Chat GPT Prompts | A Complete Chat GPT Prompt Guide!

Chat GPT Prompts

Are you someone who wants to know the type of prompts Chat GPT uses? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, let us learn about Chat GPT prompts.

On November 30, 2022, OpenAI releases ChatGPT, an Optimizing Language Model for Dialogue. Once it was made available, ChatGPT attracted a lot of interest and traffic and generated a lot of discussion on various internet forums. When given a prompt, it can produce answers.

Chat GPT prompts are important as they are the important factor for the bot to generate a response. There are three main types of Chat GPT prompts,

1. Zero-shot prompts

2. One-shot prompts

3. Few-shot prompts

Continue reading further to understand in detail about Chat GPT prompts and how it works with ChatGPT examples.

Chat GPT Prompts 

The chat GPT prompts are crucial since they determine whether the bot will respond or not. There are three primary categories of awesome Chat GPT prompts zero-shot, one-shot, and few-shot.

A group of researchers and engineers at OpenAI worked on the creation of ChatGPT. The adaptability, agility, and human-like replies of ChatGPT make it a fantastic tool for jobs involving natural language processing. Your chatbot’s functionality mainly depends on the prompt that you provide and  Chat GPT will receive your instructions on what to do. Hence, the prompt that you mention must be clear and well-framed. 

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What Is A Prompt?

You must provide the Chat GPT a prompt before you can use it. A prompt is a brief passage of text that the Chat GPT uses as the basis for its response. The Chat GPT will utilize the prompt to build a response, which might be anything from a straightforward query to a complicated scenario. These are awesome Chat GPT prompts.

The way you direct ChatGPT or GPT-3 depends on the best Chat GPT prompts. You must therefore be aware of your goals before creating a prompt.

The essential thing to bear in mind when creating prompts is that GPT-3 is attempting to determine which text should follow next; therefore, giving details like directions and examples offers context that aids the model in determining the appropriate completion.

Additionally, quality is important; for instance, poor spelling, illegible writing, and the number of examples given will affect the completion’s quality.

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What Are The Types Of Prompts?

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1. Zero-Shot Prompts

The most basic Chat GPT prompts is a zero-shot prompt. It merely gives Chat GPT some text to start with and a description of a task. It can be a query, the beginning of a story, or instructions. Here is example of ChatGPT prompt.

Example prompt: Write an apology letter from me Nick to my teacher Stephen for being disobedient in class.

Chat GPT Prompts - zero shot Prompt

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2. One-Shot Prompts

The Chat GPT can learn how to accomplish a task in the most efficient way by using a one-shot prompt as an example. Here is an illustration of a commonly used Chat GPT prompts called the one-shot prompt with a task description and just one example. Chat GPT understands the nature of the assignment and that it needs to be finished based just on the description and one example of the best prompts for Chat GPT.

Example prompt: A list of Food Items

  1. Vegetarian – Salad
Chat GPT Prompts - one shot Prompt

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3. Few-Shot Prompts

A few-shot prompt offers numerous instances, often between 10 and 100. It can be helpful to offer several instances to demonstrate a pattern that GPT-3 should follow. The ChatGPT prompts called the few-shot prompts will probably improve the completion’s quality because there will be more scope for ChatGPT to learn from and produce the exact result. that’s why this is a cool ChatGPT prompts. This is mostly suitable for a conversation that you want to include in a novel that you are writing.

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Example prompt:

Audience: What can we expect from your book?

Author: The book has everything related to fitness and lifestyle.

Audience: What made you choose this topic for your book?

Author: I genuinely want to inspire people to start their fitness journey.

Based on this sample Chat GPT prompts, the bot will generate further conversations.

Chat GPT Prompts - few shot Prompt

There are also other finest Chat GPT prompts to assist you in taking full advantage of this robust platform.

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4. Business ChatGPT Prompts

Send an email regarding the product release.

5. Comedy ChatGPT Prompts

Create a fun quiz for children below the age of 12.

6. History ChatGPT Prompts

List the “Top 5 Greatest Achievements” of Barack Obama’s presidency.

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7. Food & Cooking ChatGPT Prompts

Do you have a good pasta recipe?

Chat GPT Prompts - food & ccoking

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8. Game ChatGPT Prompts

Can you tell us an imaginary game that is suitable for teenagers and pre-teens.

9. Marketing ChatGPT Prompts

You are an expert in SEO. Write 5 articles covering the topic of “OpenAI.”

10. Music ChatGPT Prompts

Create a poem for children that explains nature and its beauty.

Hence, these are some of the prompt ChatGPT at users use to get answers from the AI bot.

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Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of the post and we hope this article has explained to you about Chat GPT prompts and their types. For more informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Will Chat GPT Cost?

Ans. I calculate that it costs $100K per day, or $3M per month, to run ChatGPT. Back-of-the-envelope math was used to calculate this. With a batch size of 1, I’m assuming that nodes are constantly in use. In practice, they most likely batch during periods of high volume while leaving GPUs idle during periods of low volume.

Q2. How Much Will Dall E 2 Cost?

Ans. The DALL-E 2 API’s cost varies depending on the resolution. The price is $0.02 for 1024 by 1024 pixels, $0.018 for 512 by 512 pixels, and $0.016 for 256 by 256 pixels.

Q3. How Do Chatbots Make Money?

Ans. Chatbots make money through Affiliate marketing, lead generation, and sponsorship, B2B Bot, Consulting Bot survey, and stats bots.

Q4.Can Anyone Access DALL-E 2?

Ans. DALL-E 2 formally ended its waiting list and made the platform available to everyone in September 2022. Users receive 15 free credits each month beyond the first 50 free credits to convert searches into completely created artwork. You can also purchase more credits on the website.

Q5. Is Chat GPT Open source?

Ans. First, it is a group effort by over a thousand people (researchers, businesspeople, etc.) to demonstrate that the open-source community is capable of producing big language models that are comparable to GPT-3. Its training cost about $3 million and was done in Paris on the Jean Zay supercomputer.

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