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7 Best Trivia Games for PC Windows in 2021

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Want to increase your IQ efficiency? Now you can enhance your logic skills while playing games on your personal computer or laptop. How? Here, I have disclosed some best trivia games for PC that will help you in increasing your IQ level.

It gets difficult to find the best games for PC especially if they are related to education or quiz trivia games. But the below-listed games contain both offline as well as online multiplayer trivia games. You can easily find all these remote trivia games on steam and on the Microsoft store.

The best trivia games for PC in 2021 are

  1. Microsoft Jigsaw
  2. 100 Doors Game – Escape from School
  3. Brain Test – Tricky Puzzles
  4. Trivia Crack Quiz
  5. WordPlay: Exercise Your Brain
  6. Word Cross Puzzle
  7. Microsoft Sudoku

All these are the best free trivia games for Pc that you can play in 2021. Each trivia game is different in size and has different features. To know more about these games, you should read the full article.

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7 Best Trivia Games for PC in 2021

Each of the below-listed pc trivia games has been downloaded by thousands of users from the Microsoft store. In addition, all these trivia games have good ratings on the internet as well.

Microsoft Jigsaw

best trivia games for pc in 2021; Microsoft Jigsaw
Credit: Microsoft Store

Microsoft Jigsaw is one of the best trivia games for PC and it comes with all new jigsaw puzzles that are a perfect fit for your windows PC. You can play hundreds of puzzles in different game modes including classic jigsaw, daily challenges, and jigsaw jam. 

This game has intuitive controls that make it easy to play even on a low-end pc. In addition, you will never run out of things as you can create your own custom puzzles in this game.

Additional info about Microsoft Jigsaw

Published by: Xbox Game Studios

Copyright: Microsoft Studios © 2020 Microsoft Corporation

Release date: 2/28/2014

Approximate size: 199.66 MB

100 Doors Game – Escape from School

best trivia games for pc in 2021; 100 Doors Escape
Credit: Microsoft Store

In this game, you have to escape the room, solve puzzles, and find hidden objects. You have to unlock 100 doors by playing this escape game. You can use the lucky spins to get free hints.

It seems simple to play but very complicated to beat. In addition, this game comes with cool mechanics and amazing levels with cool animations.

Additional info about 100 Doors Game

Published by: PEAKSEL D.O.O. NIŠ

Copyright: Peaksel D.O.O. Niš

Developed by: Peaksel D.O.O. Niš

Release date: 3/26/2020

Approximate size: 245.27 MB

Brain Test – Tricky Puzzles

best trivia games for pc in 2021; Brain Test - Tricky Puzzles
Credit: Microsoft Store

If you want to test or know about your IQ, then this is one of the best trivia games for PC. It has exciting and tricky brain puzzles that can help you to check your skills. Brain Test is addictive and free to play tricky games with tricky brain teasers. You have to use your common sense and unlock different levels.

Additional info about the Brain Test app

Published by: EasyBrain+

Copyright: 2020 Easy Brain+

Developed by: EasyBrain+

Release date: 3/11/2020

Approximate size: 181.11 MB

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Trivia Crack Quiz

best trivia games for pc in 2021; Trivia Crack Quiz
Credit: Microsoft Store

It is a trivia game that has been divided into several categories to challenge and test your knowledge. It is one of the most downloaded trivia games where you have to answer fun general knowledge questions. You can also challenge your family and friends to fun trivia questions.

Additional info about Trivia Crack Quiz

Published by: Avengers Craft Games

Release date: 4/26/2019

Approximate size: 27.48 MB

Age rating: For all ages

WordPlay: Exercise Your Brain

best trivia games for pc in 2021; WordPlay: Exercise Your Brain
Credit: Microsoft Store

Wordplay is a new trivia game from the makers of the best-selling puzzle games. This game will train your brain with a special combination of word search games along with entertainment and relaxation. It is one of the best trivia games for PC that might be old but most people still play it in 2021.

Additional Information About WordPlay

Published by: G5 Entertainment AB

Release date: 1/19/2020

Approximate size: 149.63 MB

Age rating: For all ages

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Word Cross Puzzle

best trivia games for pc in 2021; Word Cross Puzzle
Credit: Microsoft Store

Word Cross is a free-to-play and enjoyable trivia game with beautiful scenery spots. Become the word cross master by diving into this word puzzle game. It has easy and simple graphics with easy controls. This game will help you in keeping your brain smart, and educational for everyone.

Additional info about Word Cross Puzzle

Published by: Candy Bubble Puzzle Games

Release date: 4/29/2019

Approximate size: 28.38 MB

Age rating: For all ages

Microsoft Sudoku

best trivia games for pc in 2021; Word Cross Puzzle
Credit: Microsoft Store

Microsoft Sudoku is a classic and #1 logic puzzle game that turns up the brilliance with fresh colors, new levels of difficulty, exciting new features, achievements, daily challenges, and more. This game will help you to keep your mind sharp as it has hundreds of brain training puzzles for all age groups.

Additional info about Microsoft Sudoku

Published by: Xbox Game Studios

Copyright: © 2014 Microsoft Corporation

Release date: 3/6/2014

Approximate size: 161.32 MB

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All these are the best trivia games for PC that you should play in 2021 to increase your memory power and improve focus. You can easily find these trivia games from the Microsoft store and download them from there for free of cost.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Store

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