How To Make Engaging Videos For Instagram? Know Here!

How To Make Engaging Videos For Instagram

Do you have a lot of Instagram followers and now you are looking to make your videos more engaging? Then you have landed on the right post. Here we will find out how to make engaging videos for Instagram.

Instagram is the all-time favorite social media platform that is used by millions of people. If your Instagram account has a lot of followers on Instagram, then you can get paid as well. To get more and more followers, you have created content that will attract more and more followers. You should also make sure that you do not lose the people who are already following you.

We will be covering how to make engaging videos for Instagram. We will find out different ways to create engaging content for your audience. We will also find out some tips to help you create the content. So, without further ado, let’s start.

How To Make Engaging Videos For Instagram?

We will be guiding you through the process of creating engaging videos for Instagram. We will provide you with different ways and then you have to make the choice of which one to follow based on the video you have to publish. Here are the different ways how to make engaging videos for Instagram.

Create Videos On Top Trends:

The best way to keep your followers engaged and to get more and more followers is by creating videos on the latest trend. If you keep on creating videos on the latest trend, then there are chances that your video can go viral as well. This can increase your followers to an unexpected extent.

Create Authentic Videos:

It is always better to capture your videos yourself rather than download them from the internet. The videos used on the internet are already used by someone and cannot engage more audiences. By creating your own authentic videos, you are providing your followers with some new content to watch and this can increase your followers as well. Another advantage of using authentic video is that no one can claim the copyright on your videos.

Create The Videos As Per Instagram Standards:

If you are recording a video, do record it as per the Instagram layout. This will help the viewers to view it easily and they can enjoy watching the videos. If you do not capture the video as per the Instagram videos, then you have to resize it and that can reduce the quality and even shorten the video screen. This will not create an engaging video to publish on Instagram.

Once you upload the video on Instagram, don’t forget to add tags to it. This will increase the audience watching the videos and there are more and more chances of users watching the videos. Add more and more hashtags that are matching the videos. Always remember to keep your account open to everyone so that new users are also watching the videos and uploads. This will increase the chances of getting more and more followers.

Create Layout Videos:

You can even try out different layouts and video-capturing features of the Instagram app to create more engaging videos for your followers. The best thing about capturing videos on Instagram is that you will no longer have to edit your video again. There are alot of effects as well that can make your video more entertaining.

Use Software To Capture Videos:

Not every phone holds a good camera. You can use professional cameras to create stunning videos. You can even use photo editing software like Adobe Premier to create slow-motion shots and other changes to the videos to create a video that is out of the box. When you upload such a video on an open account, there are maximum chances of getting more audience engagement and getting more and more followers on your account.

Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on how to make engaging videos for Instagram. We have discussed a lot of different ways on creating more and more engaging videos. If you follow the ways provided above you will certainly feel the difference in audience engagement. If you find this post useful, share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Make An Engaging Video On Instagram?

Here are 9 different ways to make your Instagram videos more engaging. Try to follow each step to create an extraordinary video.

  1. Choose Trending Topics for Videos.
  2. Share Authentic Videos. 
  3. Be Mindful About Instagram Video Specifications. 
  4. Create a Matching Thumbnail. 
  5. Add Your Title, Description, and Hashtags. 
  6. Add a Teaser or Preview. 
  7. Add Subtitles to Your Instagram Video.

Q2. What Do Instagrammers Use To Make Videos?

If you are wondering how Instagrammers make videos, then here are the tools that are used by professionals. These are some of the best apps for editing videos for Instagram:

  1. VideoShow.
  2. Adobe Premiere Rush.
  3. Anchor Video Maker.
  4. Animoto.
  5. Foodie.
  6. Horizon.
  7. A Color Story.
  8. Splice.

Q3. How Do I Make Video Content Engaging?

Here are the top 5 tips on How to Create Engaging Video Content

  1. Capture your audience’s curiosity. 
  2. Incorporate storytelling for engaging video content. 
  3. Integrate ethos, pathos, and logos for persuasive content.
  4. Use eye-catching visuals to make engaging video content. 
  5. Know your audience and hold their attention. 

Q4. How Do I Get My Videos Noticed On Instagram?

Here are the 10 ways to boost your Instagram reach today.

  1. Use Instagram live
  2. Use Instagram ads.
  3. Post less.
  4. Find your optimal posting times.
  5. Experiment with videos.
  6. Host contests or ask questions to encourage engagement.
  7. Use user-generated content.
  8.  Instagram Stories.

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