Best Sports Apps for Android in 2021

best sports apps for android in 2021

It doesn’t matter which game you like, be it football, be it cricket or whether you’re are a basketball or tennis lover. There are many great and best sports apps for android that will help you stay updated with all the essential events of your favorite team, athletes, and all the leagues.

As there are many sports apps available, you may find it problematic that which one is the best sports app and will give you the best updates. But there is no need to worry about that, as you will find them here. If you want to choose the best sports apps for yourself, you must have gone through some of the apps but unfortunately did not find them the best.

These best sports apps for android will give you the complete satisfaction of watching the live-action and viewing live scores with the go. Some of the best sports apps for android are Live Line, StubHub, NFL, MLB, ESPN, Premier League, and Eurosport.

You can read them in detail with the features and also with the ratings. You will even know about which sports app offers which sports to watch. Some of them have the latest news, game schedules, HQ pictures, and a lot more worth trying.

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Best sports apps for android with features and ratings

The app’s overall rating gives us some idea about the app as to what type of content it will provide us and what are the user reviews. The various features help us to know more about the app and let us know whether that app is suitable for us or not.

Live Line

Best sports apps for android in 2021
source- AppAdvice

It is great for cricket fans. They can see live cricket scores here. They don’t have to search for any other app when they have this on their device. It will send you notifications when your match is going on and will keep you up to date that what is happening. You can also get detailed statistics and scorecards. You will get notified about the upcoming match schedules that are available for users.

Features of Live Line

  • You can follow significant cricket matches, including Women T20, ODI, Test, and many more.
  • You will get a live update with full detail of teams playing and with the scoreboard.
  • Accurate odds are given for the matches.
  • It will notify you about the upcoming match schedules, or the recent detail of the match is also available.

The rating of the live line is 4.3

It has more than 10,000,000 installs.


Best sports apps for android in 2021
source- The Verge

StubHub app is one of the ticket buying and reselling apps. It includes various tickets for sports concerts, events, and shows. It can be available at a cost that is lower or higher than the face value. You can buy tickets here from the date when it goes on sale for the event. You can also sell your tickets on the same platform.

Features of StubHub

  • You can choose the best seat available with the best view by getting a 360-degree virtual view before purchasing the ticket.
  • Tickets for various sports events are available on the app, including the NFL, NCAA, and MLB.
  • You can also get alerts for various sports events before the date of the event.
  • It will tell you about the tickets that you can afford easily.
  • You can check out using google pay.

The rating of StubHub is 4.3

It is installed on more than 5,000,000 devices.


Best sports apps for android
source- Eurosport

It is a sports news app that will keep you updated with the sports news of every day. You can get 150 sports articles here with a friendly user interface.

Features of Eurosport

  • It has different sports content, including cycling, rugby, tennis, basketball, boxing, snooker, athletics, alpine skiing, and a lot more.
  • The game highlights and video content is also available.
  • You can also see the live scores and the schedules of the major sports.

The rating of Eurosport is 4.3

It is installed on more than 10,000,000 devices.


Best sports apps for android in 2021

This is the official app for the NFL, and it the app that every fan should have. It gives access to primetime games and lives local and other exclusive highlights and videos. You can also be fully updated with the NFL news and the statistics in the app. This is the best sports apps for android that you must have.

Features of NFL

  • It offers you free live local, and also the primetime games are available.
  • There are many features, highlights, and videos of the news in the app.
  • You can access NFL RedZone, NFL Game Pass, and also many other passes.

The rating of the NFL is 3.9

It is installed on 50,000,000

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Best sports apps for android in 2021

It can help you to stay updated with all the news content based on scores, video clips, and also the other news of different sports. You can sign up in the app and get all the information of your choice and all your favorite teams. You can find all the racing games news here.

Features of ESPN

  • It gives a variety of information related to different sports, including cricket, tennis, football, basketball, golf, and many other sports.
  • It also provides real-time updates on scores and breaking news from your teams.
  • You can set your preferred league to get stories and videos on them.

The rating of the app is 3.8

It has more than 50,000,000 downloads.


best sports apps for android in 2021

It is one of the best apps for live baseball. It offers features that are available at a subscription or free of cost. It is the official app of major league baseball.

Features of MLB

  • The TV game of the match can be viewed free of cost.
  • The highlights are also provided to the users.
  • You can also follow your favorite teams and get their updates, schedules, stories, statistics, and many more.
  • You can also listen to radio broadcasts of live games with an MLB audio subscription.

The rating of the app is 3.8

It is downloaded on more than 10,000,000 devices.

Premier league

Best sports apps for android in 2021
source- Dezeen

It is one of the most-watched English football league in the world. It is available free of cost, and it is the app that every follower must have on the phone. It gives you statistics and the scores and also all the latest news and all the updates.

Features of Premier league

  • It manages your fantasy premier league team.
  • It also highlights the great moments in football.
  • It gives detailed profiles of all the players that have played premier league clubs.
  • There is news from all your favorite clubs.
  • The various clubs include Portsmouth, Swansea City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and many more.

The rating of the app is 4.4

It is installed on 10,000,000 devices.

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All these were the best sports apps for android in 2021 according to me and it may vary for you but once you download it and start using it then you will also find them the best.

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