Better Discord Not Working | Try These 7 Fixes

Better Discord Not Working

Again Better Discord not working? The main causes of Better Discord’s malfunction are firewall problems, corrupted files, slow internet connections, and downed servers. Although many other minor problems are also to blame, which should be taken into account. If you are not sure how to address Better Discord not working issue, you have stumbled on the right blog. 

Emotes, plugins, and themes that mimic real-world games were added to Better Discord, which was developed as an extended version of Discord. In light of this, users might consider the Better Discord not working issue to be more than simply a small nuisance.

How to fix Better Discord not working issue? Because Better Discord is not an official Discord app, problems are frequently encountered. Below are 7 methods you can use to resolve any problems you have as a result of this. Let’s go through the blog and explore. 

Betterdiscord Not Working

BetterDiscord was introduced to us just as we were beginning to understand Discord. BetterDiscord, a version of the well-known online chatting tool that has been upgraded to incorporate a number of additional features and services, was recently published. In order to compete with Discord, BetterDiscord provides a number of features, including emoticons and emotes that are pulled directly via Twitch TV. BetterDiscord is a popular product that everyone has heard about and wanted to try. If you fall into this category, you should begin straight immediately. A number of extra features and tools in Better Discord can improve the user experience. Although Better Discord is rather simple to use, crashes have been reported quite frequently. Global gamers have reported crashing issues with the Better Discord. How to fix Better Discord not working issue? Now try the following 7 fixes.

7 Fixes to Better Discord Not Working

Better Discord is highly known for its advantages and features, although some users have expressed frustration with the app. Two of the most frequent bugs that gamers experience are crashes and problems connecting to the internet. Not to worry. If you have suffered the same, you are absolutely covered in this article.

Method 1: Restart Better Discord

Restarting the program is the first step in resolving Better Discord not working problem. A fresh restart will fix any runtime issues that were the root of the error. You can, however, reload the app instead of rebooting. It will reload the entire page’s contents instead of closing the main program. Press Ctrl + R on Windows or Cmd + R on Mac to refresh the page’s contents. Restarting Better Discord is your next best choice if refreshing the page does not resolve the issue.

For Windows: 

Close the Better Discord app> Windows Tray > Right-click on the icon > Quit Discord> Restart> open the Better Discord app

For Mac:

Discord > Quit or open the Better Discord app and press Cmd + Q

Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection

You must make sure your internet connection is active, which is the second step to Better Discord not working. Better Discord may stop functioning if there are even the smallest WiFi or LAN connection issues. Therefore, make sure your Mac or PC is securely linked to the internet.

If you are linked to WiFi but have no internet, you are experiencing an error, in case you were unaware. As you might have guessed, this circumstance will lead to Better Discord’s dysfunction. You should thus verify the device for all potential issues. Resetting your WiFi router is also a wise move. The procedure is easy. You can remove the power adaptor and then plug it back in after a brief delay. The internet should be turned off to give time to resolve all the problems.

Method 3: Remove Plugins and Themes

Open Better Discord> User Settings> Choose Plugins or Themes> Click “Open Plugin Folder”> Move the contents 

Better Discord is distinctive in many ways thanks to plugins and themes. However, the same factors occasionally prevent the program from functioning, therefore, removing themes and plugins can resolve Better Discord not working issue. For instance, it can be a specific plugin or theme containing questionable code. To test whether Better Discord could become functional, it makes sense to run the program without certain plugins and customizations. It is always a smart idea to migrate your plugins and theme data to a different location, then move it back once Better Discord is functioning properly.

Method 4: Sign Out and Sign In Again

You can take this easy methods if the three steps above don’t help you fix the Better Discord not working problem.

  1. You must quit the Better Discord program and log out of your Discord account.
  2. You can now wait a short while before restarting the application.
  3. Check to see whether a login screen appears, then reenter all of your information.

You can frequently get Better Discord to work properly. We are unsure of the precise justifications for this solution. Nevertheless, we think the settings changes made when you sign out of the user and re-login are to blame.

Method 5: Check Proxy Settings

Did you realize that custom network proxies are an option in Discord that can lead to Better Discord not working issue? Proxy servers are useful when using constrained internet connections. Nevertheless, the mistake we’re referring to will occur if you switch networks. Hence, make sure that Better Discord has custom proxies turned off. You will be able to tell that the proxy is the issue if the app runs well without the proxy but stutters when you enable it. The best course of action in that situation is to delete the proxy.

Method 6: Check The Official Discord App

In some cases, issues with the Discord app can lead to Better Discord not working issue. Therefore, it is wise to determine if you experience these problems. By uninstalling the software and reinstalling it, you may verify the existence of such problems. During the procedure, you might need to restart the Better Discord as well as Discord apps.

Method 7: Reinstall Better Discord

If none of the aforementioned methods succeed in fixing Better Discord’s problems, you must reinstall it on your computer. Again, you must download the Better Discord installation from the legitimate website. Make sure you have administrator access to the installer. 

Better Discord Installer> Remove Better Discord> Delete All Better Discord Data> Click The Uninstall Button> Installer Program Will Uninstall Better Discord

  1. To access the file, click twice on the Better Discord installer.
  2. Select the option to remove Better Discord on the following screen.
  3. On the following page, you’ll see some alternatives. For instance, be sure to delete all Better Discord data and uninstall the app from Stable.
  4. To begin the uninstallation procedure, click the Uninstall button right now.
  5. The installer program will uninstall Better Discord from your PC/Mac in a matter of seconds.

Now that some time has passed, you can reboot your computer. The system’s temporary files will be deleted. You can then download the Better Discord installer and reinstall the software.

How To Repair Better Discord?

The repair is a simple process that takes only a few seconds to complete and is helpful to resolve Better Discord not working issue. But there are a lot of processes involved.

Download Better Discord Installer Program> Run The Installer> Select The Reset Better Discord> Wait While The Installer Downloads> Better Discord Ought To Be Operational

Step 1: The Better Discord installer program must first be downloaded from the official website.

Step 2: Run the installer as an administrator

Step 3: You can select the Reset Better Discord option from the next wizard menu.

Step 4: Wait while the installer downloads the required files and resolves the problem.

Step 5: Now, Better Discord ought to be operational.

Reinstalling the software is not as effective as fixing Better Discord. Since we employ the same installer, the updated settings and bug fixes will also be included in the mended version of Better Discord. Simply said, it completes the task.

Wrapping Up

Considering you have come to the end of the article, you must have found insights on Better Discord Not Working Issue. Have a question? Let us know in the comment section. Meanwhile keep reading 20+ Best Better Discord Plugins and Best Themes And Plugins For Betterdiscord. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Discord. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Get Banned For Having Better Discord?

Discord has the power to ban users who use BetterDiscord, albeit it doesn’t happen frequently. BetterDiscord is against the Terms of Service, so only use it if you’re alright with the prospect of having your Discord account deleted or banned.

Q2. Is BetterDiscord Still Against ToS 2022?

BetterDiscord does violate the Discord TOS. The BetterDiscord extension is expressly prohibited under Discord’s Terms of Service due to security reasons. Additionally, Discord notes that accounts can be restricted, disabled, or permanently removed if users break their TOS.

Q3. Does Better Discord Use More CPU?

Discord is an instant chat, VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), as well as a digital distribution platform, which could contribute to this issue. As a result, when Discord is in operation, more technical resources are needed, including CPU power (CPU).

Q4. Does Betterdiscord Show Deleted Messages?

Using third-party plugins and programmes like Better Discord is required for Discord administrators and server owners who want to view deleted chats. You may view all deleted Discord communications after installing the app.

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