through followers, writing stats and newsletter.


8 Best Social Networking Apps for iOS 2021
source- The Verge

It is one of the newest apps that has launched sometime before. It is still considered to be upcoming app for iOS. Twitter owns it. It is more of a live streaming video service.

Features of Periscope

  • You can easily share your live videos on any social media platform.
  • You can also download periscope tv and your broadcast.
  • You can also receive and give super hearts to support your favourite broadcasters before 31 march, 2021.

All these were the best social networking apps for iOS that you can use in 2021. All these apps are free to download and if you find any other best social networking apps for iOS then you can mention them in the comment section. If you are looking for social networking apps for android then you can also see best social networking apps for android.

Featured Image Credits- Oberlo

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