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Best Spanish Gaming Youtube Channels You Should Follow

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Who doesn’t want to play video games? A few years ago, video games were considered a waste of time but now, because of some game streamers, we can say that there’s also scope in computer games. Here, we are talking about some of those best Spanish gaming Youtube channels that took video gaming to another level.

When I was a kid, my parents always scold me for playing games on PC. But, now when I see kids playing games on their smartphones and computers, I realize how much the gaming industry has evolved. Now, you can earn money by live streaming your gameplay on Youtube.

The number one Spanish gaming YouTuber is Mikecrack who has 23.6M subscribers on his YouTube channel. Another one is TheWillyrex with 18.6M subscribers. 

Apart from these two, there are 8 more gaming YouTubers of Spain which you will gradually know about them by reading the complete article.

Best Spanish Gaming Youtube Channels You Should Follow

We have mentioned these YouTube channels in decreasing order along with the number of subscribers they have on their YouTube channel.

Mikecrack – 23.6M Subscribers

Mikecrack is one of the best Spanish gaming Youtube channels. It was created by Mikecrack in July 2015. On this channel, you’ll find amazing gaming content loaded with lots of adventure and laughter. The main games he plays are Free Fire, Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite. As of now, there are a total of 1,543 videos uploaded on the Mikecrack channel and views are in billions.

TheWillyrex – 18.6M Subscribers

This Youtube channel was joined by the creator in January 2021 and here, he uploads gaming series like Karmaland, Golf it, and other types of popular games like Minecraft. Willyrex is also available on Instagram and there he has 8.1 million active followers. TheWillyrex has uploaded 6,161 videos as of now and views are more than 6 billion.

TheGrefg – 16.8M Subscribers

David Canovas Martinez is the owner of this Youtube channel. He is from Spain and is 23 years old. David created the TheGrefg youtube channel in 2012 to showcase his gaming skills to a larger audience. Apart from youtube, he is also active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The total views on this channel are 5.2 billion while uploaded videos are 3,007.

ElTrollino – 13.7M Subscribers

The ElTrollino Youtube channel has 1,467 uploaded videos with 3 billion-plus views. Javier Lopez Hervas is the owner of ElTrollino. He has uploaded several playlists including GTA 5, Among us, Skyblock Mikellino, Noob vs Pro, Murder Mystery, Pinturillo, Golf It, and virtual reality videos.

iTownGameplay – 13.2M Subscribers

This Youtuber is really an active gamer because he has shared 6,559 videos so far. If you are feeling low or bored while sitting at one place, you can watch videos of iTownGameplay in order to get a quick refreshment. The total number of views on iTownGameplay is more than 4 billion.

DaniRep – 11.2M Subscribers

The creator of the DaniRep Youtube channel is popularly known for playing GTA 5 Online. Apart from GTA 5, he plays many other games. The popular playlists on his channel are GTA V Campaign, Red Dead Redemption 2, Vehicles vs Weapons, Extreme Parkour, and Run or Die(Deathrun). On DaniRep, there are over 5 billion views while uploaded videos are 9,900+.

Rubius z – 10.1M Subscribers

Rubius z is one of the best Spanish gaming youtube channels. There are a total of 282 videos uploaded while views on them are in billions. The main playlists on this channel are Among us, Minecraft Hardcore, Detroit Become Tostadora, and Minecraft  – Historia Rubius.

LOLiTO FDEZ – 7.1M Subscribers

This Youtube channel mainly focuses on PC gameplays of shooter games, arcade games, and adventure games. The channel was created on 7 May 2011 and as of now, there are thousands of uploaded videos. The total views on the channel are 850 million.

ElChurches – 6.52M Subscribers

ElChurches is one of the best Spanish gaming Youtube channels. The owner of this channel is Carlos who is from Spain. He went viral for his popularity commentary on social matters. Carlos is also popular on Instagram and has 600K+ followers. On Youtube, ElChurches has uploaded 2513 videos, and views on them have crossed the 1 billion benchmark.

Mangelrogel – 6.33M Subscribers

This Spanish gaming channel was created in 2006. The name of the creator is Miguel Angel Rogel Ruiz who is popularly known as a video gamer. He plays many games but most of the time, he plays Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. If we talk about the videos, there are just 455 videos whereas views are over 41 million.


All these are the best Spanish gaming YouTubers that you should follow in 2021. These YouTubers not only entertain you with their gameplay but also tell you the tips and tricks to play games.

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