Can Rossgram Beat Instagram? Is The Hype Worth It?

Rossgram Vs Instagram. Who will win? Can Rossgram beat Instagram? Whose side are you? No, no wait, don’t make your decision now! Read the crucial data given below explaining to you, can Rossgram beat Instagram or not!

Although the Rossgram team is making speedy growth in a short period of time in terms of developing software, does that mean can Rossgram beat Instagram? Is it enough for Rossgram to win their public again?

Definitely not. Let us tell you why and why not all in detail one by one. Instagram is a well-known brand and 80% of the Russian population used to operate Instagram on their mobile phones. After the conflict, almost every single person of Russia, from kids to adults lost their source of entertainment, socialism, and income. Russia had to compensate for the loss it made.

But, Instagram made its place in people’s hearts after continuous efforts for ages, can Rossgram do that? Even in a year? Come find out with us can Rossgram beat Instagram through this post.

What Is Rossgram?

Rossgram is Russia’s personal Instagram. It’s an application under progress. This application is a result of a conflict that took place a week or two ago, between the world-famous social media platform, Instagram, and Russia itself. The name “Rossgram” is kept on the basis of that only – Russia’s Instagram.

Till now, it has been found that Rossgram is going to be a social interaction-based platform, just like Instagram. Other than basic concepts, Rossgram’s appearance also matches with the actual Instagram.

What Is Instagram?

We all are familiar with this word. Instagram stands for a world-class social media platform, most popular among people of all ages. Instagram is a communication and photo-sharing application. It allows users to communicate with people from all over the world.

Instagram has been a home for a number of people in many different terms. It has provided huge support to its users during the pandemic, has helped in generating passive income, gave a stage to express their hidden talents and what not?

How Is Rossgram Better Than Instagram?

Rossgram is having much in common with Instagram but the data received from Reuters says that despite having similarities there are things in Rossgram that make it unique and different from Instagram.

Features like Brand Promotion, Subscription plans, and Crowdfunding have already attracted the minds of the youngsters and of those who are well aware of Rossgram. No matter the reason for the development of this platform is a conflict or a fight, the results are worthy at least. 

Rossgram will not only be providing its users a stage to communicate and interact with others or to share pictures and videos but also it’ll be helping them in helping each other by funding for the needy ones. Other than funding for the public of Russia, Rossgram has Business promotion and Subscription models in its pocket. Through these couple of features, Rossgram is planning to provide their subscribers with some premium facilities which are yet to be disclosed and which can be utilized in promoting business, content, reach, account, and many more.

Can Rossgram Beat Instagram?

Considering Russia’s past experience in developing rivals, we can be 100% sure that this one would work too. 

Creating a whole software is not an easy task, understanding this and still creating one that too against platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Russia is showing huge courage along with independence as always. Rossgram has been almost developed for its beta launch in less than two weeks, what else could be more shocking. 

If things keep going at this speed, then beating Instagram would be a hella lot easier for Rossgram. Already Rossgram is carrying a number of unique and rare features which are absent in Instagram. Rossgram is giving its 200% to beat and leave Instagram behind, let’s see what the beta launch brings us. 

Wrapping Up

Rossgram is all geared up to launch on the 28th of March 2022. Russia’s public is waiting to experience the performance and functionality of Rossgram. Although it would be publicly accessible to everyone in April only. But the suspense is how Rossgram will turn out in its beta launch? The specialized team who will be selected to examine the performance will be sharing their experiences in March, on the basis that Rossgram will be publicly launched in Russia.


Q1. Can One Use Rossgram And Instagram Both At A Time?

Ans. Unfortunately, not. Rossgram will be available for the public of Russia only, where Instagram is banned. Hence, one cannot use both at a time.

Q2. How Much Does The Subscription Model Of Rossgram Will Cost?

Ans. This has not been disclosed yet, as the application is yet to be launched. One will get to all about this just after the launch.

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