Blockchain – The New DNA Of Cyber Security?

Blockchain - The New DNA Of Cyber Security?

When people think Blockchain and Bitcoin are synonyms, they simply misinterpret them! Blockchain is more than just Bitcoin. The fact is, blockchain supports more than 1500 cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin is just one of them!

The application of blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrencies, it includes virtual communities, building software, and creating Operating Systems. The fundamentals of blockchain may sound complicated to those who are not tech savvy. 

However, if we break it in simple words, Blockchain can be defined as a continuous series of connected data or more specifically ‘blocks’. It forms a ledger and is considered valuable to create digital currency. 

Unlike the transaction of physical currency, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin transactions are more secure as Blockchain verifies every transaction and ensures an extra layer of security. If you are hunting for a similar secure online trading platform, feel free to Register Here

Blockchain Cybersecurity

Fighting against cybercrime takes more effort than usual business deals. Even governments need to take extra measurements to ensure cybersecurity. It takes collaboration and efforts from every layer, including customers, business partners as well as downstream entities are important.

MailGuard has been working for more than 17 years to eliminate most of the cyber threats. And now, an AI-powered neural network is added that is educated to detect and eliminate potential cyber threats. 

The integration of Blockchian technology not only added an extra layer of security but also offered lucrative incentives for the collaborators. For instance, joining the Blockchain market was the smartest and profitable move made by a cyber security company like MailGuard. We have to understand that all types of currency transactions have a certain amount of cyber threat and theft. However, joining the Blockchain can minimize the threat. 

Joining with Blockchain therefore sounds more profitable to any small companies who are looking forward to securing company data from cyber theft and similar vulnerabilities. It is a calculated move to eliminate most of the cyber threats and smart too! 

Blockchain Security

The Blockchain security concerns all of the cyber securities as well as various emerging concepts where we are currently working. Iit is truly amazing how Blockchain is fighting and building the wall to stop cyber threats all over. 

There are many research works that reflect and support the thought that Blockchain has become the new DNA of cyber security by deeply invading the system and removing the threats from its roots. 

But, how is Blockchain taking part in this cybersecurity revolution? The fact is that centralized systems are always targeted by the cyber attackers from the beginning, and being decentralized in nature, Blockchain is changing the game completely! 

The ledgers are distributed and entries are controlled thoroughly. Multiple layers of security are taken to maintain the integrity of the ledger. This extra effort makes Blockchain a building block of modern cyber security. 

Sugar & Blockchain

Industry leaders like Coca-Cola are now tinkering with cybersecurity with Blockchain. They are now collaborating with Blockchain to bring transparency in this popular beverage industry. The move was adopted when concern was raised against this beverage giant regarding the labor issue. Articles were released where the conditions were marked as ‘slavery-like’! 

Now, the Blockchain is maintaining transparency as it is tracking all stages from sugar workers, growers to transporters! This technology is simply empowering Coca Cola to collect and send data anonymously and independently – a complete decentralized archiving procedure. 

From plantation, to processing and shipping of the product, all data are collected and archived securely. Through Coca Cola Blockchain has showcased its potentiality to control and maintain transparency in the supply chain. 

It is safe to speculate that with controlled intervention in the corporate world, Blckchain is going to be a promising and reliable structure for maintaining transparency and ethical practices. 

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